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E.S Optical Edge Finder

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Q:What's the result of the reaming of the inside hole of the reamer?
You are using manual reaming Reaming, or drilling reaming? General artificial hand reaming, as long as the hands evenly twisted out of holes is not elliptic, if two handed force is not uniform, then wring out the hole could be elliptical; if you are using drilling reaming, drilling machine main shaft the hole is not concentric with the workpiece, the reamer reaming when leans to one side with Jin twisted down hole was wrung may be ellipse.
Q:Can the machine reamer be installed on the milling machine?
Look at what milling machine you use and what knife clips, such as my milling machine can be. You can ask the old man and try it yourself
Q:Usage of valve reamers for motorcycles
The standard name should be called the floating boring tool are called floating reamer.Limited by tool size. This can be done very little boringGeneral bought the knife head, you want to do a floating boring bar to buy backThe handle is set according to the cutter setting of your machine tool. It can be a straight handle or a Morse taper handleBoring bar to quenchingAfter quenching by cutting a groove installation boring head. Tank size tolerances than boring head 0~0.02mm.The size of the boring boring head need to adjust themselves according to machining hole size.
Q:What is the higher accuracy of phi 25H8 reamer and phi 25H9 reamer?
This is not a problem of higher accuracy, but a problem of tolerance and fit.
Q:If you want to drill out 20 of the hole with a reamer, what size drill should you use first?
Because some of the drilling bit out of the hole is too large, such as drilling 19 of the drill hole is often 19.1/19.2, this situation should be more often encountered. If the reamer you use for machining is of good quality, it is recommended that the drilled hole be 19.9. Usually, the allowance for the reamer is 0.1-0.2mm. As to how large the drill is, it depends on how large the hole you drill out of. You can try using the 19.5 bit.
Q:When reaming the piston pin hole and connecting rod copper sleeve, how much is the pin allowance?
For better reference data, please Baidu search, Li Hao CNC tools, data on reamer tolerances and machining allowances
Q:In the lathe, with a floating reamer machining material for cast iron, diameter of 55mm hole, leaving margin 0.1mm, lathe speed is appropriate!!
Not too fast. Sooner, there will be errors
Q:What drill and reamer are used to process an empty diameter of 8mmH7?
Drill with a small bit 2.8mm-4.2mm first, and then use 7.8mm to expand the hole. Then machine reamer 8mmH7. Reaming speed should be slow, small and uniform, add oil lubrication cooling. This can be processed into a qualified 8mmH7 hole.
Q:When reaming with carbide reamer, there will be a spiral mark on the hole wall. What's the problem?
With spiral reamer and / or reduced single feed of reamer / try to increase the rigidity of the hinge handle, the spiral grain should be eliminated
Q:What's the difference between the reamer and the milling cutter?
Reamer: two kinds of coarse reamer and precision reamer. The reamer has fewer cutting edges, larger chip size, and a spiral chip separation slot on the blade to prevent excessive chip formation during thick reaming. The reamer has more cutting edges and a very small edge to ensure the quality of the holes. The commonly used reamer specifications are l:50, 1:20, 1:5: installed on the lathe tool used for cutting metal tools. The welding tool, cutter rod is made in the ordinary steel, cutter processing hard alloy blade corresponding incision, copper solder and borax and brazing. Indexable blade structure is the center hole, the fixed blade of the cutter rod gap with bolts, the blade three or four cutting edges can be turned to use, unlike the welding structure has only one cutting edge can be used. The lathe tools are divided into numerical control turning tools, excircle turning tools, diamond cars, alloy turning tools and carbide turning tools
We developed small high-precision CNC lathes based on the imported technology, with high-quality accessories and universal electric control systems. Our machine tools are mainly used in aviation, automobiles, electron, clocks, optical instruments, moulds, computers, medical equipment and so on. At present, these machine tools are enjoying a good reputation among our customers. Accessories and tools are the basic of high-quality precision machinery.

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