Food Grade CMC Carboxymethyl Cellulose FVH6-A3

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Food Grade CMC  
    Used as additive in food field, CMC has the functions of thickening, suspending, emulsifying, stabilizing, shaping, filming, bulking, anti-corrosion, retaining freshness, acid-resisting, health protecting, etc. It can replace the application of guar gum, gelatin, agar, sodium alginate, and pectin. It is widely used in modern food industry, such as frozen food, solid drink, fruit juice, jam, lactic acid drinks, condiment, biscuit, instant noodles, bakery products, meat products, etc. 

Our food grade CMC has good thickening property, water retention, dispersion stability, filming and chemical stability. It has high viscosity even in low concentration, and makes the food taste delicate and smooth; it can reduce the syneresis of food and extend the shelf life; it can control the crystal size in frozen food and prevent the stratification between oil and water; In acid system, our anti-acid products have good suspending stability, so it can improve the stability of milk and the impedance ability of protein; our CMC can be used together with other stabilizers and emulsifiers to complement each other, strengthen each other’s effect and reduce the cost. 


                                                Technical Specifications of Food Grade CMC(1)

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