Carbon fiber reinforced graphite packing

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Carbon fiber reinforced graphite packing

  • NameCarbon fiber reinforced graphite packing


  • Published2014-05-07 09:26:18

Detailed description

Carbon fiber reinforced graphite packing

Seiko graphite as the main material compiled. With good self-lubricating and thermal conductivity, low coefficient of friction, versatility, flexibility, high strength, has a protective effect on the shaft and so on. Depending on the requirements, can be carbon fiber, copper, 304,316 L, Inconel alloy wire and other materials strengthened. Mainly used for high temperature and pressure conditions.

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Q:When designing a rubber O plain washer, how do you consider the width and thickness of the section?
You can refer to the following criteriaGB/T 3452.1-2005 hydraulic pneumatic O rubber seals - first dimensions: Dimensions and tolerancesGB/T 3452.2-2007 hydraulic pneumatic O rubber sealing ring second parts: appearance quality inspection specificationGB/T 3452.3-2005 hydraulic pneumatic O rubber seals - third dimensions: groove dimensions
Q:How much pressure can the aluminum gasket bear?
It is widely used in medicine, chemical and food industries, and is suitable for high pressure and demanding environment.
Q:BMW X5 engine gasket oil permeability to the engine to add what gasket is sealed
That shouldn't be the case for BMW. The reason is that the engine gasket aging to save money, buy a few barrels of good imported sealant, generally between 15-30, directly to the sealant gasket in the original position on a line, you can also get down, look like shape forming, with the original car mat. Note that buy bad glue, yes
Q:The outer ball tooth ring sensor mud suede cover gasket what use to send
In the light seal, as well as the use of rubber bellows as an auxiliary seal, rubber bellows elastic limited, generally need to be supplemented with spring to meet the loading elasticity. Mechanical seals are often referred to as "mechanical seals"".
Q:Why can the pressure resistance of the hydraulic cylinder be increased when the PTFE gasket is placed under the Y sealing ring?
The groove of the seal is gap and will be extruded from the gap after high pressure, which will affect the sealing, pressure maintaining and durability. Therefore, when the seal needs to withstand higher pressure, increasing the PTFE is a good choice!
Q:What material flange gasket is better on the steam pipe?
Answer four: I think that can be considered the nature of projects, many can choose the type of gasket, metal gasket, asbestos free and can choose the graphite graphite spiral wound, high temperature 520 degrees, non asbestos high temperature of 200 degrees, so the PTFE temperature of 260 degrees, and you choose. But in China there is a civil also has asbestos board, the sealing effect can also. So I think the design should be based on what the design is gasket, what is the gasket?.Answer five: less than 0.7MPa steam pipe operation pressure and temperature are not very high, according to the design requirements can use asbestos gasket, but asbestos gasket and water easily stick to the flange, to replace the cushion cause trouble. It is recommended that you use asbestos coating pads or graphite pads on the asbestos pads, so that gaskets can be easily replaced.
Q:Mineral water bottle no gasket, no leakage,
Without the gasket, it is impossible to make sure the container is openDo you like milk Wei Chuan is a relatively fixed washerJust in case you open it before you sell it, not just leak proof water
Q:How about the valve gasket?
(2) valve gasket installed on the sealing surface to be correct, moderate, can not be skewed, can not extend into the valve chamber or on the shoulder. The valve gasket sealing surface is slightly larger than the hole diameter, valve gasket diameter should be slightly smaller than a sealing surface diameter, so as to ensure uniform compression.
Q:The sealing principle of metal wound gasket?
Sealing gasket: metal winding principle of the sealing surface when the pressure load, to produce compressive stress, can improve the sealing contact surface, when the stress increases enough to cause the surface of the plastic deformation obviously, it can fill the gap seal cover, plug leakage channel. The purpose of using the gasket is to use the gasket material to produce plastic deformation characteristics under the action of compaction load so as to fill the small and uneven surface of the flange sealing surface so as to realize the sealing.Leakage is the phenomenon that the medium enters the limited space from the outside of the inner space of the limited space or from the outside. This is what people do not want to happen. The medium flows through the interface between the inside and outside spaces, i.e., leaks occur on the sealing surface. The root cause of the leakage is that there is a gap in the contact surface, and the pressure difference and the concentration difference on both sides of the contact surface are the driving force of the leakage. Because of the sealing surface form and processing accuracy and other factors, the sealing surface of the gap is unavoidable, which will cause the sealing surface is not completely consistent, resulting in leakage.In order to reduce the leakage, it is necessary to make the contact surface to be fitted to the maximum extent, that is to reduce the cross-sectional area of the leakage passage and to increase the leakage resistance, and to make it larger than the leakage force. In the bolt flange gasket connection, the force of the gasket causes deformation of the gasket material so as to fill the gap between the flange sealing surfaces. The magnitude of its pretension depends on the number of bolts, the torque of the tightening bolt, the lubrication state of the bolt system, and the compression area of the gasket.
Q:What effect does the flat gate of DN1200 gate valve have on the gasket?
With asbestos gasket.Gaskets (gasket) are mechanical seals between two bodies, usually used to prevent pressure, corrosion, and natural heat expansion, cold contraction and leakage between two bodies. Because machined surfaces are not perfect, gaskets can be used to fill the irregularity.

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