Micro Diameter Carbide End Mills

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Micro diameter carbide end mill


90% Raw Carbide, 10% Co;

AS Coated, HRC58;

High speed cutting;

Pass ISO9001.


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5. Certification & Good coorperation. We have passed the ISO9001.

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Q:Correct sharpening method of milling cutter?
To sharpen the kitchen knife, use a blunt kitchen knife. Let it soak in salt water for 20 minutes, then grind, and then pour water. It is easy to grind, sharpen, and prolong the service life of kitchen knives. The glass products in the kitchen (especially light bulb), often black oil smoke, is not easy to wash. Use cloth dipped in some warm vinegar wipe, or coated with a layer of lime water in the glass to wipe dry, wipe with a cloth. Note that the bulbs should be taken down to wipe, wipe dry through after use with a kitchen knife as an example, the sake of convenience, we put the blade on both sides of the given definition: hold a knife, a thumb contact inside edge surface, the other side is the outer blade surface. A knife, the preparatory work before: 1.1, the first observation of blade: blade towards the eyes, flank and sight into about 30 degrees. You'll see an arc on the edge of the blade - a white line indicating that the knife is blunt. 1.2, prepare sharpening stone: be sure to prepare a piece of exquisite sharpening stone. If the edges of the blade are large, prepare a quick, coarse whetstone for quick sharpening. If there is no fixed knife stand, you can find a thick cloth (towels) pad under the grindstone. Put some water on the grindstone. Two, start sharpening (take the edge of the blade as an example): 2.1, grinding the inner blade first. The knife and the grindstone was 3 degrees to 5 degrees (in the blade surface is small, when cutting more labor force). When sharpening, keep this angle almost unchanged. Each grinding dozens of times, according to the method of 1.1 to observe the blade until the blade line is very small. If you continue sharpening, it will crimp the blade and increase the blade line.
Q:The application of face milling cutters
High speed steel surface cutters are generally used for machining moderately wide flat surfaces. Standard milling cutter in diameter range from 80- to 250mm?. The cutting efficiency and processing quality of hard alloy surface milling cutters are higher than those of high-speed steel mills, so it is widely used to process the carbide surface cutters.Integral welding face milling cutter. The utility model has the advantages of compact structure and easy manufacture. But when the cutter tooth is worn, the knife will be scrapped, so it has been used less frequently.The clamp type welding face milling cutter is to weld the hard alloy blade on the knife head, and then the knife is clamped in the groove of the cutter by the method of mechanical clamping. When the cutter head is scrapped, a new cutter head can be replaced, so the service life of the cutter body is prolonged.
Q:What kind of material does QT450-10 use for milling cutters? I bought the material is HSS milling cutter, once burned, and really can not help you pointing
Spheroidal graphite cast ironHardness HB=160 ~ 210Have good plasticity and toughness, welding and cutting can be used for the manufacture of farm machinery, ploughshare, harvesters, mowers; automobile and tractor wheels, drive axle object, clutch shell, differential shell; 1.6 ~ 6.5MPa valve body, valve cover, cylinder compressor, rail pad, motor shell the gear box, etc..Tool: it is recommended to use disposable tools, or whole alloys or tungsten steel milling processing
Q:How to use milling cutters to drill holes?
Please give me a knife bottom
Q:What are the chief features of a milling cutter compared with a lathe tool?
The milling cutter rotates itself to cut the workpiece, while the turning tool belongs to the workpiece and is rotated to be cut. This is where the milling cutter differs from the tool.
Q:The machining center diameter of 8 four tooth tungsten steel milling cutter, milling of 45 steel, speed, feed, how much is the engagement
0.15 1800 650 speed cutting feed
Q:Diameter twenty milling process steel casting speed feed how much? Processing four or five mm.
The speed is 200 and the speed is 2 millimeters
Q:Keyway milling cutter is the milling cutter with keyway milling, which can be used for milling groove, and the difference between end face milling cutter and milling plane
Plain milling is the movement of the cutter perpendicular to the workpiece and parallel to the surface of the workpiece.Vertical milling is the milling of the workpiece perpendicular to the surface, along the vertical direction of the workpiece movement.The edge of the flat milling cutter, however, is the center of the cutter axis.Because of vertical machining, the end milling cutter needs to cross the center of the end.End mills can be either vertically or horizontally milled. Plain milling can only be flat milling.End milling is a method of milling workpiece surface with end milling cutter. In the end milling, the main cutting edge, which is distributed on the cylinder or cone surface, acts as the cutting edge, while the end cutting edge is the auxiliary cutting edge, which acts as an auxiliary cutting edge. The end milling cutter has more cutting edges at the same time, and the machined surface roughness is lower.
Q:How much is the end milling cutter with a diameter of 1 mm?
Engaged in machining work for nearly 40 years, have not used the 1MM vertical milling cutter may have first, now out of shape "pencil" as the cutter, I don't know, but the diameter of 1MM vertical milling cutter first two problems, one is because the diameter is too small, so to achieve a certain line speed you need to have a high speed general milling machine is not up to two; knife groove is too small, in high speed milling is not easy, in the jargon of "Taiwan" is certain. Therefore, unless there is a specific use, inquiry is meaningless.
Q:What kind of material is the milling cutter for processing ceramics?
The hardness of the ceramic is much more than that of the milling cutter, so the milling machine can not even drill the ceramic. Therefore, the processing ceramics generally use the grinding head to grind. The abrasive of the grinding head is diamond and PCBN, so that the grinding head can be used to grind the ceramic.Hardness sorting, from high to low: diamond, >PCBN> ceramic > carbide > high speed steel.
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