Medium Voltage XLPE Aluminum Cable --Good Price

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Product Description:

1. Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:

wooden drum or wooden&steel drum

Delivery Detail:

2 weeks after confirm the order

Rating Voltage 6/6kv~26/35kv XLPE insulated 3 core high voltage cables, 11kV 3 core medium voltage xlpe insulated power cable

2. Standard: GB/T12706-2002, or design and produce as per client’s request.

3. Application performance: this products is suitable for power transmission and distribution rating voltage 6/6kv-26/35kv

  1. Max permissible operating temperature 90centigrade

  2. Max short circuit temperature(5 seconds at longest) shall not      exceed 250centigrade

  3. The ambient temperature under installation should not below      0centigrade, if not, please heating in advance.

  4. Permissible bending radius ≥12 times of outer diameter of      conductors

4.Model, Name and Application








XLPE insulated PVC sheathed power cable

For laying aerial indoors , in-tunnel or   cable trench



XLPE insulated PE sheathed power cable



XLPE insulated steel tape armored PVC   sheathed power cable

For laying indoors , intunnel or cable   trench



XLPE insulated steel tape armored PE   sheathed power cable



XLPE insulated thin steel wire armored   PVC sheathed power cable

For laying high-drop, well or   underwater



XLPE insulated thin steel wire armored   PE sheathed power cable



XLPE insulated thick steel wire   armored PVC sheathed power cable

Able to bear external mechanical forces,   for laying in silo into sea



XLPE insulated thick steel wire   armored PE sheathed power cable

5. Pictures:

Medium Voltage XLPE Aluminum Cable --Good Price

Medium Voltage XLPE Aluminum Cable --Good Price

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Q:Is power cable of 2.5 sq mm sufficient for 1.5 ton window AC?
Current of a 1.5 Ton Ac unit is @ 12 Amps. Hence a full size 2.5 sq mm Cu cable should suffice as it is rated for 19 Amps.
Q:Wire and cable manufacturing process (to be detailed)?
Hello, copper wire per square safe current-carrying 6A, .05X6A = 3A.X220V = 660W, 3AX380V = 1140W, aluminum core for the same 4A algorithm,
Q:What is the difference between KVV and VV cables and are they clearly different?
Eight or six no less, the first good fire retardant pipe on the line, the box can be opened after the slot
Q:Is it possible to take 2 20-pin power supply cables and adapt them into 1 24-pin connector?
relies upon on the producer are you advantageous its basically 20 pin as some 4 pin connectors grasp freely so how many different 4 clusters do you have you will desire to have 2 one million of those would be the different connector you go with except its an exceptionally very very old cheappy PSU inwhich case replace it they ordinary and much less costly 30 bux
Q:SSD power splitter cable question?
Yes it will work just fine.
Q:PC and cables?
depends on 'where' youre getting it from .. a retail bought machine is sure to have all the basic cables for hookup ..
Q:Brief description of the difference between cable and cable.
1. home with a wired out, for a wireless router bar, the line of the problem are resolved
Q:Power cable question?
It is fine, your power cable has a power rating of 6A @ 240V and your hp adapter can handle an input of 100-240V~ 1.6A 50-60Hz right? Then, you bought an adapter which has 10A 250V capacity and it is no problem handling your cable and hp adapter which has a lower power requirement. And also, the most important, in your area, the supply is 120V and your hp can handle from 100-240V and your adapter up to 250V, so there is nothing to worry about, as long as the supply voltage is lower than of the required of your hp, mind it if your supply voltage is 240V and your hp says it handles 120V for it will burn your adapter..............
Q:Two power lines same conduit?
if the two are not shielded from each other they will cause interference... run two seperate metal conduits,, or use shielded AC cable in the same conduit ,, ground the shields and the conduit!!!
Q:What causes the power cable to my amp to smoke?
What it sounds like is you accidentally connected the wires to the wrong terminals. If current were an issue u would most likely blow a fuse. But dont rule it out, u could just need a thicker gauge power 12v line. And also remember to ALWAYS GROUND the amp. either way, if it is an amp desined for car use, youre batt would never be too much power. If it is a high watt amp, you should look into buying a capaciter. Itll help regulate voltage usage and extend the life of your batt and alternator.

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