Fireproof Fiber Cement Board Fireproof Fiber Cement Board

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Product Description:

Product Applications:

Fireproof fiber Cement Board
The compressed machine is 14000 tons, So we can produce density over 1600kg/m3. 100% Non asbestos

Product Advantages:

Fireproof fiber Cement Board

Headerboard high density fiber cement board is 100% free of asbestos. The compressed machine is14000tons. So we can produce density over 1600kg/m3.Thickness from 4mm-30mm, Standsize is 1220*2440, size can be customized according to your requirement.

The production line was introduced from Germany. There are total two production lines now. Production capacity is 20 million square meters per year. We can send you boards earlier than other supplier.


Main Product Features:


Product Name

Fireproof fiber Cement Board

Raw Materials

Cellulose Fiber, Quartz Sand, Portland Cement

Standard Size

1220X2440MM / 1200X2400MM

Maxium Width


Maximum Length





1.5-1.7G/CM3; 1.2-1.4G/CM3 / 1.4-1.5G/CM3

Wet Expansion


Water Absorption



Incombustible Class A1

Water Penetration

Back side without water drop after 24 hours

Flexural Strength

Air dried condition: ≥18; Saturated Condition: ≥14


Decorative materials Class A

Frost Resistance

No layers and no cracks after 25 cycles under freezing and thawing


100% free of asbestos




Standard wooden pallet

Trade Terms


Payment Terms

T/T, Irrevocable L/C at sight

Delivery Time

Within 15 days if stock not available

Main Characteristic

Environmental friendly materials

Excellent Strength and toughness

Waterproofing and fireproofing

Antisepsis and moth-proofing

Good acoustic insulation and weather resistance

Good thermal and heat insulation

Durability and long lifetime


Exterior decoration panel

Intergrative facade panel for exterior wall thermal insulation

Interior wall decoration panel

Flooring for loft interlayer, container house, light steel villa

For subway, tunnel,baseboard, outdoor furniture

Roofing sheet

Thinner lining board for stone

Product Specifications:

Fireproof  Fiber Cement Board Fireproof  Fiber Cement Board




Fireproof  Fiber Cement Board Fireproof  Fiber Cement Board

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Q:Can you put ceramic tile over wood floors? If yes I was told that it wouldnt stay, even with cement board.?
You CAN lay ceramic tiles over a wooden subfloor, on a raised foundation, IF you do it right. The best I have seen was when someone used the traditional 1x6 subflooring, then turned another layer of it 90 degrees so that there was 1 1/2 of wood for the sub floor. The Tiler then floated concrete directly onto the wood, forcing it into all the cracks between the boards, to prevent movement. Then once that had dried, he used thinset mortar to lay the tiles. This is the traditional way to do it, it takes a little more time than using the cement board, but it prevents movement better than the cement board does, due to the higher adhesion and closer fit.
Q:Is it ok to pour floor leveling compound over hardibacker cement board?
Yes, just make sure you've used a lot of screws to hold the backer board down or your compound will crack to pieces if the board moves at all.
Q:Two centimeters thick cement board is always cracked
Because the cement will be thermal expansion and contraction, temperature changes lead to cracking, the solution is to cut the expansion joints, to eliminate the expansion of internal stress
Q:How to repair crack in thin cement board?
go to mitre 10 or place makers and ask an assistant to show you a heat resistant cement that will glue cement board but in saying that gorilla glue is fairlie versatile however companies have spent years discovering the best adhesive for every purpose and I'm conident you will find just the right stuff
Q:Can you just glue backer board on a cement wall?
Use thin set to bond it to the cement walls. As a precaution I always have braces set up to hold it in place until the thin set dries. Rough the paint up well and wipe dust down and use a latex thin set to bond with. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar ..GL
Q:What are some inexpensive and creative ways to decorate a cement block basement?
A cheap way to decorate for a workout room and scrap book room is to buy some stand up mirrors and place them up against the walls. Any lighting that you have will magnify and you will be able to see your physical development while working out, and you can take them with you when you leave. Good Luck
Q:Dry hanging cement fiberboard is not curtain wall
Fibreboard with uniform material, vertical and horizontal strength difference is small, easy to crack, etc., widely used. Manufacture of 1 cubic meter of fiberboard about 2.5 to 3 cubic meters of wood, can replace 3 cubic meters of lumber or 5 cubic meters of logs. Development of fiberboard production is an effective way of comprehensive utilization of timber resources.
Q:why did the contact cement not work for my slideboard?
the temp being so cold didnt help,and did you wait an hour before marrying the two pieces??if not,air has not had a chance to set the glue up for contact adhesion.
Q:Is it required to put a shower pan when installing a shower on a cement basement floor?
Crosst put you on right track. ADA accessible showers have no pan which would limit handicapped access. Walk in showers are fairly common even for non handicapped use , but are as large to contain spray if there is no door planned. Have seen tile set on concrete deck on new construction in healthcare facilities where the floor tile was run directly into the shower enclosure with no lip at all at entrance. Guessing ,but they probably achieved pitch by varying thickness of skim coat & thinset tile cement. Hope that helps also
Q:Does anyone know how to stop bathroom walls (hardibacker cement board) from sweating?
is it the outside may need to be insulated.

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