High Zirconia AR fiberglass mesh

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ARN5*5-100LH 160g/M2 ZrO2 16.5%
Meet EN15422:2008 GRC request for zircon
Export to Japan many year with very good quality.

AR GLASSFIBER MESH (Top level quality)

ARNP5*5-100L 160g/M2   ZrO2 ≥16.5%

Mesh Hole: 5mm*5mm or 10mm*10mm

Width: 100cm

Weight per sqm: 160g/M2

Initial Tensile breaking strength:

Warp direction:≥1200N / 5cm

Weft  direction: ≥1200N /5cm

AR strength retention rate: Over 85% (Soaked in 5% NaOH alkaline solution for 28 days and test the strength)

Colours: white, green or meet your taste.

Roll length: 50M/roll

Packing: 50M/roll/shrink film,36rolls/pallets,20pallets/1*20FCL .

Remarks: 1. Export to Japan for many years for outside wall reinforcement.

               2. Can be used to produce GRC cement board by hand-making methods.

               3. Zirconia rate reach to International standard EN15422: 2008

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Below are some reasons why cement industries are important. Cement industries produce Portland cement which is a prime ingredient of concrete for buildings, bridges, canals and roads. For example, The Atlas Portland Cement Company in Hannibal, MO produced much of the cement needed for The Panama Canal and the Empire State Building. Cement is also a key ingredient in stucco, grout and mortar. At the turn of the century, some cement companies also attracted a lot of immigrant workers especially from Europe which in some cases produced new towns or added people to existing towns and helped boost the economy. Modern cement companies rely more on machinery and technology than large labor forces. Cement companies also create quarries which can serve as wildlife habitat when the company is finished with the site. Some cement companies also burn hazardous waste for fuel (which is a good thing as it keeps the hazardous waste from being dumped or buried).
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Q:What drill should I use for cement?
masonry bits are the correct bit. Buying a good carbide bit will work better than the cheap ones and last longer. Use a slower speed on the drill. You don't want the drill bit getting too hot, that will ruin the bit. Problem with drilling into cement is that it is full of gravel and the masonry bits don't go through gravel all that well. That's why they made hammer drills. Buy, borrow or rent a hammer drill, use a masonry bit designed for hammer drills and use a slow speed. If you are going for a large hole, it can help to start with a smaller bit and work up to the hole size you ultimately need.
Q:Surface Bonding Cement mix?
I'm not sure what you mean by a Surface Bonding Cement? What is it's purpose and how would you apply it? If it's a dry stacked wall why do you need cement?
Q:Can Bees go through Cement?
No bee's can not go through cement. Actually I don't think they can go through wood unless there is a space or hole where they can enter.
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Polystyrene Plastic cement is an adhesive used for joining polystyrene parts. The cement contains a solvent that melts the surface of the plastic, allowing the two parts to fuse together. As the solvent evaporates the strength returns to the material, the components having been 'welded' together. As with the asbestos stuff, I don't think the new batches of gun pestic cement has any. The last I know of were supplies that were manifactured before 1991 by subsidiaries of a certain company. These ones contained asbestos. I don't think they do anymore. It has been rectifed. Plastic cement is available as both gel (tube or gun form) and liquid (bottle with applicator).
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