Mechanical VITON Rubber Oil Sealing

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Tc qualityNBR oil seal

We're professional to produce various of Rubber products with different material and have exported for 20 years.

we can provide you the all kinds of oil seal with high quality and reasonable price.

Our target is "All Customers first, Quality First, and Credit First"

This is the detail of our oil seal:

1.seal material:


2.seal application:

trains,automobile,motocycles,trucks,buses,agricutural machinery and any equipments

3.seal certification:

GB/T19001-2000-ISO9001: 2000 standard

4.seal production control:

prouduced by priecise CNC machine

5.seal strong point:

we have our own mold center and engineer, can develop all kinds of high tech requireds.

Powerful mold quantity in stock.

Most popular type stytle including TC, TB, SC, SBC, TBG...

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Q:Why should the washer be fitted when the screws are installed?
Reduce pressure, increase friction, seal, shock absorption and fixation
Q:Gasket free sealant
I don't know what you want to ask. Gasket free sealant is usually a room temperature curable one component silicone sealant.
Q:What's the use of Gore's PTFE bulk gaskets and seals?
There is no substitute for gaskets on flanges
Q:When designing a rubber O plain washer, how do you consider the width and thickness of the section?
Design according to your assembly drawing! U rings and X rings can be selected
Q:What is the function of the washer between the end cap and the case?
1, the role is to cushion the amount of thermal deformation reserved.2 gasket refers to the pad between the connecting parts and nuts. A generally flat metal ring used to protect the surface of a connecting piece from the scratch of the nut and to distribute the pressure of the nut on the connecting piece.3, the gasket is divided into: -C, flat washer washer -A and grade C, grade -C large washers, washer, flat washer, flat washer, chamfered - - a grade steel structure with high strength washer, spherical washer, taper washers, square taper washers, steel I-beam with square taper standard type washer, spring washer, spring washer, light heavy spring washers, lock washers internal teeth serrated lock washers, inner and outer teeth lock washers, serrated lock washers, single ear washers, ears washers, external tab washers, round nuts with washers.
Q:Why does Richell Richell plastic cups have a washer?
This is Richell in order to prevent the Water Leakage Richell design. Plastic water bottle is most afraid of leaking
Q:Question: a position on the sealing position of copper gasket
Therefore, the general processing surface can be, of course, high roughness, you can reduce thread pressure. The installation of the tank is to ensure that the copper pad can be put in, and to ensure that thread pressure can act on the copper pad can be.
Q:What's the difference between a sealing washer and an elastic washer?
For example, belts are divided into A, B, C, D, O belts. In fact, it is used for sealing. Usually you go to the seller's shop and he can help you figure out what you need. Not as good as uncertainty, preferably with drawings or objects in the past to buy.
Q:Sealing structure design
The O ring is reliable because the elasticity of the O ring is better than that of the washer, and the elastic is missing after being pressed many times, and the frequency of replacement is high.
Q:Will the pipe flange be welded with graphite gaskets?
Not put, otherwise it will burn the graphite pad.Graphite gasket made of pure graphite or metal plate (tooth plate, plate, net) reinforced graphite plate cutting or stamping, has many excellent sealing performance, such as thermal stability, self lubrication, corrosion resistance, not aging, not fragile, the use of long-term stability in the harsh working conditions, rarely need maintenance. The lining materials are made of different metal sheets.

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