UHP Graphite Electrode Elastic Modulus of Granite

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Product Description:

1.Specifications of UHP Electrode Graphite:

Each electrode and nipple to preset at one end. The head of the preset nipple shall be covered by cardboard cap supported by wooden plate from both ends to avoid damage to the threads during transportation. The socket at the other end of the electrode shall be covered by cardboard cap. Electrodes should be bound securely by steel straps and put into palletized wooden crate, fully covering the material and suitable for forklift handling.

UHP Graphite Electrode Elastic Modulus of Granite

UHP Graphite Electrode Elastic Modulus of Granite

 2. Graphite Electrode for EDM Processing  



2).Diameter:200 to 700mm at your choice.

3).Length: 1600 to 2400mm at your choice.

4).Nipple:3-4 TPI

5).Fine mechanical strength and machining quality,low specific resistance, high temperature and oxidation resistance

6).Low price and timely delivery.


3. Applications of UHP Electrode Graphite: 

Used in EAF and LF for steel making, as well as in electric smelting furnace for producing industrial silicon, phosphorus, etc.


4. Properties of UHP Electrode Graphite: 

1.Good electrical conductivity
2.High resistance to thermal shock 
3.High mechanical strength


Grades:RP, RPI, HP, SHP, UHP


All graphite electrodes are offered with tapered nipples, i.e. 3 or 4 threads per inch, and meet the internationally accepted tolerances as per NEMA CG 1/ IEC 60239 / JIS R7201 standards.

5. Technical Data of Electrode Graphite:

UHP Graphite Electrode Elastic Modulus of Granite

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