Heavy Rubber Insulated Cable Heavy Rubber Insulated Cable

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The cable is used for kinds of electrical devices, in the power system of A.C. voltage 450/750V or below. Such as the movable power cable for appliances, electrical machine, electrician devices indoor or outdoor. Silicon rubber cable can be used for the connection of motors, metallurgy, electrical, oil-field, chemical appliance devices in high temperature. It can be used in the heating process of pungent smell liquid.



Name:Heavy Rubber Insulated Cable.

Type: YC, YCW


1 Cores:1.5~400mm2

2 Cores:1.0~95 mm2

3,4,5 Cores:1.0~150 mm2

3+1 Cores:main cores 2.5~150mm2;earth core 1.5~50 mm2

3+2 Cores:main cores 2.5~150mm2;earth core 1.5~50mm2

Executive Standard: 

GB/T 5013-2008, JB/T 8735-2011

The max.temperature of conductor is 60℃under normal use.

“W” type cable hasprotection of climate and oil, and can be used outdoor or oil environment.



  YC(W)-450/750V: 1.Conductor 2. Insulation Wrapping Tape 3. Filler 4.Wrapping Tape 5.Outer Sheath

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i could verify the alternator score. many situations whilst aftermarket amplifiers are further it reasons a extensive burden on the charging equipment. The inventory alternator is in many situations sized in basic terms sufficiently vast to furnish present day for usual upload-ons. The rated present day of the alternator is in many situations stamped someplace on the physique of the alternator. is that this spectacular: height = 1800w + 1200w = 4000w? if so, then applying potential = Volts x present day, or P = VI the mandatory further output present day is i = P/V = 4000w/12V = 333 Amps That looks slightly extreme however! check out the amplifier and notice what the peak present day score is (if presented), then upload that to the score of your inventory alternator to be certain the mandatory score for a clean alternator. sturdy success!
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5mm, that is 100: 76 followed by the proportion of push The height of the isosceles triangle at the time of the bend of the 200 high bridge is also suitable for the adjustment of the 90 ° bend; the use of the tool is cut off and the bending of the bridge is 90 ° Bridge elbow As for the length of the bridge to limit the restructuring of the elbow, as long as the use of junior high school learned by the simple mathematical knowledge of the calculation, any length distance can be controlled The use of mathematical methods simple calculation, a variety of angles, the length of the elbow can be made zuo
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you can but its always best to run them apart for the least possible interference.
Q:Power cable to my stereo in my 2005 Dodge Neon broken?
the cables are not a life and run away from the dash , that never happends, and if the cable is there its not broken the power comes from the ignition switch not the battery , so you have a bad fuse or bad ignition switch most likely it is only a fuse, did you know there are 2 boxes ? check both
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Because the AC operation will produce eddy current, will make the steel pipe and cable heat burned. Single core refers to only one conductor in an insulating layer. When the voltage exceeds 35kV, most of the single-core cable, its core and metal shield layer relationship can be seen as a transformer primary winding coil and the relationship between the core. When the single-core cable core through the current when there will be magnetic lines linked to aluminum or metal shielding layer, so that both ends of the induced voltage. Power safety regulations: 35kV and below the voltage level of the cable are used at both ends of the grounding method, which is because most of these cables are three-core cable, in normal operation, the current flow through the three core sum of zero, in the aluminum There is no flux chain outside the package or metal shield, so that there is essentially no induced voltage at both ends of the aluminum or metal shield, so there is no induced current flowing through the aluminum or metal shield after grounding at both ends. But when the voltage exceeds 35kV, most of the single-core cable, its core and metal shield layer relationship can be seen as a transformer primary winding coil and the relationship between the core. When the single-core cable core through the current when there will be magnetic lines linked to aluminum or metal shielding layer, so that both ends of the induced voltage.
Q:2000 hyundai elantra only starts after moving power cables?
Sounds to me that you have a BAD BATTERY here. Is it the ORIGINAL factory one, or some after market one?? When the cells inside a battery short out internally, sometimes if you jiggle the cable, it will make a false, temporary connection inside. Remove your battery, and have it bench tested. Get another factory battery, or an OPTIMA battery or a DEKA battery. THese all tested higher than usual. A good EUROPEAN battery is another good choice, if you can find one in that exact size. GOOD LUCK!! CLean your IAC valve and throttle body. THis will insure the wuickest ,easiest starts. GOOD LUCK!!
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Listen Dud, Sprinkles is right. You didn't break the regulator. I have replaced enough of those thing to fill a dumpster. They have plastic parts in them that just wear out. However they are expensive BUT I do not recommend you changing it by you're self. The new one can fly apart on you if you don't handle it just right. And it's A BEAR to get back together!
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Nope nothing new, there are like 5 types of RROD which is why they ask you to check the ligt on the power cable. if its green then its the consle but if its red then its the power cord. it might have been Red or you might have had the 1 time only problem which i had
Q:My Xbox 360 AV cable power supply light is red.?
switch power supply and see if that works if not somethings wrong with your system and halo does suck thats only game that xbox has that is good and thats pretty sorry

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