Carbon fiber reinforced graphite packing

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Carbon fiber reinforced graphite packing

  • NameCarbon fiber reinforced graphite packing


  • Published2014-05-07 09:32:29

Detailed description

Carbon fiber reinforced graphite packing

Seiko graphite material compiled for the body. With good self-lubricating and thermal conductivity, low coefficient of friction, versatility, flexibility, high strength, has a protective effect on the shaft and so on. Depending on the requirements, can be carbon fiber, copper, 304,316 L, Inconel alloy wire and other materials strengthened. Mainly used for high temperature and pressure conditions.

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Q:Is double layer gasket better than equal thickness single layer GASKET? Twenty
Double layer and single layer gasket sealing problem can not generally say who is good, who is not good. This is closely related to the material of the gasket and the medium, pressure and temperature in the sealing chamber.For example, the pressure is atmospheric pressure, the medium is a liquid fluid, the problem is within 200 degrees celsius. Most of the material can accept this temperature, so at this time, generally two pieces of gasket sealing performance better.
Q:Treatment process of protective washer in sealed rubber ring
The cylinder ring sealing ring is divided into static and dynamic seals to bear the pressure. There will be O rings and U rings in the cylinder rings
Q:How much pressure can the aluminum gasket bear?
It is widely used in medicine, chemical and food industries, and is suitable for high pressure and demanding environment.
Q:Is the cylinder ring ring the same as the cylinder liner?
The cylinder liner seal and gasket normally is not the same, but there will be false words, sometimes on-site staff will put two different products into the same name, then it is for staff and users to understand the confirmation of seal ring.The cylinder ring sealing ring is divided into static and dynamic seals to bear the pressure. The sealing ring of the cylinder liner will have O ring, U ring, Y ring and other forms of sealing ring. And the gasket is a static seal. The main section is square, and there are other forms. If you don't understand, you can ask me again.
Q:How to choose the gasket when installing the pressure gauge?
When the tested medium is lower than 80 DEG C and 2MPa, leather or rubber gasket can be used. Under the condition of less than 450 degrees C and 5MPa, asbestos or lead gasket can be used. When the temperature and pressure are higher, the annealed copper or aluminum gasket can be used.
Q:500 degrees of high temperature pipeline flange connection, what sealing ring is more appropriate?
500 degrees of high temperature pipeline flange connection, generally use copper or flexible graphite metal gasket is more appropriate.If the pressure requirements are high, it is recommended to refer to the "steel pipe flange" HG/T20615-2009 standard, the flange sealing surface into a convex surface, concave / convex, tenon / groove surface, full plane or ring connection surface. The gasket can be made according to HG/T20627 ~ 20633 and HG/T20635.Can the nature of the project, many can choose the type of gasket, metal gasket, asbestos free and can choose the graphite graphite spiral wound, high temperature 520 degrees, non asbestos high temperature of 200 degrees, 260 degrees high temperature PTFE. But in China there is a civil also has asbestos board, the sealing effect can also.
Q:Cleaning the injector without replacing the gasket. Now the car is not ready to strike. What's the reason?!
Performance: in the morning, the first taxi to play two times, or more than two key doors, and once a taxi fire; this is the oil pump pressure relief.
Q:Why is copper gasket always leaking out of the sealing surface?
The sealing surface of two different material substances in contact is generally cast iron, cast iron due to the thermal expansion coefficient of copper with different period of time when the heating operation of the equipment, will not leak in a short time, but when the device stops again after operation will be oil leakage.
Q:Buick air conditioning pipe gasket, how do you leak?
Air conditioning refrigeration tubeChasing the answerChange the leakage of coolant, or not put the leather ring. Either the joint is corroded or the pipe is changed.
Q:What is the gasket BGS-3000?
PTFE suspension powder is indispensable

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