Reinforced Fiber Cement Board Usd For Wall

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Product Description:

Product Applications:

UV Siding Fiber Cement Board
1. Cheaper Than Marble, Bigger Than Ceramics
2. High Density Fiber Cement Board As Substrat

UV Siding Fiber Cement Board

1. Cheaper Than Marble, Bigger Than Ceramics
2. High Density Fiber Cement Board As Substrat

Ideal Substitute of Marble or Ceramics, Because of The Low Price, Lighter Weight, and Bigger Size of Our Product.


Product Advantages:

1. High density fiber cement board as substrate.

2. UV painting on the surface, Various of Patterns Includes Marble, Wooden, and Solid, Glossy and        Matt for Every Pattern.

3. For Interior Wall and Ceiling Only.

4. Widely used in Hospitals, Hotels, Schools, Offices, Subways, and Laboratories.


Fireproof:  "ASTM-E84 FLAME SPREAD INDEX"  =   0,              STANDARD   <=  25

Smoke:     "ASTM-E84 SMOKE DEVELOPED INDEX" =5,            STANDARD   <= 25

Weather Test:  "ASTM-G155"  =  4,                                          STANDARD (3,5)

Main Product Features:


Standard Size: 1.22M*2.44M / 4'*8'

Thickness: 6MM

Weight: 30Kg

Surface Hardness: 3H


Product Specifications:









(Weathering Test)




(Flexural Strength) (Dry)




(Flexural Strength)(Saturated)




(Water Absorption)




(Wet Expansion)






Reinforced  Fiber  Cement  Board  Usd For Wall

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Q:I want to skateboard and i can ollie fine on rug but when i try it on cement the board moves and stuff?
Your pushing your board back with your feet. Try not to do this and practice. The only way to be good in skateboarding is practicing everything hard.
Q:what kind of compound and tape do i use when putting up cement board?
Use mesh tape and thinset mortar. They make a special tape for this that is wider than the mesh you use for drywall. Hope this helps.
Q:What is the difference between cement board decoration and gypsum board?
Gypsum board is gypsum as the main material, adding fiber, adhesive, modifier, by mixing to suppress, dry from. With the fire, noise, heat, light, high strength, low shrinkage characteristics, because the gypsum board is relatively easy to putty, generally used to decorate the paint to paint latex paint, but poor water resistance, not suitable for use in humid environments The
Q:Backerboard, Cement Board, Blue Board. Call it whatever. Anyone found an easy way to cut it?
Yep, there's a circular saw blade made just for this purpose. Look for it where they sell the Hardie products. I replace all the trim on a two story house with Hardie 1 X 4s and the blade still had some life left in it.
Q:am Laying Floor Tile and was Wondering if the Mesh Tape for Cement Board is the Same as you use for Drywall?
It's similar, but wider. Hope this helps.
Q:What's the best way to get a smooth cut on 1/2 cement board?
a diamond blade is good yes, but running it perfectly straight is the difficult part. Make your self a straight edge so your saw or angle grinder can rest against it as your cutting ( say the blade is 50mm from the saw base or angle grinder guard, put your straight edge 50mm away from your line) when it is cut get a piece of cement board and rub it along your cut to achieve a factory finish you could also buy a cement board blad ( it has only 4 teeth and it can fit onto your circular saw,) other then that you can use an angle grinder with a diamond blade.
Q:What kind of cirrcular saw blade do I use to cut cement board?
you can use a diamond blade to cut cement boards, gets pretty dusty though but can be pretty helpful when there are a lot of obstructions to cut around
Q:Adhesive method of cement board and cement wall
Liquid nail suitable for: wood, gypsum board. Medium density fiberboard, wood, stone, cement, brick, tiles, metal, plastic, glass and other building materials used in high-strength bonding. That is to say "a wide range of applications, can be used in the nail inconvenient but need to fixed structure of the field." After the use of interior decoration without nails, no nail decoration more elegant appearance.
Q:New Construction house, when can I install the cement backer in bathrooms?
hang away my friend
Q:Poured cement basement foundation history?
Yes (and as 2 other people already said) Concrete was in use long before then, in fact it is very much in use then, also if the walls are in real good shape that means they didn't pour cheap and let it cure long enough before moving on! Pour cheap basically means that when pouring concrete you mix several ingredients and if you cheapen the mix (more for non load bearing walls) or don't let it cure long enough (which final curing takes years) (see sources below for better explaining) Another way to find out if they re-poured 15 years ago is to look for support beams that look like they have been clamped onto!

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