high density fiberglass insulation batt vermiculite heat insulation board glass wool price

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200000 m²/month

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Vermiculite coated glass fabrics are tough, durable and resist metal splash and welding spatter.

  • Description:

  • Vermiculite coated glass fabrics are tough, durable and resist metal splash and welding spatter. Vermiculite coated glass fabrics are capable of withstanding temperatures of 1000C for short periods and make an ideal material for fire barriers and welding curtains.


  • Application:

  • Typical Application: Welding spark protection blankets/Curtains, Plumbers Pads, Fire Protection, Insulation mattress/jacket cover material, High temperature fabric seals


  • Basic fabric: E-glass texturized glass fabric

  • 1. Thickness:1.1mm

  • 2. Weight:1000g/m2

  • 3. Width:100cm


  • Coating: Vermuculite

  • Coating weight:100g/m2

  • Working Temperature :750 degrees centigrade.


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Q:what if i dont have vermiculite?
Risk is generally low. Vermiculite itself is not toxic, but can be contaminated with asbestos. Apparently, when and where the vermiculite comes from determines the risk. Please make sure you don't smoke. There is really little you can do at this point other than not smoking. If you have any symptoms a chest xray would be a good first step. Blessings
Q:Should I get vermiculite insulation removed?
Rock wool.
Q:chemistry question. endothermic or exothermic?
You can use perlite. Just make sure it's the kind with nothing added to it.
Q:What is Permiculite? (vermiculite?)?
The okorder.com
Q:How well would vermiculite work as a mulch?
Succulent soil would be the easiest to use. But if you want to use your Miracle Grow buy a small bag of perlite and mix it in about 50/50 with the Miracle Grow. Perlite is a light-weight rock and will give the Miracle Grow a texture more to the liking of succulents. Vermiculite holds water, so don't use that.
Q:You can use pure vermiculite for meat
The economic benefits can be added to crush a honeycomb briquet can buy in, in granular soil fleshy special, such as akadama soil, deer marsh soil, volcano stone and so on.
Q:is vermiculite safe for beardies to lay eggs in?
yes, its a good idea to reuse the soil.
Q:What soil would have the lowest thermal conductivity?
Crocodile Gecko
Q:is cork, cellulose or vermiculite?
you could but i heard that reptivite special sand is the best because it has calcium in it if ur beardie digests it and it doesnt clump together so ur beardie will be safe if it accidentilly eats it. if u dont trust sand u can use tile flooring< newspaper (i hate newspaper), papertowel (looks dirty and gets very dirty)< or artificial turf. ive heard a lot of mixed thought for the artificial turf though. i use the sand for some of my reptiles and nothing has ever happened to them
Q:How to use vermiculite or perlite with existing lawn?
havent heard of that before, what is it?

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