Aramid fibers woven PTFE packing

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Aramid fibers woven PTFE packing

  • NameAramid fibers woven PTFE packing


  • Published2014-05-07 09:21:11

Detailed description

Aramid fibers woven PTFE packing

With aramid fiber as the main material, repeatedly dipping lubricants, lotions and other precision PTFE compiled. There is preferably a high resilience, chemical resistance, low cold flow and high line speed, and the comparison with other types of packing, the crystallization medium and the particles can resist higher temperatures. Can be used alone or combined with other packing. Mainly used for multi-media particles,  easy to  wear  conditions .

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Q:Which is better, the gasket?
Such as graphite composite pad, asbestos free pad, PTFE pad, winding pad and so on, rubber can also be.
Q:What's the difference between a sealing washer and an elastic washer?
As far as the distinction is concerned, from the model point of view, the O ring has a fixed model name. For example, 3.1*50., and gaskets have fixed models, such as oil seals, 45*60*7.
Q:304 stainless steel gasket, how sealed?
so that the sealing performance is very good. You will use it in the petrochemical industry and the power industry.
Q:How do you get that washer in the lid of the beauty cooker?
Try to buy a beautiful electric cooker. Ask the waiter and let her show you
Q:What material flange gasket is better on the steam pipe?
Answer two: I think there is a problem of flange pressure rating is not high enough to design such as 150LB standard commonly used on soft flat gaskets, pressure rating of more than 300LB to recommend the use of metal winding pads I very strange, because the wound pad cheap?? Flange bolt torque low level is low and the corresponding metal winding pads need enough pressure to achieve the sealing effect, there is a low level of flange used to seal the torque, or not enough preload force is not up to the general effect of the former, or to recommend the use of inorganic fiber gasket, metal wound gasket......
Q:Mineral water bottle no gasket, no leakage,
Without the gasket, it is impossible to make sure the container is openDo you like milk Wei Chuan is a relatively fixed washerJust in case you open it before you sell it, not just leak proof water
Q:Cleaning the injector without replacing the gasket. Now the car is not ready to strike. What's the reason?!
Stop the car for half an hour to an hour later, you can't hit it. Hit it 2-3 times. If you push the pedal to the end, you can do it at once. This is the oil leakage of the injector.
Q:How do you install the rice cooker washer?
The aluminum plate can not be pried directly, and its edge is screwed. Please observe the edges of the plastic lid carefully and use a screwdriver or other sheet of metal to patiently open the top and bottom cover. After opening it, you can see the fixing method of the aluminum sheet. Twist off the screw, and then glue evenly placed along the aluminum pressing, spools, screws, and cover OK.
Q:What is the gasket BGS-3000?
PTFE suspension powder is indispensable
Q:What gasket does the 9.8MPa pressure vessel flange seal?
You do not know what is the form of flange flange is not installed if ah, then I suggest you install the octagon gasket, see if the installation is a concave convex surface or two convex concave convex surface, if the installation of 10Mpa band steel ring graphite spiral wound gasket, if the steel ring with inner and outer two convex installation 10Mpa the graphite spiral wound gasket

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