Line Lite Clear Decorative Glass Block

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Detailed Product Description of Line Lite Clear Decorative Glass Block


1.various styles ,colours environmental protectal production

3.used widely on wall decorated in the room or outside

It is the manufacturer of glass block,located in shahe glass industry   district .We can supply all kind of glass blocks as your requirement,


The features of the glass blocks are as following:


(1)Sound insulating


Glassblock is one of the best sound insulating materials as a transparent material.? For instance, the    noise from the street can be reduced to the level of a quiet office in the low. Frequency(125Hz) or to the level of residential district at night in the high frenquency(2000Hz) if glassblock is used as a wall or window material.? Therefore, you will get better effect if   you  use the glassblock as wall or window material for your room near nosy street or factory.




    Glassblock has good fire resistant and fireproof property. According to Japanese laws and   regulations, single glass block wall has the same fire resistant effect as fireproof door type B and  double glassblock wall can resist fire for 1 hour.? The glassblock skylight can resist fire for 30    minutes.




 The good head insulating property of glassblock plays an important role in avoiding frosting on your  window. For instance, your window made o glassblock will never be frosted when it is -2 outdoors yet your room temperature is 20,humidity 60%. Because of good heat insulation, your   room used glassblock as window material can save energy. Besides, non-frosting window makes your room comfortable.


