Graphite packing

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Graphite packing

  • NameGraphite packing


  • Published2014-05-07 09:33:33

Detailed description

Graphite packing

Seiko graphite as the main material compiled. With good self-lubricating and thermal conductivity, low coefficient of friction, versatility, flexibility, high strength, has a protective effect on the shaft and so on. Depending on the requirements, can be carbon fiber, copper, 304,316 L, Inconel alloy wire and other materials strengthened. Mainly used for high temperature and pressure conditions.

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Q:What's the difference between the washer and the gasket?
The washer is divided into: -C, flat washer washer -A and grade C, grade -C large washers, washer, flat washer, flat washer, chamfered - - a grade steel structure with high strength washer, spherical washer, taper washers, square taper washers, steel I-beam, square taper washers standard type spring washers, spring washers, light heavy spring washers, lock washers internal teeth serrated lock washers, inner and outer teeth lock washers, serrated lock washers, single ear washers, ears washers, external tab washers, round nuts with washers.
Q:What's the difference between a sealing washer and an elastic washer?
As far as the distinction is concerned, from the model point of view, the O ring has a fixed model name. For example, 3.1*50., and gaskets have fixed models, such as oil seals, 45*60*7.
Q:Where can I get the golf 7 taillight GASKET?
The 4S shop or decorating shop. There's something wrong with the car. Ask the car master. 4S shop professional technicians, 10 minutes to solve. ]
Q:What does the UN in the seal ring stand for?
It is the most widely used in hydraulic and pneumatic transmission systems. Usually in Taiwan enterprises and Japanese enterprises, it is called O Ring.
Q:Cleaning the injector without replacing the gasket. Now the car is not ready to strike. What's the reason?!
Stop the car for half an hour to an hour later, you can't hit it. Hit it 2-3 times. If you push the pedal to the end, you can do it at once. This is the oil leakage of the injector.
Q:Gasket, packing belongs to the scope of mechanical seals?
Gaskets are also required for gaskets! Mechanical seal, dynamic seal ring, static sealing ring. Spring is in the center. Dog bite card sealed quality does not relax!
Q:The difference between asbestos free gaskets and non asbestos gaskets
No asbestos gasket according to the formula, process performance and use, can be divided into non asbestos rubber gasket and non asbestos gasket, they are based on aramid fibers and plant fibers, Dengqen rubber and minerals after rolling or copying technology made of asbestos free gasket series.
Q:Should the rubber washer be placed above or below the gasket?
The rubber pad is placed between the iron gasket and the machine to seal, shock absorption and prevent the screw from breaking the rubber pad.
Q:How can the seal on the spark plug be removed?
Can not be removed, the new pad is round, installed in the first pad will be compressed, stuck, that can be used to cut the wire partial mouth pliers,
Q:Gasket standard
1, GB4622.2-93 spiral wound gasket pipe flange size series 2, GB9126.1-88 plane type steel pipe flanges with asbestos rubber sheet, 3 GB9126.2-88 convex type steel pipe flanges with asbestos rubber sheet, 4 GB9126.3-88 bump with asbestos rubber sheet surface of steel pipe flanges and look at the details of reference seal mechanical seal technology network network

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