Reinforced Fiber Cement Board Usd For Wall

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Product Description:

Product Applications:

UV Siding Fiber Cement Board
1. Cheaper Than Marble, Bigger Than Ceramics
2. High Density Fiber Cement Board As Substrat

UV Siding Fiber Cement Board

1. Cheaper Than Marble, Bigger Than Ceramics
2. High Density Fiber Cement Board As Substrat

Ideal Substitute of Marble or Ceramics, Because of The Low Price, Lighter Weight, and Bigger Size of Our Product.


Product Advantages:

1. High density fiber cement board as substrate.

2. UV painting on the surface, Various of Patterns Includes Marble, Wooden, and Solid, Glossy and        Matt for Every Pattern.

3. For Interior Wall and Ceiling Only.

4. Widely used in Hospitals, Hotels, Schools, Offices, Subways, and Laboratories.


Fireproof:  "ASTM-E84 FLAME SPREAD INDEX"  =   0,              STANDARD   <=  25

Smoke:     "ASTM-E84 SMOKE DEVELOPED INDEX" =5,            STANDARD   <= 25

Weather Test:  "ASTM-G155"  =  4,                                          STANDARD (3,5)

Main Product Features:


Standard Size: 1.22M*2.44M / 4'*8'

Thickness: 6MM

Weight: 30Kg

Surface Hardness: 3H


Product Specifications:









(Weathering Test)




(Flexural Strength) (Dry)




(Flexural Strength)(Saturated)




(Water Absorption)




(Wet Expansion)






Reinforced  Fiber  Cement  Board  Usd For Wall

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Q:Advantages and Disadvantages of Foaming Cement Thermal Insulation Board
1, the physical foam: the blowing agent through the mechanical equipment prepared into a bubble, and then added to the foam by the cement-based cementitious materials, aggregates, admixtures, admixtures and water from the slurry, the mixing , Pouring molding, curing from the insulation board. 2, the chemical foam: the foam agent added by the cement-based cementitious materials, aggregates, admixtures, admixtures and water from the slurry, the mixing and mixing, pouring it in the mold through the chemical reaction Leaving the inside of the slurry to produce closed pores, the conservation, cutting insulation board.
Q:Bathroom remodel specialist please; What size cement board should I use for the shower walls, getting Tile?
you can install the orange sheets on the walls, over the cement board (using mortar), and install the floor pan over cement board with mortar as well. when done correctly, its 100% water tight. it even comes with a curb which you can tile over. its a great system, the floor pan is already sloped towards the drain in the centre. it would not be worth it to do a shower without it. if you do it this way, it will last and you will not risk mould or rot.
Q:The doors of a cement cabinet can not be mounted directly on a cement board
Carpenter and the tile workers are necessary to reconcile early harmony, began to plan how to do the door, tile workers in the cabinet, to follow the carpenter's volunteer. The organization of the cabinet should be used in science, and the whole function of the cabinet should be taken into account. When we were doing a clay cabinet in our house, the carpenter and the tileworker had already had a collaboration, so this was a very good harmony. Master Huang said he did the cement cabinet is the most scientific best use, it is important that is, if the cabinet dirty, can directly take the water washed, because no wood exposed, not afraid of wood will be rotten.
Q:does durock cement board has zink or lead ? Does it afferct my birds?
If your birds are Parrot like Budgies etc , they are for ever nibbling at wood or anything else., Do you know the signs of Lead poisoning,Paralysis being the main one. Durock does contain minute particles but have you considered that it could be Mice droppings or mice urine contamination on their food as the symptoms are similar. Your birds must be actively eating the cement board, which you will be ble to see by the damage to the board. Otherwise you must contact a vet asap. Avian Care Consultant
Q:My cement board and surrounding drywall are different thicknesses?
Yes you float it and float it back a bit on the durock. Use the same thinset mortar that you use for the tile. Never use a mastic as some hackers may suggest.Mastic is a water soluble product and will fail in a wet area such as a shower. What I do if the area permits is to put a pc of painters tape on the edge of the dry wall. Leave room for cement board tape. Then float the ares and pull off the painters tape and run the SBN over the durock tape edge and onto the dry wall just a bit to cover all and make a clean transition. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar and check my qualifications there. GL
Q:the siding of my 1940 old house is cement, I want to buy new ones to replace some or try to fix them..?
those are probably asbestos! caulk the damages with acrylic latex and paint.
Q:Building a replacement counter top?
1. first you screw 3/4 inch laminated plywood to the base 2. install 3/8 inch backer board with one inch screws 3. ceramic tile over the backer board 4. be sure to pay attention to what type of back splash you are going to use
Q:Has anybody made a claim for and been paid for the cement board siding class action lawsuit?
Dont has some good examples of past class action lawsuits and for a really good read, read Grisham's the king of Torts. Right now I am actually a part of a class to recover FOREX fees on my credit card. I have lost probably a few hundred dollars i expect to be granted $5! Wahoo!
Q:Can cement board be directly approved for cement?
The cement board is made of stones, sand, cement and steel.
Q:The difference between asbestos cement fiberboard and cement fiberboard
Non-asbestos cement fiberboard and cement fiber board is the main difference between a main inside of the fiber with asbestos, one is useless, because China is a major producer of asbestos, Europe and the United States did not, so Europe and the United States said that asbestos harmful not to use, Of the product imports, but the domestic scientific research to confirm the usual use of asbestos are chrysotile, the human body is not harmful

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