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Q:Can autoclaved concrete blocks be used as the façade of the building?
Yes, to meet the drawings designed to compress the block strength requirements on the line. Building energy-saving development of the wall insulation is the trend, with inorganic insulation instead of organic insulation, with self-insulation instead of external insulation. Aerated concrete block with light, insulation, noise and other functions, are self-insulation wall materials. Advantages are: 1 integrated construction, can greatly shorten the duration. 2 is lower than the combined cost of external insulation. 3 exterior decoration is more simple. Autoclaved aerated concrete block self-insulation system application technical regulations, please see "Yongbang new building materials Co., Ltd." related content. Yongbang new building materials are now the following varieties: 5 cm aerated concrete sheet, 5 cm filling plate, 5 cm aerated concrete self-insulation board, 5 cm aerated concrete insulation board, 5 cm aerated concrete slab, the level of gas Concrete sheet, aerated concrete self-insulation system dedicated adhesive.
Q:Large template construction, large board construction, frame construction, sliding building, block building their own characteristics and the difference?
Simply put, the large template building is the use of large templates for concrete pouring of the construction works; large board building generally refers to the use of pre-made large board assembled by the assembly of the building; frame refers to the formation of cast-in-place concrete beams Slab building refers to the use of blocks as a building maintenance structure or load-bearing structure of the building
Q:Who knows the formula for aerated concrete blocks! Trouble to elaborate Ha! Thank you big brother, big sister!
8%; per cubic meter consumption: 140-150kg; phosphogypsum: content ratio of 296%; per cubic meter consumption: 15kg; aluminum powder: content trace; per cubic meter consumption: 04kg Sand: aerated concrete block typical raw material formula and consumption: sand: content ratio 692%; per cubic meter consumption: 350kg; cement: content ratio of 138%; per cubic meter consumption: 70kg; lime: content ratio of 138%; (Gypsum): content ratio of 296%; consumption per cubic meter: 15kg; aluminum powder: content of trace; per cubic meter consumption: 04kg From the Yongbang New Building Materials Co, Ltd "aerated concrete block production technical regulations"
Q:What are the low cost of using lightweight brick partitions and gypsum board partitions? Labor costs and materials costs together
If you simply consider the cost of gypsum board partition wall of the lower cost, but its strength, moisture-proof waterproof, sound insulation effect as light brick wall. Gypsum board partition with gypsum plaster or hollow plaster board composed of lightweight partitions, can be used to separate the indoor space, with a simple structure, easy to process and installation features. Lightweight brick partitions are non-load-bearing walls that are formed by the use of lightweight bricks or lightweight blocks through concrete masonry masonry for building partitions. Because of its light weight, high strength, and water and impermeability, sound insulation, thermal insulation, green, construction speed, over the years by the national wall reform policy and the broad support of the market has become a new building materials An important part of.
Q:Plaster hanging wire mesh what the requirements, whether there is a requirement on the specification, which norms have?
Norms are the quality of building decoration works acceptance criteria, GB hungry chu guards clamor to see the silvery Ji Ji -.2.4 plastering works should be carried out in layers. When the total thickness of the plaster is greater than or equal to 35mm, should take measures to strengthen. Different materials at the junction of the substrate surface plastering, should take measures to prevent cracking, when using the reinforcement network, strengthen the network and the base of the overlap width should not be less than 100mm. Inspection method: inspection of hidden engineering acceptance records and construction records. Note: 4.2.4 plastering thickness is too large, easy to produce drums, shedding and other quality problems; different materials at the junction of the matrix, due to water absorption and shrinkage inconsistency, seams on the surface of the plaster layer is easy to crack, the above situation should be Take measures to ensure that the quality of plastering works.
Q:What is the heat storage coefficient of autoclaved aerated concrete blocks (B07)?
Autoclaved aerated concrete blocks and other wall materials Thermal insulation, thermal insulation performance Thermal conductivity Thermal insulation coefficient Thermal resistance to 240 brick wall insulation properties for the required material thickness ASR [w / (m * k)] (mm ) Clay brick light pulp masonry 0.769.960.32 礌 Geng provision of the switch into the glass 230 clay brick masonry masonry 0.8110.630. Porous brick mortar 0.587.920. Silicate brick masonry 0.8711.110. Powder Coal ash ceramsite concrete 0.9511.400. Clay ceramsite concrete 0.8410.360. Shale ceramsite concrete 0.779.650. Reinforced concrete 1.7417.200. Gypsum board 0.335.280. Polyethylene foam 0.0470.705.1110 fly ash aerated Concrete 0.223.591.0970 aerated concrete 0.152.5-3.21.8040
Q:Building design in the 100 thick wall, in the engineering practice is how to build?
The thickness of the wall is not covered with plaster layer, your problem is nothing more than what kind of masonry. 100 thick is the ordinary 100 wide gray sand brick pile up.
Q:Project materials into the post-mortem report which need to re-test report qualified, the supervision to sign the use of?
Five, concrete with a variety of admixture wall materials: all kinds of bricks, blocks and so on Seven, all kinds of waterproof material eight, light aggregate concrete nine, decorative materials ten, building doors and windows to the drainage pipe and pipe fittings all kinds of radiators insulation materials and their products soil and foundation : For the cushion method, pre-pressing method, etc building appliances the use of construction projects indoor environmental pollution control and material inspection reinforced structural engineering: ordinary steel, stainless steel welding, surfacing electrodes, welding balls The
Q:How to do a building information staff, what basic knowledge should be understood ??
before the start (with the start conditions of information): construction permit (construction unit to provide), construction organization design (including the report form, approval form), start report (commencement review), engineering geological survey report, construction site quality Management inspection records (review), quality personnel practitioners qualification certificate (collection review), special types of job card (collection review), measurement pay line (review),
Q:Causes of Leakage of Aerated Concrete Block Masonry Exterior Wall and How to Control?
There is a silicone rubber waterproof coating, and cement-based polymer composite waterproof coating and so on It is understood that the current domestic market has the ability to produce more than a lot of manufacturers of products, consumers must look for when the manufacturers Brand paint is guaranteed Families in the choice of waterproof paint should have some basic common sense, the current building materials market management is not standardized, the market has a lot of shoddy products, the purchase should choose a relatively well-known brand The real environmental waterproof material should be approved by the national testing center issued by the test report, product testing reports and product certification Consumers in the purchase of waterproof materials, should also pay attention to the product packaging marked on the origin Imported products on the production of a column will be a detailed description of the company name, and counterfeit products are generally only note the export, will not involve the production company In addition, to remind consumers to buy waterproof coating should pay attention to the manufacturers of service measures General manufacturers in the sale of products will have a relatively standardized pre-sale, sale and after-sales service, some well-known brands will promise free maintenance and long waterproof warranty period If the manufacturers can not provide a relatively perfect service, it is recommended to choose another product
We are one of the biggest productive bases of glass block in China. We have many years manufacturing experience with all kinds of style and colour. Providing excellent quality and competitive price, are enjoying a high reputation all over the world market. Our company specializes in manufacturing a variety of building materials and chemical products.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Hebei,China (Mainland)
Year Established 1999
Annual Output Value US$10 Million - US$50 Million
Main Markets North America; South America; Eastern Europe; Southeast Asia; Africa; Mid East; Eastern Asia; Western Europe
Company Certifications ISO 9001:2000;ISO 14001:2004

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a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port
Export Percentage 91% - 100%
No.of Employees in Trade Department
Language Spoken:
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Factory Size: 30,000-50,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 3
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered
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