Laser Cutting Machine Application: jade,bamboo,wood,crystal

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Laser Cutting Machine



Place of Origin:

Shandong China (Mainland)

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Model Number:


Rated Power:

<1100w< p="">

No-Load Rotational Speed:


Max. Cutting Depth:

depends the material






<1100w< p="">



After-sales Service Provided:

Engineers available to service machinery overseas



Sale technical support:

By calling or email or training


1 year,except consumable goods

Laser power:


Consuming power:


Working voltage:

AC220V 50Hz

Working speed:


Controlling system:


working area:


laser generator:

10.6um sealed CO2 laser tube

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:wooden case
Delivery Detail:5 working days


cnc laser cutting and engraving machine
1.Reci laser tube
2.High precision

cnc laser cutting and engraving machine cutting:


Compared with traditional cutting method of plates, laser cutting has obvious advantages. High cutting speed, high


 efficiency; good cutting quality, narrow kerf width; contactless cutting ,no tool wear ; Whether simple or complex


 parts,can be formed swiftly; high automation, simple operation, low labor strength, no pollution; The production cost is


low, and the economic benefit is good; The technology of the effective life cycle is long.


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Q:What kinds of engraving machines are there?
Advertising engraving machine: standard models are usually screw, the engraving machine with little rack drive, the main reason is the processing of the material hardness is relatively small, relatively high accuracy can also screw fine carving badges and other smaller products, the main processing: cutting text signs, all kinds of signs 2D 3D, carving.Stone engraving machine: mostly used by rack, and the difference between the other engraving machine is generally trapezoidal bed body design, with a low center of gravity, Longmen solid components are used for all steel design, power drive motor and spindle motor are larger, the main processing: Tombstone carved lettering for relief, decorative stone walk on the line and the carved reliefs etc..Styrofoam engraving machine: the engraving machine generally bulky, Z axis compared to other engraving machine to travel a lot, the main processing: three-dimensional carving large non-metallic mold and large surface coarse and fine surface processing.Special engraving machine engraving machine, the processing of the class does not depend on the main shaft drives the tool but in other forms, there are a few main categories, laser engraving machine, CNC plasma cutting machine, water etc.
Q:How can a woodworking engraving carve a right angle at 90 degrees?
Leave a little margin. After carving, take a straight cutting knife and go for a walk
Q:How to properly maintain woodworking engraving machine?
Clear:Woodworking engraving machine after the completion of the work should be timely to clean up the table, next to the rail for debris to clear in time, to prevent the emergence of lag screw; in the device is very important, he determines the accuracy of the machine, so regular cleaning of screw is also very important, can effectively prevent the screw on a foreign body attachment; dust factors influence of the largest circuit board, must be regular cleaning of industrial boxes.
Q:How do woodworking machines look good or bad?
Customers should select the type of engraving machine and the size of its power according to the needs of the business and the funds.
Q:A woodworking engraving machine can engrave anything
Even if is the plane, is also divided into different processes, some engraving machine is a single spindle, some multi spindle, multi process carving products, only a single spindle carving process products to carving process products to keep the tool change, such as general advertising engraving, a spindle will be enough, but do the door, at least two knives, engraving machine spindle do not frequently change the knife, there is a spindle, N knife libraryknife, can automatically change the knife, time is short, fast. For example, Shenyang engraving machining center company also has such engraving machine and machining center.
Q:I have a 3636 engraving machine. What kind of machining can I find?
Can be used as woodworking, advertising, stone and other materials, widely used, practical
Q:What kind of wood do woodworking machines usually use?
Phoebe, fine texture, straight texture, easy processing, good durability, smooth cutting surface, has a fragrance, is a precious timber used in ancient sculpture.
Q:When did the woodworking engraving machine start?
CNC woodworking engraving machine, is probably the last century the beginning of 60s, the beginning of Longmen CNC milling machine, at the beginning of 80s, Italy and Germany do batch used in this and later, Japan, followed by Taiwan Province, in fact, many of those called domestic woodworking engraving machine is advertising engraving machine PRO version.
Q:What are the main uses of woodworking engraving machines?
Using USB port to transmit data, the system has more than 32M of memory capacity, save the file, you can completely out of the computer, turn off the computer or other typesetting, can greatly improve efficiency.
Q:Woodworking engraving machine installation process, machine test method
The method and process of woodworking engraving machine are as follows:1, analysis and cutting materials near the cutting of materials relative cutting function.2, according to the analysis of the relative cutting function, set the amount of cutting and processing parameters, at the moment to set the parameters of the preservation of the point.3, in the processing of CNC engraving machine, investigation processing condition, the cutting condition at the moment can be very light, can also show a big sound, boredom and other abnormal condition.4, adjust the processing parameters and cutting parameters, reach reasonable cutting status and removal power, and then determine the roughing process.5, set the depth bound, processing a simple plane, check the appearance of promoting early reading can meet the demand, and concluded that finishing engagement.

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