Garden Outdoor Rattan Sofa Set

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Feature of Outdoor Rattan Sofa Set

1.PE rattan with UV&water resistant

2.aluminum tube with powder coating finished

3.look great put in outdoor/indoor

4.different color is available

5.high quality with competitive price and timely delivery

6.1set=1x1seater sofa+1x2seaters sofa+1x3seaters sofa +1xtable

Size of  Outdoor Rattan Sofa Set

aluminum rattan table: 115x60x47cm

1seater sofa: 82x85x83cm

2sesters sofa: 143x85x83cm

3seaters sofa:204x85x83cm

aluminum tube: D22/19/13mm

1.Table: aluminum rattan tea table:115x60x47cm , with 5mm tempered glass


             rattan: PE, frame with powder coating

2.1seater sofa: aluminum rattan 1seater sofa: 82x85x83cm, with 10cm thickness spong cushion, 1pc piollow, 250g/m2 short fibre waterproof

             tube: D22/19/13mm

             rattan:PE, frame with powder coating

3.2seaters sofa: aluminum rattan 2seaters sofa: 143x85x83cm, with 10cm thickness spong cushion, 2pcs piollows, 250g/m2 short fibre waterproof

            rattan:PE, frame with powder coating

4.3seaters sofa: aluminum rattan 3seaters sofa:204x85x83cm, with 10cm thickness sponge cushion, 3pcs piollows, 250g/m2 short fibre waterproof


             rattan:PE, frame with powder coating

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Q:Help! my sofa is too huge for slipcovers!?
OMG would take all of 5 mins as a Joann's find a piece of material you like, tell the person how big your sofa is they will assist you to cut a big enough piece to cover the entire sofa like a sheet. Don't turn it into a slip cover just use it like a sheet enjoy! Best of luck to us all, ciao. GAH
Q:can i get all cat dander out of sofa?
I would think you could vacuum the sofa really give it a good going over. There may be some kind spray that you could use that might help. Maybe you could use a shop vac. They also have a little green machine I think that is what it is called it will clean the sofa. I have one it does very well on cleaning sofa's ,chairs and even small rugs. That's all I can think of. Hope it helps some.
Q:Poll; Couch or Sofa...?
settee which is what it is. but out of them two i say sofa
Q:Do reclining sofas recline only at the outter two seats or also in the middle seat?
It depends on the sofa. Mine is a corner sofa/sleeper. It has 2 recliners on one side separated by an armrest and small table and the other side is the pull out bed. My rocker recliner does not have any kind of locking mechanism
Q:? about furniture (love seat/sofa w/ recliners built in)?
You could get leather, as leather will go with anything. However, there are a lot of styles and qualities of leather sofas. If you have a lot of kids and pets, I would wait on the leather. Go to a furniture store and look at what they have. Most stores have a designers section where you can check out fabric samples. I would suggest getting a durable fabric with a high # rating that will last for years and... get one that is in a print with lots of different colors (easier to hide spills and stains).
Q:Why does my cat pee on the sofa?
I think the reason is territorial marking - you do say the sofa is new. The cat that is highest in the heirarchy of the 3 is marking the sofa. What I would try is: keep the cat (or all the cats) away from the sofa for a few days (especially when you're not there to observe her). Praise her every time she goes in the litterbox. Allow the cat in the same room as the sofa _only_ when you're there and can pay attention to her. When she starts preparing to pee sniffing around on the sofa, crouching, etc., pick her up and closet yourself with the cat and the litterbox in another room / bathroom. When she uses the litterbox, praise her. Another version... put aluminum foil or double-sided tape for a while on the sofa. That should keep the cats from going up on it. Aluminum foil may be removed when there are guests / the sofa will be used very easily...
Q:How do I get perfume/cologne smell out of a microfiber sofa?
Q:Is it hard putting a sectional sofa together?
Put Together Sofa
Q:Anyone have an estimate of changing the color of a sofa?
Find out who makes the sofa and order it through another furniture store. Everything can be special ordered, that store just doesn't want your business.
Q:will a green sofa go on white walls ?
yeah that would look fine

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