GCS low-voltage withdrawable switchgear series

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Product model: GCS
Product features: has two type GCS low-voltage withdrawable switchgear joint design according to the department in charge of industry, the general electric power users, and the requirement of design unit design conforms to the national conditions, with high technical performance indicators, can adapt to power market development needs and can compete with the introduction of existing product select switch equipment.
Cardiac switchgear is suitable for the power plant, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy.Textiles.Distribution system of high-rise building and other industries and the large power plants, petrochemical system, such as high degree of automation, requirements and computer connection, as the frequency of the three-phase ac 50 Hz (60), the rated working voltage of 380 v, 660 v), rated current is 4000 a and below the power distribution, centralized control of the motor, reactive power compensation using low-voltage power distribution equipment.
Product standards: cardiac GB7251 low-voltage complete switch equipment and control equipment.
Cardiac JB/T9661 low-voltage withdrawable switchgear
Has it - 1 low-voltage complete switch equipment and control equipment
Product structure: cardiac switchgear 8 mf steel is used in the main frame.The architecture using both assembly and parts of welding structure.Are installed on the main frame modulus E = 20 mm holes. 
Cardiac switch equipment strictly separate each function room, the main compartment is divided into functional unit rooms, bus room, cable room, the function of each unit are relatively independent.
Cardiac feeder tank and motor control cabinet is equipped with a dedicated cable compartment, functional unit room and indoor cable connected by connecting pieces, can not only improve the using reliability of cable, and made great user for cable installation and maintenance.Cable compartment has two width size and 40 mm to 240 mm is chosen, depending on the number of cable, cross section and the requirements of the users for installation and maintenance is convenient.
Has given the dry type transformer using regular sex, security and economy of oil-immersed transformer, device can be easily arranged and composed of a dry type transformer, can also convenient and oil-immersed transformer low-voltage busbar connection.
Is left to the drawer as the main body, the switch can also be fixed installation, hybrid combinations, arbitrary selection.
Cardiac switch equipment according to the three phase five wire system and three phase four wire system design, the design department and the user can easily choose PE + N or PEN. 
His cabinet put oneself in another's position of the degree of protection for IP40, also can be made with customers' special needs.
Bus: left to improve the bus move the rise of temperature of the thermal stability of ability and improvement of the interface, device adopt hard copper platoon TMY - T2 series, copper platoon connection post points must be tin plating, also can choose 2 tin plated copper bus bar. 
Bus filled level in tank at the back of the bus interior insulation, more than 2500 a for layout, up and down double 2500 a for single layer under the arrangement, each phase is composed of article 4 or article 2 bus, bus short-circuit strength was improved greatly. 
The vertical busbar is left for the drawer with "L" shape hard copper tin plating.L (mm) : (50 + 30 bus specification) x 5 rated current 1000 a
Has completed the entire cabinet arrangement level of neutral grounding line (PEN) or + neutral wire (PE + N) using hard copper platoon.

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Q:How to adjust the pressure cooker pressure switch
Debugging method: Remove the electric pressure cooker plastic bottom cover, the electric pressure cooker pressure detection switch put on, with the screwdriver to adjust, when the switch is completely closed and then turn counterclockwise N ring, the pot filled with water (about 500ML can ), Installed on the pot and screw the lid, the exhaust of the small iron also installed. Heating the water to boil for a while, see the steam from the vent hole, and then a while, a large number of steam out, and issued a "hissing" sound, then the power cord pulled out, carefully from the pot The bottom of the pressure detection switch clockwise slowly adjust, when you hear the switch off the sound immediately stop, and then power to continue to heat the pot of boiling water, I saw the exhaust hole is only a slight water vapor, Time to turn on the insulation state.
Q:Water pressure switch can solve the problem of insufficient water pressure
This is actually useless to say that is holding water, boost the flow at the same time also reduce. Compare tasteless one thing.
Q:How does the compressor start the pressure switch to protect it?
High voltage protection switch action, it is possible that the system is blocked or added excessive refrigerant.
Q:Electric pressure cooker failure code E4 replacement pressure switch, the fault is still how is it?
I have someone else to repair, the sensor two lines catch the fault still To answer Changed
Q:No tower water supply pressure switch problem
Tell you how to adjust, the middle of a screw clockwise down to increase the pressure to the pressure gauge control, the pressure is small start, do not tune too much to know, will explode!
Q:Water pump is a good digital control or a good pressure switch
This is no exact answer, each has the advantage of each, although the micro-control is intelligent but there may be frequent start and stop phenomenon.
Q:9 Yang pressure cooker pressure switch where
Did not you ever use it? Ha ha No switch, what food can be directly selected, done a tone.
Q:How does the air conditioning pressure switch check?
Four lines! One of which is the Ac request signal line 12v one is to the ECU! System refrigerant is sufficient, they are interlinked! For high voltage switch! It is broken ECU can not receive Ac signal, the compressor will not start! One is to take the wire! One is the ECU in the pressure detection line 5v! System refrigerant is interlinked when sufficient!
Q:Pump pressure control switch appears e-f what is the fault
Pump pressure switch so tune: A. Loosen the lock nut of the pressure switch; B. Turn the adjustment nut clockwise or counterclockwise as needed until the pointer points to the desired pressure value.
Q:How is the pressure switch selected?
For electronic pressure switches, please confirm the following parameters Range 2. Switch range 3. Accuracy 4. The number of switches 5. Switch function: normally open normally closed (PNP or NPN output) 6. Interface size 7. Medium temperature 8. Electrical connection 9. Degree of protection Please note the difference between the two 1. Switch function: mechanical switch than the electronic switch more than a single pole double throw function 2. Load power: mechanical switch load than electronic to large, 3. Application: mechanical pressure switch can be directly connected to the circuit, or with the relay used, while the electronic pressure switch directly output switch signal, and the need for external power supply. 4. Price: mechanical pressure switch is cheaper than electronic

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