High Quality Black Annealed Wire

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China (Mainland)
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Surface Treatment:
Black,oiled or unoiled
round wire
Binding Wire
Wire Gauge:
low carbon steel wire/Q195 Q235
Construction and Building
Soft, neat, clean
Alloy Or Not:
shining black
Steel Grade:
carbon steel

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:1.Black annealed wire commonly wrapped with PE film inside, outside PVC woven bag or Hessian cloth 2.can be put on wooden pallet. 3.as per customers' specific requirements
Delivery Detail:within 15 days after receiving the advanced payment


Black wire/Black iron wire/Black annealed wire
Low carbon steel
As the black iron wire has the super hardness

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Q:outdoor underground wiring for a flagpole spotlight?
I would use simple 12-18 Volt (low voltage) garden path lighting with a focused beam spotlight. You won't need to protect the wiring if you do that. If you use 110-120 Volt wiring, you're going to need to bury conduit to protect the wiring. The low voltage stuff is alot easier.
Q:how many amps will 2 10 gauge wires handle?
10 wire is rated for a maximum of 30 amps. This size wire can not be run in parallel to carry more current. I suggest that you have a local qualified professional electrician do the work since you seem unsure about what you are asking.
Q:What do i do with this wire?
you connect the blue wire to either your power antenna turnon wire or a separate amp turnon lead. Newer decks might have a separate lead for the amp turnon. Your main power wires goes directly to your battery the blue turnon wire actually turns the amp on when you turn on the radio.
Q:chevy cavalier 2000 wiring harness?
For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl.im/awmrK It might help if you told us what brand the harness is. Also the writing might not be great, but really you'd have to be pretty dim to not understand it, stay in school, you need it. Translation I purchased a wiring harness to install an aftermarket receiver in my 2000 Chevy Cavalier, alas kind sir I have lost the insert that came with the harness and as such I am at a loss as to how to wire my receiver to the harness.
Q:Two parallel wires repelling each other?
Parallel Wires
Q:can I wire a 4 wire device to a 3 wire circuit?
sounds like you have one wire short in the box. you need to power the timer. which means you have to use your ground wire for the neutral wire. and this means you have no proper ground. so wire it like this old black to black old white to red old green to new white and to box new green to box. to do it properly you need a 4 wire cable coming into the box and going to the power source or to where there is a proper neutral wire. the thing is the timer wants full power going to it complete with a ground circuit. the switch before it was just that a switch which interrupted the power on one side of the fan so all it needed was 2 wires and the ground to be properly wired
Q:120/240 30 amp.wiring for generator to home?
You okorder.com/... made for your panel, it requires a little more electrical experience to install, and the parts are specific to each installation. It costs just a little more, but gives you the option of feeding any circuit in your panel that your generator can handle. The cord you need would be #10 awg, the 120 and 240 designation indicates you will need a neutral, two hots and a ground, so it would be a 4 wire cord.
Q:home wiring problems?
There should not be a independent conductor on the change; or, are you checking this for the circuit on the panelboard? Or, do you propose you're analyzing 40 5 Volts between the ungrounded (warm) conductor and the change-leg? you ought to no longer get any modern analyzing from the change-leg whilst the change is opened. If there is modern modern, the change is undesirable. in case you have become a analyzing between the independent (the grounded conductor) and floor on the easy container, that must be the consequence of a multi-twine community, the place the independent is shared between 2 opposite circuits. The independent will carry any unbalanced load between the two circuits. because of fact of this you ought to by no potential assume the independent no longer wearing any modern circulate. attempt changing the change. purchase one that doesn't grant any lower back-stab connections, as they are additionally the source of many issues. If the priority extends previous that, my suggestion, as continuously, is to call a qualified, authorized electrician.
Q:Where can i get recycled telephone wire?
OKorder okorder.com/
Q:What is the wire harness called.....?
Its called a wire harness. I beleive it is the main dash wire harness, but you wont get anywhere with that if you are trying to get one from a parts house or dealer, You just have to hit and miss at the salvage yard or digging around yourself and get lucky. But if you can trace the wires to a block connector or firewall connector you will be in luck and just tell them the location of the block where the harness is connected and you should be there, just remember all your options in you truck will have to match the options in the donor truck or the harness wont work for you

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