Prebaked Slotted Carbon Anode

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10000 /Metric Tons per Month m.t./month

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Product Description:

Features of Prebaked Slotted Carbon Anode

1.used in aluminium electrolysis,

2 stable performance, competitive price

3 two anodes on one pallet


Specifications of Prebaked Slotted Carbon Anode

1. used in aluminium electrolysis,

2. high quality products, long operating life

3. high electrical conductivity, no stag dropping

4. 2 anodes on 1 wooden palllet strapped with poly-plastic woven bag 

Prebaked Slotted Carbon Anode Physiochemical Properties:








 Real Density


 g/cm 3

 Electrical Resistivity



 Compressive Strength



 CO2 Reactivity



 Bulk Density


 g/cm 3
















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The enterprise has been given the reward regarding its high economic profits and high foreign currency earnings by Chinese Financial System and AAA Credit Enterprise Certificate. Also, it has obtained Second Rate Self-Inspection from CIQ. After many years of development since its establishment in 1995, the corporation’s annual capacity is 120,000MT Pre-baked Anode, 30,000MT Carbon Raiser, 100,000MT Spcial carbon for DC high voltage ground wire(Ground wire connection/Electric Carbon/Special carbon for ground wire connection),

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