Thread Milling Tool Holders for Thread Milling Insert

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1. Excellent dimensions control


2. Wonderful surface treatment


3. 100% quality guarantee


4. Import spare parts



In addition, we also can produce non-standard carbide threading inserts.


It is best quality ,low price .We can satisfiy all customers' requirements.

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Q:What is the cutting speed of the ball end mill when milling the surface?!
Speed and depth of processing, if the amount of cutting is small, you can walk faster. General tool factory samples gives the cutting parameters about, then according to the processed material properties, and expectations reasonable cutting amount at the last choice knife speed, precision machining allowance is very small, hurry up and walk the knife
Q:How can the milling tools be durable?
There are many kinds of milling cutters. Common milling machines and CNC milling machines can be machined with straight lines, milling centers, machining cavities, cores, and curved surfaces / contours. Generally divided into: 1. head milling cutter, carries on the rough milling, the removal of a large number of blank, a small area of horizontal plane or outline milling; 2. ball end milling surface, semi finish and finish milling; milling knife can steep surface / straight wall small chamfer. 3. flat milling cutter with chamfering, can do rough milling to remove a lot of rough, but also fine milling, fine surface (relative to the steep surface), small chamfer. 4. forming milling cutter, including chamfering cutter, T shape milling cutter or drum type cutter, gear cutter, inner R knife. 5. chamfer knife, chamfer knife shape and chamfer shape are identical, divide into milling circle, chamfer and slant chamfer milling cutter. 6.T type cutter, can be milled T groove; 7. gear type cutter, milling out all kinds of gear, such as gear. Milling cutters are commonly made of two kinds of materials: high speed steel and hard alloy. The latter is the former high hardness, strong cutting force, can improve the speed and feed rate, improve productivity, let the knife is not obvious, and the processing of stainless steel / titanium alloy hard processing materials, but the cost is higher, and the cutting force in the fast delivery of IVB is the brand of Taiwan Mills
Q:How to repair grinding cutters
Grinding milling cutter generally refers to the cutter, grinding mill with universal tool grinder, milling cutter with two top counter to grinding bowl wheel is arranged below the one on the iron, the grinding wheel can along the spiral cutter cutting edge grinding, grinding cutter angle. Whether it is a two edged blade, or three, or four blade cutter, grinding a cutting edge for grinding a cutting edge grinding, until the end.
Q:Can the T groove be directly machined with T groove cutters?
It is recommended to use slot milling cutter or end mill to rough milling and groove, and then T groove milling cutter fine T groove
Q:Which cut is smooth, single edge milling cutter and double edge milling cutter?
Double edged, of course. The blade is better than the one with the same condition.
Q:What kind of saw cutters are suitable for nylon cutting?
With alloy saw can be cut, but it is upstairs that the flat teeth, but dedicated saw blade! A thin saw blade can reduce cutting resistance, reduce friction, and reduce temperature, and can add cold air to lower temperature!
Q:How to fix and fix multiple saw cutters on the same shaft?
Separated by a spacer, many can be done, I do the saw milling cutter
Q:10mm four flat blade tungsten steel milling cutter, milling depth of 18mm Phi 100mm circular groove for cutting parameters.
In order to make the tool durable, we must avoid cutting with three edges at first, especially with the bottom edge of the flat knife and the screw under the knife. None of the cutter manufacturers I've ever seen will advise customers to cut with the bottom edge of a flat knife.Recommended to use the drill bit with a diameter of about 20, about 17.5 of the deep hole; and then take the side of 10mm tungsten steel knife edge milling.S5000~6000 speed, feed per minute to about F2500~3200; each knife can be 2~3 times of cutter diameter, side edge cutting depth can be 0.3~0.5mm; cooling mode preferred oil mist or fog, or air cooling (cooling is the best route to handle, from the main cutting part). Blow off the removed iron pieces to prevent the iron filings from being involved in the cutting edges, resulting in local re cutting.The above parameters do fine processing in accordance with the specific material; effect: processing time is within 30 minutes after cutting it is not hot, more than 85% of the heat away from scrap; tool produced in the whole cutting process sounds very stable, vibration is also very stable; if there is abnormal sound means of tool have jumped.In addition, if the use of ordinary coated tools to process, such as SUS304 and other toughness and viscosity of the material, the priority of reverse milling. The speed and feed parameters should be lowered together. To use oil mist or water mist cooling, increase the tool surface lubrication effect.
Q:Help PCB 3.175 of the milling cutter easy to break, how to do?
The quality is not good. As long as you can out of money, what can be the cutter specifications that can use Baidu Search CYC tungsten steel milling cutter. Find their contact information, Mr. zheng. Ask him about the technical problems in this area, and although their company doesn't sell PCB cutters, there are people in their circles who sell it.
Q:How to tungsten steel rod cutter
With professional grinder grinding, famous romantic, Walter ANKA.The cutter is called the end grinder at first, and its structure is mainly Longmen style. Mainly for: grinding centers, forest industry, printing plants, paper making plastics, books and periodicals printing center, medium-sized grinding room and other institutions, enterprise users.Main types: automatic grinding machine, precision grinding machine, CNC grinding machine, grinding machine, woodworking blade special grinding machine, grinding machine, printing paper cutter grinding machine, multifunctional grinding machine, double grinding grinding, circular knife grinder etc..
We are always advocating the management idea of "Integrity, Pragmatism, Innovation and High Efficiency". We have introduced the most advanced CNC manufacturing machines and technology from Germany, using the highest quality materials to manufacture the highest quality products. Our high quality CNC tungsten end mills, molding end mills and CNC tool handles are very popular among a large number of users from at home and abroad. With the highest quality products at most competitive price as well as our most efficient service, we are confident to meet your needs!

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