Golden Crude Vermiculite Unexpanded Vermiculite

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Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Jumbo bag or depending on clent's requirements
Delivery Detail:After received deposit with in 15 days


1.Gold vermiculite raw 
3. Gold color 
4.Expansion rate:5.5-10times 
5.Own mine

Gold crude vermiculite



Expansion ratios:5.5-10times

Size:0.3-0.6mm, 0.65-1mm, 0.1-0.5mm, 0.3-1mm, 0.5-1.4mm, 1.5-2.5mm 1-2mm, 1.2-3.5mm, 2-4mm,4-8mm,etc





2.Delivery time ?

a)Within 7 days after receive your deposit

b)Samples prepared with in 2days after receive your express charges


As usual MOQ : one 20ft container

Sure if you have small require for MOQ, then we can send to you by air or by LCL ,then the MOQ no limit

4. Payment terms?

T/T:50% deposit and the balance by the Copy of B/L.

Irrevocable L/C also accept.

5. How is the charge for samples ?

We can send free samples to you,but you pay the express fee, but we will return to you when the first order.

6.Our advantage

Professional vermiculite manufacturer/own vermiculite mine /Advanced equipment/High qualityflexible/Competitive price/Professional sales team

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Q:What is vermiculite?
Vermiculite (Vermiculite), Ca (Mg), 0.3-0.45 (H2O), n{(Mg, Fe3, Al), 3[(Si, Al), 4O12] (OH), 2}The name of Vermiculite from Latin, with a "worm" and "worm trail shape". Vermiculite were heated to 200 DEG C to 300 suddenly will be along the c axis of the crystals to produce worm like peeling, which it acquired its name. Vermiculite is a layered structure containing magnesium aluminum water Portland secondary metamorphic minerals,The shape of raw ore is similar to mica, which is usually made up of black (gold) mica by hydrothermal alteration or weathering. Because of its heating and water loss, it is bent when expanding, and the shape is similar to that of leech, so it is called vermiculite
Q:Laying loft insulation on vermiculite?
Peat moss tends to turn out to be a little water-resistant after it gets entirely dry, very similar to a dried out sponge. To re-moist it, you must situation the pot in several inches of heat water and let the water wick up from the backside through the drain holes. Once it has been re-wetted, hinder letting it ever get that dry again and then you will now not have a situation high watering generally. In my experience, sphagnum moss that has not decomposed into sphagnum peat moss is a better growing medium for Venus Flytraps. It is spongier and presents extra air pockets than the finer peat moss. Additionally it is less difficult to work with.
Q:Some Questions about seeds?
Organic refers to the source of the rice, that is, the farm where it grew. So, if it's from an organic farm, it's organic. Enriching it will not change that status. If it doesn't say brown rice on the bag, then it's just white rice that's been colored in the processing. Uncle Ben's may do that; I'm not sure. Brown rice has more nutrients and fiber than white rice, but is also more susceptible to mold. You have to keep it in a cool, dry place.
Q:Organic brown rice flour and Vermiculite?
Hello first off its never recomended that you don't hold any trarantula for yours and there safty as they can still bite if startled and fall as they can jump and even though a bite won't kill you you can have a nasty alergic reaction to th venom. However if you do want to handle your tarantula herar are som good tips. 1- use a soft paint brush to coax your tarantula out of the enclosure never put you hand inside have you hand laying flat and move the tarantula onto your hand. 2- if the tarantula goes into the threat posture leave it alone. 3- If it acts agitated moves away or strikes leave it alone. 4 - You can have him out as long as you want there isnt a time guide however i would at first keep it to 10-15mins 2x a week just to allow your self and the tarantula to get used to being handled and build up your confidence. 5- keep your tarantla low down in case it jumps or falls this will reduce the risk of injury. 6- If it runs see where it has gone use the paint brush to move it out if it turns defensive use a half cut bottle (large coke bottle) and move him into the bottle and put him back into the enclosure. 7- if he escapes use a heat sorce he should go to it as they go to warm spots. Mine escaped once and we couldent find him i put he microwave on to cook some food and when i went back he was sat on top of the microwave. The tarantula will rear up on to its back legs if its going into a defence mode and will strike. When it molts a good sign is boldness on the abdomen it will go its food and may become agitated and hide away. It will flip onto its back so don't touch it its not dead. make sure there is no food inside the enclosure the moltng can take up to 48hrs make sure you do not feed it up to a week to allow the new body to harden. If you need any more info please ask me i have lots of experience.
Q:Can you keep a tarantula in sand instead of forest bedding?
here is a link you can go to for help: ...
Q:Is it safe to dry out vermiculite (Perlite) in a oven and if so at what temperature.?
Vermiculite is not a carcinogen. In the past, it was often mixed with asbestos, which was a problem.
Q:I have a science project in which i need to remove pollutants from water- what is the best way to do this?
depends on the incubator realy. and just the batch of verm. iv had batches of verm that i had only to put a lil water in to make it moust enough for snake eggs.. and then theres been other batches that ive had to play mad scientist and add water.. and water and water and water every day in my fridge incubator and in the zoomed ones... it reay depends on the batch how old it is and just how well in general. personaly i check on my eggs every day or 2 for air. and i check the temps every few hours [just cause im super cautious] but the first day or 2 there in there when i check my temps i check the eggs a lil to see the moisture.. just depends bro.. gl
Q:Strange white balls in soil?
Garden centre in England or phone your local council (mine is Oxford City Council),ask for contact number of your local Allotment site.We sell it when the shop is open.
Q:I need to repot my Cactus..miracle grow or succulent soil?
Vermiculite can stick to the beardie as she lays her eggs and has been known to cause eye problems to lizards who have used it to lay their eggs in. It's a great incubating medium, though. But I'd recommend using EcoEarth/Bed-a-Beast for her to lay the eggs in. You can then move the eggs to the incubator with vermiculite (no additives like the other answerer said) or perlite (which I find that I have better success with when it comes to gecko eggs...again, no additives). Be sure to keep the eggs in the same position as they were laid.
Q:what is vermin culture and vermi compost?
A dry soil with lots of trapped air spaces. Dry vermiculite would be good.

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