High Performance WC6 Pressure Safety Valve

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A pressure relief valve (PRV) is a safety device that relieves overpressure in a vessel or system. When the pressure of vessel or system increased beyond the specified design pressure or maximum allowable working pressure, PRV will be opened automaticly to relief the overpressure for proteding the vessel or system. The PRV will be closed if the pressure reached specified design pressure so that to ensure the normal operation and protect the vessel or system.

Our Pressure Relief Valve has been designed and manuractured according to following Standard:

♦ ISO 4123-1 Safety Devices for Portection Against Excessve Pressure
♦ API STD 526 Flanged Steel Pressure Relief Valves
♦ API STD 527 Seat Tightness of Pressure Relief Valves

♦ ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Section VIII Division 1, Rules for Construction of Pressure Vessels

♦ Type: Conventional, Bellows

♦ Size:1" D 2"- 8" T 10"
♦ Class:150lb~2500lb
♦ Temperature:-268~+538°C

♦ Fluid: Gas, Steam, and Liquid
♦ Material: Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Alloy steel
♦ The allowable tolerance of the set pressure: ≤±3%
♦ Overpressure: ≤10%(gas)/≤20%(liquid)
♦ Blowdown: ≤10%(gas)/≤20%(liquid)

♦ Tightness: conforms to API STD 527


♦The solid nozzle is screwed into the body, which makes the maintenance easy.
♦ The shape of the disc holder has been designed to enhance the effect of the fluid thrust for an instant lift of the disc.
♦ Blowdown control is provided with adjustable nuzzle ring only.
♦ The adequate terials and clearance between disc holder and guide , spindle and adjusting screw assures disc to lift successfully.

♦ The surface of both the disc and the nozzle seat are deposited with Stellite. Excellent flatness and surface finish of the seating surfaces by precision machining and lapping assure pressure relief valve to have high degree of seat tightness and long using life.

♦ The bellows of balanced bellows pressure relief valves can not only avoid and effect of variable back pressure in the system , but also protect spring and other trim components from corrosive media.

♦ Materials are chosen carefully , and the manufacture of the spring and the bellows has strict technological process. Each of them is tested and checked strictly.

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Q:What causes oil spot saturation on valve covers?
Sounds like bad valve cover gaskets. Not too big of a job.
Q:inner tube valve (Specialized) too large for the hole in rim (Bontrager)?
Yes it is possible. It sounds like you have the type of rim that takes the smaller shafted tubes and not the standard style you can normally find in departments stores. You need to take your bike to a cycle shop and have them look at the hole and see what sort of tube you need.
Q:Honda civic VX.. how many valves?
it has 16 valves but less horse power than a regular Civic. This was designed to be a fuel economical model - a 'hybrid' equivilent in the early 90's
Q:Motorcycle Valve Seals - 4 stroke (what is the function of valve seals??)?
Valve seals are placed over the intake valve guides so oil will not be drawn into the combustion chamber on intake stroke.
Q:how to adjust a 2001 kawasaki zx9 ninja valve?
This is not a job for a back yard mechanic.Your valves have overbucket shims and require special tool and more important a selection of shims in .002 increments.Best to let a shop do this.You can save yourself about 1hr labour if you remove the fairing yourself before you take it in for adjustment. By the way the shims cost about $8.00 each but most shops have an exchange price.
Q:Anti-Siphon Valve leaks = Where??
I work in a printing plant,and our city mandates anti-siphon valves on all our commercial equipment,so I have a little knowledge about these.We used to call these pesky creatures Vacumn Breakers,but now they are called anti-siphon valves,but what's in a name-they both are supposed to accomplish the same thing.Should your water pressure drop,due to a broken main or largefire,these devices are supposed to prevent contaminated water,like the contents of the Agfa Encomatic plate processor rinse tank,or your irrigation pipes,from being pulled back into your plumbing ,and then out your faucets when pressure is restored ,which could make everybody sicker than pooches. The way these work on industrial models is a little more complicated,but the principle is the same,for water to flow through the system,a certain pressure must be maintained.Our older models had a spring and diaphram arragement,the water pressure pushed the diaphram against a seal seat,with a spring behind it.As long as the pressure in the valve was greater than the spring,water would flow through the vave,but when the pressure ceased,the spring closed the diaphram,which in turn opened a vent that allowed the water to drain hence,vacumn breaker.These had to be at a point above the turn-offs,by the way,and when they malfunctioned,due to debris or rusted springs,they could either fail,and stay open,or fail,and water wouldcome gushing out the cap. The conditions you desribe sounds like a low pressure situation,where there is not enough pressure to flow through the anti-siphon.Is your supply line kinked or crushed?
Q:What would happen if a PCV valve disconnects while driving?
If the PCV valve becomes disconnected it allows a direct intake manifold vacume leak. This will cause the engine to stumble and run bad and even die during idle. It is easy to lacate and fix. Look for a medium sized hose running from your throttle body on top of the intake going down to the top of one side of the valve cover/s. You should see the PCV valve. Just ensure that it is connected. To tell if one is working properly you need to clean it up and blow through it. It will allow you to blow one way and not the other.
Q:what cause valve seats to creck or breck in a chevy and how much will a valve job cost?
just age mostly and any Machine shop is where to take it an d talk with them
Q:How do you get rid of a Valve lag sound in Euphonium?
Clean your valves properly. Use dish soap and a light plastic scrubbing pad and clean the inside the cylinder and the valve. If that doesn't work, try again using rubbing alcohol to clean the valve. Make sure that the valve guide and the little channel it fits in are clean. (use a toothpick to clean that place) You might also consider getting new springs. More air will not speed up the valves but it will help you maintain a constant sound.
Q:Leaky main water shut off valve?
Main Water Valve Leaking

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