Fused Cast Refractor Bricks for Glass Furnace

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$125.00 - 165.00 / m.t.
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TT or LC
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10 m.t.
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1000 m.t./month

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Product Description:

Quick Details for Fused Cast Refractor Bricks for Glass Furnace

Place of Origin:

 China (Mainland)


Brick, Customized


Alumina Block

SiO2 Content (%):


Al2O3 Content (%):


CaO Content (%):


Refractoriness (Degree):

1770°< Refractoriness< 2000°

Model Number:


Brand Name:


fused cast azs refractor bricks











Compress crushing strength:


0.2Mpa Refractoriness under load:




Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:Fumigated wooden pallet, plastic shrink film protected outside, then the straps. Finally make the wooden pallet (95*95cm, 95*100cm) , usually 1.5T per pallet, 20T per container , or as your requirements.
Delivery Detail:within 20 working days after deposit


Product Description


Description of fused cast azs refractor bricks

The fused cast azs refractor bricks are made of alumina powder, zirconia sand and additive etc.

Applications of fused cast azs refractor bricks

The fused cast azs refractor bricks are mainly used for Glass furnace tank

Advantages of fused cast azs refractor bricks

1. Good corrossion to glass liquid resistance

2. Low pollution
3. Good thermal shock resistance
4. High hot crush strength

Physical and Chemical Indexes of fused cast azs refractor bricks


ItemUnit        Indexes
Compress crushing strength             Mpa ≥350≥350
Exudationtemperature of glassphase>1400>1400
Anti Liquid glass erosion resistancemm≤1.6≤1.5
Bulk densityCommon casting%≥3.4≥3.5

Inclined casting%≥3.45≥3.55

No piping casting%≥3.7≥3.8
0.2Mpa Refractoriness under load17001700


Packaging & Shipping


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1. Quality assurance,CX REFRACTORY use high grade raw material. All products are ISO qualified.
2. Provide professional designing solution, field technical assitance and any other consulting.
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 Fused Cast Refractor Bricks for Glass Furnace

Fused Cast Refractor Bricks for Glass Furnace



 1. What’s the payment?

   Usually T/T, others could be discussed.

2. When will you deliver the goods?

   The delivery time will be determined according to the quantity of the order.

3. Do you provide samples?

   Yes, samples are available.

4. How are your products’ quality? 

  The products will be strictly inspected before shipment, so the quality could be guaranteed.

5. Do you accept OEM?

   Yes, we can do OEM.

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Q:What is the face brick
You should be talking about refractory bricksThe refractory brick brick. Referred to as refractory material has a certain shape and size. According to the preparation process can be divided into bricks, brick, electric melting brick, refractory insulating bricks (Rong Zhuzhuan);
Q:What are the specifications for brick?
Thecompressive node as a new type of building energy-saving wall materials, which can be used for masonry walls, but also has good thermal properties, in line with the construction of the building module, reduce the loss in the process of construction, improve work efficiency; the hole rate reached more than 35%, can reduce the weight of the wall, save the foundation engineering cost. Compared with common sintered porous brick, it has the characteristics of heat preservation, heat insulation, light weight, high strength and high construction efficiency. The product is made of shale as raw material. It is produced by high vacuum extrusion molding machine and one yard firing process
Q:What is the weight of the refractory bricks?
Fireclay refractory bricks: 3.4kg-3.8kg - according to the quality of raw materials, prices ranging from 1 yuan to 2.7 yuan, high alumina refractory brick: three, high aluminum in 3.9kg or so. Ordinary T-3 firebrick weight calculation method: 230*114*65*2.2/2.1.
Q:Can the fire clay to be reused?
Refractory soil cannot be reused.Clay refractory soil 1, characteristics and uses: Clay refractory brick is a weak acid refractory material, its thermal stability is good, suitable for hot air furnace, all kinds of boiler lining, and flue, smoke room, etc.. 2, product specifications form: standard shape, general, special-shaped and special-shaped brick. Physical and chemical properties of fireclay bricks.
Q:What are ordinary bricks, refractory brick, hollow bricks?
Material. Light yellow or brownish. The utility model is mainly used for laying smelting furnaces, and can withstand high temperature between 1580 DEG C and 1770 DEG C. Also called brick. Refractory material of a certain shape and size.
Q:Just what is in the furnace material?
Referred to as refractory brick. Refractory made from refractory clay or other refractory material. Light yellow or brownish. The utility model is mainly used for laying smelting furnaces, and can withstand high temperature between 1580 DEG C and 1770 DEG C.
Q:What are the categories of brick?
In a proper ratio of lime sand brick and quartz sand, sand or fine sand, the ground, Kazumi Wa, semi dry pressing and autoclaved curing and. The fly ash brick is made of fly ash as main raw material and mixed with cement material such as coal gangue, stone powder or clay. It is made up of batching, molding, drying and roasting. It can make full use of industrial waste residue and save fuel.
Q:What are the forming methods of refractory materials?
Casting molding is suitable for casting brick, electric melting brick and so on. And the machine press forming is the most widely used. The common refractory brick, clay brick and other sintered brick are adopted this method.
Q:Outside wall tile (whole body smooth surface has small hole split brick) has cement pollution, with what product cleaning (cement, mortar, cleaning agent)?
Tile has a long period of cement pollution, a variety of weak acid cleaning can be removed, such as oxalic acid, acetic acid and so on, of course, the use of special cleaning agent is perfect. But the cost is higher.
Q:What are the main constituents of refractory brick?
According to the composition of refractory bricks, they can be divided into five major categories, namely, silicon aluminum refractory bricks, basic series refractory bricks, carbon containing refractory bricks, zirconium containing refractory bricks and insulating refractory bricks. Any furnace is not made of only one kind of refractory brick, and it needs different fire bricks to match with each other. The following five categories of refractory bricks are described in detail.

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