Medium Sulphur Calcined Petroleum Coke CPC

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China Main Port
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TT or LC
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20 Metric Tons m.t.
Supply Capability:
300000 Metric Tons per Year m.t./month

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Product Description:

Features of Medium Sulphur Calcined Petroleum Coke CPC

1) good quality

2) advanced production facilities

3) competitive price

It is made from green coke in calcining pot under high temperature. It is widely used for carbon addictive and metallurgy. Our CPC has stabe performance and strong conductivity with copetitive price. We have complete production lines with advanced automatic equipements and strict quality control systerm.

At present, it has been exported to many countries all over the world, such as America, Australia, India, Iran, Russia etc.

Packing details of Medium Sulphur Calcined Petroleum Coke CPC

1)  jumbo bags for 20 FCL

2)  in bulk

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Q:What are the types of building structures depending on the structural material?
Brick-concrete reinforced concrete structure Steel structure These three kinds of buildings in China, in addition to the wood as the main bearing structure of the building structure of the classification of the building structure is divided according to its main component of the main brick The reinforced concrete structure is mainly reinforced by reinforced concrete frame.
Q:According to the "Construction Engineering Quality Management Regulations" to witness the sampling requirements, that kind of material without sampling inspection, can be used for workers
Except for cement, building sand, building stone, concrete foolish seal, bronze, reinforced concrete structure, reinforced concrete parts, reinforced concrete blocks, blocks and blocks, roads and Basic backfill materials, energy-saving materials, etc. need to witness the sampling test, the other materials are not sampling inspection. Can be used for construction. What specific material, to see the specific construction drawings in the specific requirements of the material.
Q:What is the cause of cracks in autoclaved aerated concrete blocks in the production process?
It can be made into different specifications of the block, sheet and insulation products, widely used in industrial and civil construction of the load-bearing or encased filling structure, the world's construction industry has generally attached importance to many countries to vigorously promote and develop a Building materials
Q:What is the heat storage coefficient of autoclaved aerated concrete blocks (B07)?
Autoclaved aerated concrete block thermal conductivity of 0.11-0.16W / mk, the thermal insulation performance is more than 5 times the red brick, it is used in the building's internal and external walls, roof insulation, freezer, air-conditioned room , Can improve its thermal insulation effect, thereby reducing energy consumption. Autoclaved aerated concrete block air supply, also known as air-entraining agent, is the key material for the manufacture of aerated concrete. Most of the starting agent used defatted aluminum powder. The aluminum powder in the slurry is chemically reacted under alkaline conditions: the aluminum powder is very fine and the resulting hydrogen forms many small bubbles and remains in the rapidly solidified concrete. These large numbers of evenly distributed small bubbles make aerated concrete blocks with many excellent properties. The volume of the autoclaved aerated concrete block is one third of the clay brick, the insulation performance is 3-4 times the clay brick, the noise performance is 2 times the clay brick, impermeability is more than double the clay brick , Fire resistance is 6-8 times the reinforced concrete. The masonry strength of the block is about 80% of the strength of the block itself (30% of the red brick). The construction characteristics of autoclaved aerated concrete blocks are also excellent, not only in the factory to produce a variety of specifications, but also can be the same as wood saws, planing, drilling, nails, and because of its relatively large size, so the construction The speed is very fast, can be used as a variety of building filling material.
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Q:Do the material of the masonry be used in the structural description or in the building description?
Regardless of the nature of the engineering structure, masonry is a structural part, of course, certainly to the structure of the main description, of course, only the structural description of the material only. When the building description and structural description of a single ridge purse 丿 涣 搽 but open the contradiction, should be resolved by the design department.
Q:What is the autoclaved concrete block brand? Recommended cost-effective, good performance
Can be considered this home, their aerated concrete blocks in general weight of 500-700 kg / cubic meter, only the equivalent of clay brick and lime sand brick 1 / 4-1 /
Q:Construction projects contracted outside the network need to purchase the building materials which? Such as covers, sewage pipes ... experts to answer, the more specific the better material, thank you
You have to see what the contents of the contract, the external network of gas, heat, water, water, rain sewage, electricity, telecommunications and so on, the tiger mutual port on the fan song song you need to buy brick, block, Covers, related pipes, pipe fittings, cement, sand, concrete
Q:What is the ALC board (NALC board), what are the varieties and how the price is
The plate can be divided into ALC partition board, ALC exterior wall panel, ALC roof panel and ALC floor according to its use
Q:Who knows the formula for aerated concrete blocks! Trouble to elaborate Ha! Thank you big brother, big sister!
8%; per cubic meter consumption: 25-30kg; lime: Content of 13
The enterprise has been given the reward regarding its high economic profits and high foreign currency earnings by Chinese Financial System and AAA Credit Enterprise Certificate. Also, it has obtained Second Rate Self-Inspection from CIQ. After many years of development since its establishment in 1995, the corporation’s annual capacity is 120,000MT Pre-baked Anode, 30,000MT Carbon Raiser, 100,000MT Spcial carbon for DC high voltage ground wire(Ground wire connection/Electric Carbon/Special carbon for ground wire connection),

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