Graphite packing

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Graphite packing

  • NameGraphite packing


  • Published2014-05-07 09:33:33

Detailed description

Graphite packing

Seiko graphite as the main material compiled. With good self-lubricating and thermal conductivity, low coefficient of friction, versatility, flexibility, high strength, has a protective effect on the shaft and so on. Depending on the requirements, can be carbon fiber, copper, 304,316 L, Inconel alloy wire and other materials strengthened. Mainly used for high temperature and pressure conditions.

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Q:What's the use of Gore's PTFE bulk gaskets and seals?
Expanded PTFE gaskets are truly advanced and unique materials. The utility model has the advantages of creep resistance, cold resistance, ultra-low temperature resistance, pollution free, easy installation and disassembly and replacement. Under very small preload, even under pressure change, it can withstand considerable internal pressure. It is very suitable for rough or abrasion, uneven and fragile glass surface flange, alternating temperature sealing.PTFE gasket technical parameters:PTFE gasket pressure is less than 10MPaPTFE gasket temperature are less than 250PTFE gasket density 2.1-2.3g/cm3PTFE gasket pH value 0-14Filling PTFE gasket pressure 16MPaFilled PTFE gasket pressure is less than or equal to 260 DEG CThe bulk polytetrafluoroethylene temperature is -268 DEG C and ~315 DEG CExpanded polytetrafluoroethylene pressure 21MPa
Q:Does the diesel engine manufacturer seal the gasket in the gasket?
Rubber gasket usually add butter, paper gasket is generally not encrypted sealing glue, mainly to see the required sealing parts! High and low temperature working environment!
Q:How do you install the rice cooker washer?
Oh, are you talking about a sealing ring? Yes, it's hot and soft, and it's loaded. If not, you have to remove the lid! Slowly! ~!
Q:How to choose the gasket when installing the pressure gauge?
When the tested medium is lower than 80 DEG C and 2MPa, leather or rubber gasket can be used. Under the condition of less than 450 degrees C and 5MPa, asbestos or lead gasket can be used. When the temperature and pressure are higher, the annealed copper or aluminum gasket can be used.
Q:Why don't gaskets use metal gaskets in general?
Gasket is a kind of machinery, equipment, pipes, as long as there is a fluid, that is, the use of sealed spare parts, the use of internal and external parts, sealing material.
Q:Good quality seals, which have, specializing in the production of rubber gaskets?
Hebei Qinghe Tianyu plastic products factory is a professional, they do the rubber seal (seal), manufacturers of large scale, long life, and has many large car manufacturers for many years, they have shown some online pad, other styles can be customized, contact with manufacturers and the Internet are very detailed.
Q:How about the valve gasket?
(4) when the thread sealed with teflon film with raw materials, the raw materials with the beginning at stretching and thinning, pasted on the thread surface, and then start with to get rid of excess raw material, to make the film close to the thread forms a wedge as the thread gap, generally one to two ring winding, the winding direction should be with the screw, the terminal will start at the coincidence, gradually breaking with raw material, make into wedge, so as to ensure the winding thickness, the screw thread ends before the film pressing, so that together with raw materials with thread is screwed in the screw, screw, hard to slow even appropriate, don't tighten loose, avoid the roundabout, otherwise easy to leak.
Q:Can the metal gasket face seal reach 100MPa?
The gasket standard is mainly the following: first, the standard GB/T 4622.1 - 2003 gasket spiral wound gasket classification GB/T 4622.2 - 2003 spiral wound gaskets for pipe flanges size GB/T 4622.3 - 1993 GB/T 9126 specifications of spiral wound gaskets for pipe flanges - 2003 non metallic flat gaskets size GB /T 9128 - 2003 steel pipe flanges with metal.
Q:What's the difference between the washer and the gasket?
The sealing ring is special to seal, and the sealing effect is better.Gaskets are also divided back cushion, flat pad, spring pad, etc., may not have a sealing effect.AskO-ring seals belong to? When the two pipes are joined together, a clamp and a sealing ring are required for the position of the joint To connect the two section of the pipe.Chasing the answerO-ring seal ring belongs to
Q:What is the material of the metal ring? And the copper pad is better than that one
A combination gasket is another form of combination pad.A rubber ring and a metal ring are integrally vulcanized to form a sealing ring for sealing threads and flanges.

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