Seals O seal VITON rubber O Ring oil gasket oil seal seal gaket

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Product Description:


1) anti-chemical function well. 
2) widely used in various industries. 
3) stable dimension. 
4) strong tension.

Applied industry:

extensively used in all kinds of industry.such as chemical industry,petroleum

industry,medical technique,food industry,sewage-disposal industry,steel industry,semi-conduct

industry and so on.


Applied equipment:

mechanical sealing,pressure vessel,gas compressor,reaction vessel,heat

exchanger,boiler,filter and so on.


Main advantage:

First,excellent anti-chemical character.It almost applies to all mediums.

Second, temperature range is very wide.(Around -30°C to 200°C)

Third,anti- compressibility function is very good.

Four,long service life.



NBR,FFKM,VMQ,PTFE,PU and so on (according to your requirements )


Operation conditions:

Pressure:<=50mpa< span="">

Temperature:-30°C ~ 200°C

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Q:What's the meaning of "200HV" in the material column of washer / gasket?
Surface hardness of Vivtorinox, generally require no less than the number of commonly used non-ferrous metals, such as bronze, tin, bronze and so on
Q:Seal: gasket is a kind of machinery, equipment, pipes and other internal sealing material, which types are there?
The new organization dense, molecular structure of non-polar, used as a gasket, contact surface can be smooth, the metal flange is not sticky. In addition by molten alkali metal and containing fluorine gas erosion, which is resistant to many kinds of acid and alkali, salt, oil solution of corrosive media. PTFE gasket including pure PTFE, PTFE or PTFE expansion. The semi metallic gasket (also called metal gasket). Non metallic material has good flexibility, compression and bolt load ability is low. But it is mainly to determine the strength is not high, poor elasticity, not suitable for high pressure temperature. So the combination of metal materials with high strength and good elasticity. Withstand high temperature characteristics. The formation structure is semi metal gasket. The gasket. Semi metal gasket are mainly metallic gasket, metal winding gasket, corrugated metal gasket, with metal serrated gasket with the metal. Gasket (metal gasket). The gasket to nonmetal material core, thickness of sheet metal 0.25-0.5mm outsourcing. According to the state of coating can be divided into coating, coating, coating and half wave Double coated sheet metal. According to the elastic-plastic material, heat resistance and corrosion resistance were selected. Mainly copper, galvanized iron, stainless steel, titanium, Monel alloy. It is widely used in copper, galvanized iron, stainless steel.
Q:What's the difference between the sealing ring and the gasket?
As far as the distinction is concerned, from the model point of view, the O ring has a fixed model name. For example, 3.1*50., and gaskets have fixed models, such as oil seals, 45*60*7.
Q:Is there any difference between the inlet hose gasket and the gas?
There are still differences, water washers should consider health, excluding harmful substances; gas depends on what kind of gas gasket should be used oil resistant rubber.
Q:IFG-5500 what's the material in the gasket?
Temperature resistanceThe antioxidant fiber can withstand a continuous operating temperature of up to 550 degrees F (290 degrees C) with a maximum short peak temperature of 800 degrees F (425 degrees C)IFG 5500 has passed the Garlock refractory test and conforms to the ABS refractory type
Q:What is the standard for ASME GASKET?
There are many kinds of ASME fasteners, such as A320-B8, A194-8, A193-B8, A193-B8, Cl2 and so on. Do use, processing, distribution of the United States, bolts and nuts, bolts nuts, bolts and nuts American Standard, must have the standard screws. Can buy a set of the latest United States fasteners standard "IFI British standard fasteners manual" as a reference.
Q:What is the material of the metal ring? And the copper pad is better than that one
The ring includes a metal ring and a rubber gasket. Metal ring anti rust treatment, rubber ring generally use oil resistant nitrile rubber or fluorine rubber. Combination pad has metric and imperial two kinds of sizes, have standard JB982-77 set combination pad metal pad plus rubber form of combination. Combined sealing washer for threaded pipe joint and sealing plug, it is generally and bayonet ring couplings used together to block the oil inlet end is mainly used for hydraulic valve pipe joint screw joint static seal face for British and American Standard thread and the French and German standard metric thread connection of the static seal etc..
Q:BMW X5 engine gasket oil permeability to the engine to add what gasket is sealed
That shouldn't be the case for BMW. The reason is that the engine gasket aging to save money, buy a few barrels of good imported sealant, generally between 15-30, directly to the sealant gasket in the original position on a line, you can also get down, look like shape forming, with the original car mat. Note that buy bad glue, yes
Q:Gaskets / seals, where are those / manufacturers available?
Luohe days long seals Co., Ltd. produces all types of seals, the main products are:1 、 dustproof sealing ring: (single lip dustproof ring: FA and J super thin sealing ring, lips mouth dustproof ring: DHS, DKB, EU pneumatic dustproof ring)
Q:Will the pipe flange be welded with graphite gaskets?
Not put, otherwise it will burn the graphite pad.Graphite gasket made of pure graphite or metal plate (tooth plate, plate, net) reinforced graphite plate cutting or stamping, has many excellent sealing performance, such as thermal stability, self lubrication, corrosion resistance, not aging, not fragile, the use of long-term stability in the harsh working conditions, rarely need maintenance. The lining materials are made of different metal sheets.

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