Heat Exchanger in Chemical Industry/ El Intercambiador de Calor en La Industria Química

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In industrial production, in order to meet the demands of industrial process, often need to undertake a variety of different ways of heat transformation, such as: heating, cooling, evaporation and condensation, heat exchanger is used to realize the heat exchange and transmission equipment.Through a variety of equipment, while the heat from high temperature fluid is passed to the low temperature of fluid, to meet the needs of the production process.Heat exchanger is widely used in plastic heat exchanger is a kind of strong corrosion resistance, fluorine plastic heat exchanger made first in 1965 by the United States Dupont company success and implements the commercialized.Our country also invested a lot of money and manpower committed to the development of fluorine plastic heat exchanger, zhengzhou university of technology in 1985 successfully developed "teflon (hereinafter referred to as a 4) F tube plate limit expansion pressure heating welding process, solves the fluorine plastic tube to tubesheet connection of key technology.Subsequently, domestically produced various types of fluorine plastic heat exchanger are put into actual production application and achieved good effect.Currently, fluorine plastic heat exchanger by manufacturers from a single on-demand production and development to the enterprise standard control of the modular design of series production.The traditional heat exchanger compared with fluorine plastic heat exchanger has many differences.Such as common metal heat exchanger with easy to corrosion and heat transfer coefficients by defects such as dirt layer thickness varies: made of nonmetal materials such as heat exchanger is fragile, bulky, and low efficiency of defects;With you, the heat exchanger of rare metal materials because of its expensive to popularization and application.While fluorine plastic heat exchanger can make up for the defects in large extent.Ceng heater, a heat exchange device, can also be called heat exchanger (heat exchanger), the "heater" gas not electricity, connection on the heating pipe, heating temperatures of hot water and tap water in heat exchange equipment inside, can be continuous use of hot water.


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this question really attract me, i am also electrical engineer but graduated 12 years a go and built good experience in electrification of buildings and infrastructure, but still i love music and i still dreaming to work and may be to study the sound engineering I think answering your question is not hard these engineers are into(music and sound) they are designing testing and operating electronic equipments used to record,produce and mix sounds , you can find them in music industry,concerts,film making, radio stationsetc you can get more info from the net(check this one as example bls.gov/oco/ocos109.htm ) , if you really interested give it a try, especially for you as you are still in university, I do not know if it is easy for them to find a job and how much they are getting(if you have some info,please let me know), also not sure whether they are considered as engineers or technician ,do not know if this profession is regulated like the profession of electrical engineer wish you all the best, keep in touch
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You need to talk your employer into subcontracting the electrical design work out to someone capable of dealing with it, or get an electrical equipment rep to help you with your problem.

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