Vermiculite Board In Exterior Wall with High Quality

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2.The fireproof grade is A

3.high bending/compressive strength




1 Material:silver vermiculite

2 Working temp:1100

3 Size:2440x1220mm, 2100x900mm,

4 Thickness: 20mm, 25mm,29mm,38mm,45mm

5 Feature: innocuous;  rainproof;  insulative and mothproof.

6 Max working temp: 1100C

7 Continuous working temp: less than 1000C

8 Cold crushing strength: 3hx800°C: 3.84MPa

9 Heat Conductivity: 0.11W/mk








Bulk Density





Pressure Strength





Flexural Strength





Thermal Conductive








Temp. limit





Linear Shrinkage








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Q:What is the backfill between the outer wall of the basement and the enclosure?
Application is more use of lime. However, specific projects to be specific, depending on many factors, such as groundwater, whether there is corrosive substances, near the structure requirements and so on.
Q:Can sand in the desert be used as a building material? The The The
Desert sand in the composition should be able to meet the requirements, but the particle size may be too fine, the gradation is relatively simple, not a good building sand
Q:Sand, stone, cement inspection group on behalf of a number of raw materials, respectively How many groups are they sent?
Sand on each side of the sample number for the same batch of 200 square, stone 400 square ... sand to send the number of samples generally have a half snake leather bag is enough, the number of stone to send according to its maximum particle size to set the general (highway Engineering aggregate test procedures, but need to pay attention to the crushing value test to 13.2-9.5 sieve, it is best to sieve enough samples to send) ..... cement bag on behalf of the sample number 200T, bulk 500T , From 20 different parts of the sampling number of not less than 12KG.
Q:What materials do you need to declare to the supervision of the building, gravel needs?
. sand; . broken (egg) stone; . admixture, . admixture; . waterproof coating; . waterproof coating . pre-stressed tendons, fixtures and connectors; . decorative doors and windows; . decorative decoration; . waterproofing membrane; . brick (block); . light aggregate; With artificial wood; . decorative granite; . decorative decoration with safety glass; . decorative wall with external walls; . steel structure metallography; . steel for steel; . steel structure with welding materials ; . steel structure with torsional shear high-strength bolts connecting vice; . wood structure materials; . curtain wall with aluminum-plastic plate; . curtain wall with stone; ; . curtain wall with structural adhesive. Sand, stone is required to report the hope to adopt ...
Q:Will the roadside sell sugar fried chestnut that kind of thing like sand is what ah?
Why is the chestnut and fried with the sand? Is it because of fun, or what special role? With this problem, I went to ask the "one hundred thousand why" can not harvest
Q:Why the sand can not replace the river sand to do building materials
Mountain sand because of the rough surface, so the cement attachment effect is good, but the mountain sand composition is complex, most contain soil and other organic impurities. Therefore, the general decoration works, are recommended to use the river sand. River sand surface roughness moderate, and more clean, with less impurities. Generally from the market to buy back the sand have to use the net to filter before use.
Q:My house wall out of sand powerful, what is the method of governance?
Brush a layer of latex paint outside the wall.
Q:Ground construction, the environmental temperature of each layer should be consistent with the technical requirements of what
the use of organic adhesive paste, should not be low At 10 ℃;
Q:Building materials 1m³ ordinary concrete in the fine aggregate (river sand) to be equipped with 1m ³?
Certainly not so much ah, there should be a standard bar
Q:In the construction project, all raw materials such as: steel, cement, sand, stones, concrete, etc., approach to the inspection process is what?
Steel is a 60T sampling sampling once, cement, sand, stone is 200T sampling once, the concrete is the concrete pouring site randomly selected, sampling and specimen stay should meet the following requirements: . each mixing 100 and no more than 100m3 with the . each work class mix the same mix of concrete less than . the sampling should not be less than once; . when a continuous pouring 1000m. the same mix of concrete per 200m3 Sampling shall not be less than once; . each floor, the same mix of concrete, the sampling shall not be less than once; . each sampling at least a set of standard maintenance specimens, with the conditions of maintenance of the number of liens According to the actual needs to determine. Inspection methods: inspection of construction records and test pieces strength test report. For concrete structures with impervious requirements, the concrete specimens should be randomly sampled at the pouring site. The same project, the same with the intestinal standard spot both Hanchen Bibi Leibi than the concrete, the sampling should not be less than once, the number of indwelling groups can be determined according to actual needs. Inspection method: Check the test specimen impermeability test report.
Our company has quite a wide range of business scope, mainly including mica, vermiculite, quartz, carborundum, colored sand, kaolin, medical stone, tourmaline, cobble stone, and marble etc. In addition to selling products well in domestic big cities, our products such as vermiculite and mica also sell well in Japan, Korea, America, India, Russia and other international markets. We are honored by users at home and abroad for the high quality products and rich supply of goods in time.

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