Micro Diameter Carbide Drill

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90% Raw Carbide, 10%CO;


0.5um Micro Grain;

High-end material;

Pass ISO9001.


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5. Certification & Good coorperation. We have passed the ISO9001.

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Q:Keyway milling cutter how to process ~ such as how to lower the knife how to cut and so on ~ the more detailed the better how to determine the speed of the line
First with a good grinding center drill a row of points, pay attention to not too deep, and then use smaller than the keyway of the milling cutter to open thick, remove the excess material, and finally use new milling precision milling.
Q:How to determine the feeding quantity of the cutter in milling?
The cutting depth depends on the machine tool, cutting tool and workpiece stiffness, stiffness in the permit conditions, should as far as possible to make the cutting depth is equal to the allowance for machining the workpiece, thus reducing the cutting times, improve production efficiency. In order to ensure the quality of the machined surface, can stay for a finishing allowance, a general 0.2 0.5mm, in short, specific numerical cutting should be based on the manual machine performance, and combined with the actual experience is determined by analogy method.At the same time, the spindle speed, cutting depth and feed speed can be adapted to each other in order to form the best amount of cutting three.Cutting parameter is not only an important parameter that must be determined before the adjustment of machine tools, but also has a very important influence on machining quality, processing efficiency, production cost and so on. The so-called "reasonable" cutting refers to the full use of the cutting performance and dynamic performance of machine tool (power and torque), on the premise of ensuring the quality for cutting high productivity and low processing cost.
Q:What are the differences and uses between the milling insert YT5 YT14 blade and the YG8.YW2 blade?
It's often said that..:YT15 wrought iron finishing tool,YG8 pig iron knife.An alloy element contained in a letter indicating the number of a tool; a number indicating contentAll belong to hard alloy,YT15 belongs to tungsten cobalt titanium alloy and YG8 is tungsten cobalt alloy,As the titanium element added in YT15 increases the hardness, the higher the hardness is, the less it is subjected to impact,So general YT15 is used for precision knife, wool knife with yt5,YG8 withstand shock, wear resistantThe general situation is: G8 can be used to make wrought iron knife, but YT series can not be used in pig iron processing,For example, steel castings, Mao Dao is better with G8 tools, because the cast iron parts are inevitably trachoma, inclusions, cracks and so on,G8 can also be used for stainless steel processingIf YT15 used to do pig iron, then because YT15 is not wear-resistant, pig iron is like abrasive, YT15 props do pig iron, in the extremely low speed of the amount of circumstances, or can, but can not do the effect of YG8 outBecause of the tool's wear, YT15's knife would make the surface shiny,By sharpening the knife, you will find that YT15's knife is better than YG8's, and the reason is that YG8 has a higher abrasion resistance,Now we generally do not use this brand of YT15 knives, Mao Dao with YT5, good resistance to shock,Precision knife with ya6, high-speed use, the effect is very good, or yt726, these two brands must be high speed,Others prefer to use ys8, this brand is super hard, but very brittle, it must be high-speed, continuous cutting,In the design requirements of smoothness is very high, we use imported machine clip knife, is generally machine tool can achieve the highest speed, comparable to grinding roughness
Q:What are the features of a drill cutter compared to an ordinary one?
High speed steel milling cutter is harder to use than hard alloy milling cutter. High speed steel cheap, good toughness, but the intensity is not high, easy to let the knife, and wear resistance, hot hardness is relatively poor, high speed steel cutter hot hardness of 600 degrees, the hardness of about 65HRC, obviously when using high-speed steel milling of hard materials, if the coolant is not in place if it is easy to burn knife this is one of the reasons is not high hot hardness.Hard alloy cutter good hot hardness, wear resistance, but poor impact resistance, free fall edge will be broken, the hard alloy is made by the method of powder metallurgy materials, the hardness is up to about 90HRA, heat can reach to about 900-1000 degrees,
Q:When milling a bit of a deeper corner, there are bullet and knife cuts, how to avoid it, and what factors are involved in playing with the knife? Is there a certain coefficient?
Slow down, cut less, you can turn the hole in the corner first and drill that arc out
Q:How to grind the 2 edge milling cutter?
Pay attention to the handle,The middle height is caused by the need to grind the back angle, because the grinding of the center of the milling cutter is much more than the sides, so it causes the middle bulge!!!In fact, the milling cutter is concave and the angle is about 2 degrees!!!
Q:The problem of milling cutters in machining centers
End mill: cylindrical milling machine is a general term, according to the number of edges can be divided into 2 blades (that is, keyway milling cutter), 3 blades, 4 blades. That's all I usedKeyway cutter: a keyway milling cutter is, the difference lies in the keyway milling cutter can be directly in the solid material "on the knife" to do Z cutting, milling cutter can not, must use the slash or spiral knife, or the first "knife hole". As the name suggests, the keyway cutter is usually used when the keyway is opened on the shaft.Fang Jianxi: square shoulder milling is a way of machining. Usually we say: face milling and side milling. Square milling is actually side milling, and some are called copying milling.Corn milling: corn milling cutter is a kind of high efficiency cutting tool. Popular speaking, that is, the traditional end milling cutter as a whole blade into the blade, replaceable tool. Its processing shape is a kind of side milling. The utility model has the advantages of high processing efficiency,. However, the average BT40 machine tool rigidity may not be achieved.The cutter material: white steel, tungsten steel, carbide inserts, in addition there is lot of tool coating, the existing tungsten steel cutting tool coated with a layer of special material, can improve the effect of cutting tool, prolong the service life of the cutter.What's the use of a knife edge? Here in your hand inside information should have these reports, the blade is a keyway milling center, so it can be directly in the solid material "under the knife" other mills do not have this feature, so we adopted the slash, spiral, or "fall hole" model "under the knife".Finally, if you need, I have some information for you to reference, leave a mailbox to me can.
Q:Stainless steel milling cutter
Hard alloy or more reasonable, if the machine does not meet the requirements, then use Cobalt high-speed steel milling cutter, remember to coating, or else sticky knife is more serious!
Q:What materials are used for the milling cutters?
1. carbide material has many kinds of cutting tools, mainly used in metal cutting industry.2., there are many problems with the concept of "questioner". The model refers to the appearance, shape, different models, suitable for different processing.3., questions may be asked about carbide brand bar, commonly used YG8/YG6/YT15/YT14/YW1 and so on, different grades are different materials of cemented carbide.
Q:What are the chief features of a milling cutter compared with a lathe tool?
The milling cutter rotates itself to cut the workpiece, while the turning tool belongs to the workpiece and is rotated to be cut. This is where the milling cutter differs from the tool.
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