Reinforced Fiber Cement Board Usd For Wall

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Product Description:

Product Applications:

UV Siding Fiber Cement Board
1. Cheaper Than Marble, Bigger Than Ceramics
2. High Density Fiber Cement Board As Substrat

UV Siding Fiber Cement Board

1. Cheaper Than Marble, Bigger Than Ceramics
2. High Density Fiber Cement Board As Substrat

Ideal Substitute of Marble or Ceramics, Because of The Low Price, Lighter Weight, and Bigger Size of Our Product.


Product Advantages:

1. High density fiber cement board as substrate.

2. UV painting on the surface, Various of Patterns Includes Marble, Wooden, and Solid, Glossy and        Matt for Every Pattern.

3. For Interior Wall and Ceiling Only.

4. Widely used in Hospitals, Hotels, Schools, Offices, Subways, and Laboratories.


Fireproof:  "ASTM-E84 FLAME SPREAD INDEX"  =   0,              STANDARD   <=  25

Smoke:     "ASTM-E84 SMOKE DEVELOPED INDEX" =5,            STANDARD   <= 25

Weather Test:  "ASTM-G155"  =  4,                                          STANDARD (3,5)

Main Product Features:


Standard Size: 1.22M*2.44M / 4'*8'

Thickness: 6MM

Weight: 30Kg

Surface Hardness: 3H


Product Specifications:









(Weathering Test)




(Flexural Strength) (Dry)




(Flexural Strength)(Saturated)




(Water Absorption)




(Wet Expansion)






Reinforced  Fiber  Cement  Board  Usd For Wall

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Q:do i need to put vapor barrier behind cement backerboard in shower?
Vapor barrier a good idea, 6 mil poly. Yes tape joints with proper materials, not standard tape & spackle. Overlap flange, but leave space between top of base and backer. Once you have installed backer board, stand on shower base and check for squeaks/rubbing at base/backer board. Cut backer if you hear anything....
Q:What is a cement board?
There are many kinds of cement board, according to the grade is divided into ordinary cement board, fiber cement board, fiber cement pressure plate; according to the intensity is divided into non-pressure plate (ordinary board), fiber reinforced cement board, high density fiber cement pressure plate; Mainly divided into chrysotile asbestos fiber cement board and non-asbestos fiber cement board.
Q:Can I use plaster behind the kitchen {back splash tiles} for wall placement? RE:?
It You should be just fine!
Q:I have laid ed cement board down but I did not stagnate the boards.Will this affect the ceramic tile.?
If there is a good sub surface then the fact you did not stagger the boards should not affect the tile. If the boards move then you will have cracks in the grout and the tiles may come up.
Q:Will the decoration of the cement board with the kind of thin how many species
Decorated with a paper gypsum board, calcium silicate board (cement board). The latter is relatively strong but can be used for ceiling partition, the former ceiling of the latter more than cut off.
Q:I have cement block walls.. how do I prepare them for glass mosaic tiles?
whats your intention? just a decorative backsplash and/or accent? as long as the masonry is in sound condition (i.e: joints are solid and there isn't any efflorescence, or deterioration of the block face), and take proper steps to clean the substrate thoroughly (remove any oil/paint). if you had the intentions of making a shower enclosure, i would recommend making further preparations. depending on your choice of tile colour (light vs. dark), i would select the co-ordinating thin-set pigment, and possibly a scratch coat if choosing a lighter colour. when applying the thin-set with your trowel, avoid using the notched edge. otherwise, its possible that you may be able to see the notching through the glass tiles.
Q:Application of cement pressure plate
Cement pressure plate can be used for LOFT steel structure sandwich, movable room wall floor and so on.
Q:What is the difference between cement calcium silicate board and cement fiberboard
Cement fiberboard, also known as fiber cement board. Is based on siliceous, calcium material as the main raw material, adding plant fiber, through the pulp, copy, pressure, curing from a new type of building materials. After the high-pressure production of cement fiber board, also known as fiber cement pressure plate, its performance is better than the non-pressurized cement fiber board. Fiber cement board length and width of the standard specifications are 1200 * 2400mm and 1220 * 2440mm, manufacturers can basically customize the length of 2000-2500mm, width of 1000-1250mm within any specifications, other specifications can be cut on this basis. Fiber cement cement board thickness of 2.5,3,3.5,4,5,6,8,9,10,12,15,18,20,24,25,30,40,60,90 mm, the strength of the manufacturers Can be customized within any thickness of 2.5-100mm. Thickness of 4mm or less known as ultra-thin plate, 4-12mm become a conventional plate, 15-30mm and above known as thick plate, 30mm or more known as the thick plate. No small press manufacturers can only produce 6-12mm ordinary cement board; general manufacturers can only produce 4-12mm conventional board, thick plate to do well, thick plate can not do; thickness 2.5-100mm can do the manufacturers The country is small. Cement fiber board is widely used, the sheet can be used for ceiling materials, perforation can be used as sound-absorbing ceiling. Conventional board can be used for wall and / or decorative materials, thick plate can be used as LOFT steel floor board, attic board, external wall insulation board, wall panels and so on.
Q:Can I use cement board as a subfloor instead of plywood?
If joists are spaced 24 inches then you need 1.5 inches of subfloor under the cement board. if joists are spaced 16 inches then you need 3/4 inches of sublfoor under the cement board Those are the generalities.
Q:Can you use rubber cement on a science fair poster board to glue papers down?
Rubber cement will damage some plastics and polished surfaces. If that is not a problem, then it can form a strong yet flexible bond, so may be suitable for your purpose.

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