Horticultural And Agricultural Golden/ Silvery Expanded Vermiculite Price

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Product Description:

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:25kg/bag,40bags/big bag; other packing is allowed as required. Pure PP bags or PP bag inner with PE or as per customer's demands
Delivery Detail:Within 15 days after received deposit


1.agriculture vermiculite,expanded vermiculite 
2.Expansion ratios:5.5-11times 
4.size:all kinds


Product Description


0.5-2mm,1-3mm,2-5mm,3-6mm,4-8mm,8-12mm expanded vermiculite

Heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant, well-ventilation, water preservation, poisonless, odorless, low hardness, burning-avoidness , lighter. non-asbestos etc.

Packaging & Shipping


Packaging Detail: 25kg/bag,40bags/big bag; other packing is allowed as required

                             Pure PP bags or PP bag inner with PE or as per customer’s demands


Delivery Detail:Within 15 days after received deposit

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Q:Why won't my tarantula accept the substrate?
truthfully, this will not be too stable of an thought. element is, there are purely specific flowers that beardies can consume-- and additionally there is the difficulty to getting the beardie to realize he can consume this plant. c:
Q:Storing Dahlias?
I'm not sure why you are using anything in the bottom of your chimnea. i am guessing maybe it's something to do with it being terra cotta. If so, vermiculite is volcanic ash and will be ok for fire. If terra cotta, keep water from getting inside in the freezing temps, it will crack.
Q:Raising and breeding crickets?
Moons orbiting relatively close to the planet on prograde orbits (regular satellites) are believed to have been formed out of the same collapsing region of protoplanetary disk that gave rise to its primary. Most irregular satellites (orbiting on distant, inclined, eccentric often retrograde orbits) are thought to be captured asteroids possibly further fragmented by collisions. Many special scenarios exist, including origin in a break-up of the planet. For example, in the case of our Earth's Moon, a portion of the planet itself might have been blasted into orbit by a large impact.
Q:Strange white balls in soil?
Garden centre in England or phone your local council (mine is Oxford City Council),ask for contact number of your local Allotment site.We sell it when the shop is open.
Q:can i use ironite instead of vermiculite or perlite to incubate my leopard gecko eggs?
yes, the little white thing are fertilizers
Q:I have a few questions..?
Walmart okorder.com
Q:how do i care for an indoor bamboo plant?
i ought to in fact use a tupperware field filled approximately 2/3 packed with perlite or vermiculite. ascertain the perlite or vermiculite is in fact damp and not moist as quickly as you place the eggs in. btw ur humidity is plenty too severe. and ascertain as quickly as you purchase ur vermiculite or perlite you dont purchase the miracle gro style. the form has fertilizer in it and ought to help mold advance on your field (enormously if the humidity is ninety% O.o) you additionally can in fact keep the incubator in a warmth spot with a thermometer indoors it to learn the temperature. in case you like a woman, keep it around eighty-eighty 2 levels F. in case you like a mixed intercourse keep it around eighty 5 F. in case you like a male keep it around 88 F. I wouldnt recomend paying for a hovabator different than your leos are laying eggs like loopy. in my opinion, i think of of paying for an incuator is a waste of money. i'm hoping this enables :D
Q:Are my bearded dragon eggs healthy?
Well since you probably don't have an incubator which are like a thousand dollars, then I'd suggest you put them in some vermiculate, and put a heat lamp on them that makes their temps 85 degrees. The vermiculite will keep the eggs moist that way you won't have to put them in a box along with the heat lamp and a water bowl that you would need to replace every day or even more than that. So the easiest way would be to just put them in some vermiculite and heat them to 85 degrees. Put them in the container with vermiculite the same way you found them, don't turn them or anything, because that could crush them. And don't drown them under the vermiculite either, just bury them half way remember not to touch them too much or harshly.
Q:Are these leo gecko eggs okay?
all are poor heat conductors but polystyrene conducts heat the best
Q:Chinese rose with 6 days after the germination of vermiculite cuttings, is false living?
In order to avoid the emergence of "false living" phenomenon of rose cutting, first of all, when choosing cuttings, we can not choose the branches that have sprouted buds as cuttings. Especially in the growing season with softwood cutting, we should also pay attention to select the branches of high maturity, full axillary buds and no budding branches do cuttings. If it is urgent to use the branches that have already sprouted buds as cuttings, and when the length is more than enough, we can cut off a part that has been germinating. If the short branch, may have been used to establish 1/3 germination of axillary buds will sprout or completely removed, to inhibit their growth, make the bottom axillary bud sprout. In this way, it can make it possible for the root to sprout and sprout.

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