GG - 1 a (F) (Z) type high voltage switch cabinet

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An overview,
1.1. GG - 1 a (F) (Z) type high voltage switchgear by mistake, the original GG - 1 a type high pressure tank on the basis of improved after adding "five prevention" locked-in send products, it has the following five kinds of prevent wrong operation function; 
Between a. to prevent wrong, wrong points wrong or circuit breaker; 
B. to prevent loading points, isolating switch; 
C. avoid straying into charged interval;
D. prevent charged hang ground;
E. prevent line brake band.
1.2. GG - 1 a (F) the mistake type high voltage switchgear, suitable for 3, 6 and 10 kv ac system for acceptance and distribution of electrical energy (see table 1) have a way.This product is a indoor type, can be in normal operation in the environment of the following:
A. installation height is not more than 1000 meters above sea level;
B. the surrounding medium temperature is not higher than + 40 oc, no less than 20 oc;
C. indoor relative humidity is not more than 85%; 
D. no conductive dust and can destroy the place of gas and metal and insulation; 
E. no explosive dangerous location; 
F. no violent vibration and bo top and vertical gradient is less than 5 degrees.
Second, the technical data and programs
2.1. GG - 1 a (F) (Z) type high voltage switchgear technology parameters are shown in table 2. 
2.2. General atresia primary loop scheme are shown in table 3-1.General closure does not consider 21 ~ 22, 25 to 28, 31 ~ 33 and 37 ~ 39 main circuit scheme, at the same time also does not consider the breaker with CS2 type operating mechanism. 
The primary loop scheme are shown in table 2.3. Simple atresia 3-2.

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Q:Air compressor automatic pressure switch AC contactor how to connect
The simplest connection: you first understand how much of your contactor coil voltage is V (V)
Q:Smc pneumatic pressure switch in the said positive pressure is what it means
[Vacuum pressure switch] the use of pressure sensor principle, automatic measurement and control system within the vacuum pressure to ensure that equipment in the unattended, accurate and stable automatic operation control. Pneumatic vacuum switches are also a pressure protection device for vacuum systems. When the vacuum pressure in the system is greater than or less than the set point, the circuit can be automatically cut off, send a signal to ensure the normal operation of the system.
Q:How to test Cruze air conditioning pressure switch is good or bad
General period of air conditioning maintenance 1. Remove the debris from the vents to ensure proper ventilation. Observe whether the outdoor rack loose phenomenon, clean outdoor ventilation net inside and outside the presence of foreign body. At the same time, keep the vents unimpeded. 2. Indoor and outdoor heat exchanger surface cleaning, improve the efficiency of heat exchangers. Clean the indoor heat exchanger, you should carefully take the panel, scrub with a soft rag, use a small brush gently brush the end of the machine heat exchanger, so as to achieve the removal of dust and can reproduce the harmful accumulation of bacteria purposes. But note that because the heat sink is very thin aluminum material, easy to deformation after the force, so be careful to scrub.
Q:Piston air compressor pressure switch how to control?
When the circuit is closed, the contactor coil in the control circuit is energized, the normally open contact of the contactor is closed and the motor is operated until the pressure of the air supply system reaches the set value of the pressure switch PS, The control circuit is disconnected and the contactor coil in the control circuit is disconnected from the contactor due to loss of power and the motor stops working. Energy - saving air compressor
Q:How does the air conditioning pressure switch check?
Automotive air conditioning pressure switch power supply by the three-state switch from the 3-pin switch into the switch, through the internal series of high-voltage switch and low-voltage switch from the 1 # feet output to the air conditioning controller and compressor relay. Three-state switch 4 # feet connected to the iron, after the pressure switch from the 3 # pin output high-speed fan request signal to the engine computer, both pressure greater than 1.77MPa when the condenser fan high-speed turn, less than 1.37MPa condenser fan low speed The
Q:Where the fire pressure switch is installed
The role of fire pressure switch is when the fire sprinkler pipe pressure is less than the water supply side of the pressure, the pressure switch will automatically move, and the action signal feedback back to the fire alarm system on the host. Control the host to receive the signal to start the fire spray pump to pressurize.
Q:A self-priming pump a 220 contactor a pressure switch (four terminals) an empty open how to achieve automatic control wiring
Open the top of the access line, the following outlet connected to the contactor above the main contact, contactor below the main contact with water pump.
Q:What brand of pressure switch is good
On the pressure switch, then, in fact, mainly concerned about imports, but also the United States imported. At present, world-class pressure switch manufacturers are in the United States, mainly the United States CCS, The United States SOR, there are slightly lower grade of the United States UE 3 pressure switch. Large-scale thermal power plants, nuclear power plants are used before the two pressure switch, and is essential.
Q:24V pressure switch how to connect control 220V circuit on and off?
The pressure switch is connected to the coil of the intermediate relay, and the 220V circuit is controlled by the contact of the relay. Intermediate relay is twenty or thirty dollars!
Q:Air conditioning pressure switch works (with the best picture)
The pressure switch uses elastic elements such as single-ring spring tube, diaphragm, diaphragm and bellows.

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