Fireproof Fiber Cement Board Fireproof Fiber Cement Board

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Product Description:

Product Applications:

Fireproof fiber Cement Board
The compressed machine is 14000 tons, So we can produce density over 1600kg/m3. 100% Non asbestos

Product Advantages:

Fireproof fiber Cement Board

Headerboard high density fiber cement board is 100% free of asbestos. The compressed machine is14000tons. So we can produce density over 1600kg/m3.Thickness from 4mm-30mm, Standsize is 1220*2440, size can be customized according to your requirement.

The production line was introduced from Germany. There are total two production lines now. Production capacity is 20 million square meters per year. We can send you boards earlier than other supplier.


Main Product Features:


Product Name

Fireproof fiber Cement Board

Raw Materials

Cellulose Fiber, Quartz Sand, Portland Cement

Standard Size

1220X2440MM / 1200X2400MM

Maxium Width


Maximum Length





1.5-1.7G/CM3; 1.2-1.4G/CM3 / 1.4-1.5G/CM3

Wet Expansion


Water Absorption



Incombustible Class A1

Water Penetration

Back side without water drop after 24 hours

Flexural Strength

Air dried condition: ≥18; Saturated Condition: ≥14


Decorative materials Class A

Frost Resistance

No layers and no cracks after 25 cycles under freezing and thawing


100% free of asbestos




Standard wooden pallet

Trade Terms


Payment Terms

T/T, Irrevocable L/C at sight

Delivery Time

Within 15 days if stock not available

Main Characteristic

Environmental friendly materials

Excellent Strength and toughness

Waterproofing and fireproofing

Antisepsis and moth-proofing

Good acoustic insulation and weather resistance

Good thermal and heat insulation

Durability and long lifetime


Exterior decoration panel

Intergrative facade panel for exterior wall thermal insulation

Interior wall decoration panel

Flooring for loft interlayer, container house, light steel villa

For subway, tunnel,baseboard, outdoor furniture

Roofing sheet

Thinner lining board for stone

Product Specifications:

Fireproof  Fiber Cement Board Fireproof  Fiber Cement Board




Fireproof  Fiber Cement Board Fireproof  Fiber Cement Board

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Q:Can Fibercement Board ( Hardiflex ) bond well with Wood Chipboards?
um I suppose you can find a good glue to bond it together. My question is why? Chipboard isn't resistant to water, the cement board is ... what are you trying to do? maybe there are better ideas.
Q:What is the cement fiber board
Cement fiberboard: is a modern and practical environmentally friendly decorative materials, lightweight concrete synthetic wood fiber composition. The main ingredients are cement and wood fibers. Cement as the basic materials and adhesives to wood fiber as a reinforcing material, through the pulp, into the embryo, conservation, drying, cutting, spraying, packaging and other processes made of sheet metal. Based on the efficient use of wood resources, fiber manufacturing technology, expanded to the interior decoration and outdoor decoration, characterized by its external decorative panels advanced technology, excellent performance, cement fiber board materials to create a safe and comfortable living environment as the goal, and actively expand the technological innovation , All of its products are achieved without asbestos, for the market to provide 100% environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly green building materials.
Q:How do I attach cement board to my kitchen floor?
You would be a lot better off removing the linoleum. You wouldn't need the expense/hassle of installing cement board, since you would be tiling directly on concrete. If you really don't want to do that, you will need to use a hammer drill and Tapcons. Use 3/16 x 1-3/4 screws. with a 5/32 masonry bit. Remember that you are adding height to the floor as well, and will need to make transitions to other surfaces. If there are any doors that open into the kitchen, they may need to be cut. Hope this helps.
Q:Kerdi for tile, vs. cement backer board?
I am assuming you are going with ceramic tile. If that is the case then you do not need fiberboard. Just tile right to the concrete floor. As for the crack either fill it in or use a product called RedGaurd. RedGaurd is a rubberized product that when applied over the crack will expand and contract and thus keep the crack covered. You can apply RedGaurd then put mortar right over it.
Q:How to put tiles on the cement board
1, tiles to use cement, those bags to the construction team to do, to pay special attention, they are not responsible for maintenance, often shoddy, with poor quality cement, each bag can be less 5 yuan, they can earn more than 200 yuan The 2, in the smooth cement wall, the ground is calendering. In the shop before the wall and the ground should be hair. Can not put the brick directly on the wall paint above. 3, in the original tile on the floor of the new floor tiles, the original floor tiles must first knock down and then shop! Otherwise it is difficult to affix. 4, floor tiles often used dry shop, wall with wet shop. 5, with light steel keel, cement board bag riser, in the cement board on the tile, to hang wire mesh. Or easy to fall out.
Q:Backerboard, Cement Board, Blue Board. Call it whatever. Anyone found an easy way to cut it?
I am an architect and I have seen tile layers on the jobsites use a table saw or a 7 1/2 circular saw to make long cuts for the cement board with a carbide tip blade (60 teeth per inch) and for small cuts they use a hand jab saw or sometimes those little roto-zip hand tools. I think that the jig saw blades are too thin and heat up and get dull too fast. for the blue board or green board they just score or break it - Good Luck
Q:what is the current price of Firbre cement board and where can it be found?
I bought some 3ft x 5 ft sheets a long time ago for $15 dollars a piece. I'm sure it'll be more than that now. Home Depot has it.
Q:Plaster, portland cement, and bonding to wood. How does it work?
The British give this name to modern day cement. Ordinary Portland cement,sulphate resistant cement, white cement and Grey cement and so on. Most have chemical name but Portland is a patent name.
Q:How do I install a Cork bulletin board on a cement wall?
You could try the self-adhesive hooks from 3M, but not sure how well they will stick to cement.
Q:The roof of the cement board everywhere cracked, how to do
At present, the better choice is the polymer waterproofing membrane: waterproof concrete and waterproof mortar two, this waterproof method is simple, easy construction, ordinary masons according to the general plaster construction method can achieve good quality requirements, and low cost , The same waterproof method under the premise of technical level, the overall cost is much lower than the flexible waterproof material for other waterproof materials 1 / 2-1 / 3, the most important thing is safe non-toxic environmental protection, but if the construction process is not good, Cement mortar is likely to crack, repair will be more trouble.

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