Aluminium Aarbon Anode Block

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60 Metric Tons m.t.
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10000 Metric Tons per Month m.t./month

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Features of Aluminium Aarbon Anode Block

1 large manufacturer of carbon block

2 good quality and competitive price

3 used in aluminium smeltering


Specifications of Aluminium Aarbon Anode Block














 Real Density




 g/cm 3


 Electrical Resistivity






 Compressive Strength






 CO2 Reactivity






 Bulk Density




 g/cm 3































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Q:How can we see if the wall is a reinforced concrete wall or a heated block wall?
the general drawings are described, and the two walls are not a drawing, one in the structure, one in the building map At present, the mainstream of the structural structure of the road will not reflect the filling wall, fill the wall layout see building construction plans reinforced concrete wall is generally said that the shear wall, used in the frame shear wall, pure shear wall structure for high-rise buildings, but also used to do retaining walls Features are good integrity, high strength aerated concrete block is a lightweight porous, thermal insulation, fire performance is good, can be nailed, can be sawing, planing and have a certain seismic capacity of new building materials Is a good new building materials, and has the advantages of environmental protection
Q:What is the cause of cracks in autoclaved aerated concrete blocks in the production process?
It can be made into different specifications of the block, sheet and insulation products, widely used in industrial and civil construction of the load-bearing or encased filling structure, the world's construction industry has generally attached importance to many countries to vigorously promote and develop a Building materials
Q:What are the low cost of using lightweight brick partitions and gypsum board partitions? Labor costs and materials costs together
If you simply consider the cost of gypsum board partition wall of the lower cost, but its strength, moisture-proof waterproof, sound insulation effect as light brick wall. Gypsum board partition with gypsum plaster or hollow plaster board composed of lightweight partitions, can be used to separate the indoor space, with a simple structure, easy to process and installation features. Lightweight brick partitions are non-load-bearing walls that are formed by the use of lightweight bricks or lightweight blocks through concrete masonry masonry for building partitions. Because of its light weight, high strength, and water and impermeability, sound insulation, thermal insulation, green, construction speed, over the years by the national wall reform policy and the broad support of the market has become a new building materials An important part of.
Q:Do the material of the masonry be used in the structural description or in the building description?
When the budget is made, the material of the masonry is in the structural description
Q:In the building materials market upstairs to buy a house, the human body radiation? What's wrong?
Hey this problem is really tangled ah funny ~ ~ ~ should not, after all, you still live upstairs
Q:What are the new technologies for energy saving new building materials?
First, the new building energy-saving materials, including new types of wall materials, thermal insulation materials, waterproof sealing materials, ceramic materials, new chemical materials, decoration materials and a variety of industrial waste and other comprehensive utilization
Q:What are the subjects of the exam? Are there any questions? Thank you
Two subjects "information professional management practice" "information staff professional basic knowledge" type is radio, multi-election style appears more, and then judge, fill in the blank, there are 2 to 3 questions analysis questions
Q:Cement brick and concrete solid brick is not the same ah
The cement brick is made of cement, coal cinder, coal gangue, tailings, chemical slag or natural sand, sea paste, etc
Q:Asbestos, glazed tiles and gypsum block which income is good, the investment that is relatively small. The risk is low Probably how much thank you
This is in the agricultural shop to buy! The price is very cheap
Q:240 thick mu50 aerated autoclaved fly ash aerated concrete block size
When the block is used as the main material of the building, its radionuclide limit should meet the requirements of "limited radionuclide for building materials" (GB6566-2010) When the radioactive specific activity of natural radionuclide radium- thorium-232 and potassium-40 in the main body of the building satisfies IRa≤10 and Ir≤1 the production and sales range is not restricted If the radioactivity specific activity of the natural radionuclide radium- thorium-232 and potassium-40 is more than 25%, the production and sales range of IRa≤10 and Ir≤13 are not affected by the limit Ministry of Finance, Environmental Protection Administration Document "Treasury [2006] No 90" provides that: state organs at all levels, institutions and organizations with financial funds to purchase, to give priority to the procurement of environmental labeling products, shall not be hazardous to the environment and human health product (HJ / T207-2005) standard, the main technical contents are as follows: waste and industrial by-products used in products (such as straw, wood chips, slag, fly ash, Coal gangue, gypsum, etc) content should be greater than 35%
The enterprise has been given the reward regarding its high economic profits and high foreign currency earnings by Chinese Financial System and AAA Credit Enterprise Certificate. Also, it has obtained Second Rate Self-Inspection from CIQ. After many years of development since its establishment in 1995, the corporation’s annual capacity is 120,000MT Pre-baked Anode, 30,000MT Carbon Raiser, 100,000MT Spcial carbon for DC high voltage ground wire(Ground wire connection/Electric Carbon/Special carbon for ground wire connection),

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Location Shandong,China
Year Established 1995
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Company Certifications ISO 9001: 2000

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