High Density Fiber Cement Board

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Product Description:

1,Structure of (Cement Boards) Description

fiber cement board
light weight
water resistant
fire resistant
dimension stable

Fiber cement board

reinforced cement composite panel is a light weight cement product, been compounded of cement,silicate aggregate, polystyrene beads, reinforced mineral mesh fiber , the panel can boast superior fire ,thermal and acoustic properties, as well as being 30% stronger than alternative sheathing material, its resistance to moisture, it can applicable for use in most of construction or renovation project.

2,Main Features of the (Cement Boards)

Basic Uses:suited as an underlayment or backing surface for exterior wall and interior wall


a-has 2 design for edges,bevel or pressed taper edge,which is convenient for joint.and does not break during transport

b- is approved as a substrate for direct applied finishes,tiles,stone,and thin brick in exterior application

c- us suitable for use in combustible area,which been test under ASTM E84 and 119

d- is highly moisture resistant,and will not rot,disintegrate or swell when expose to water

e-is light weight and high strength,however can be cut utilizing a standard utility knife and staightedge.


a-joints should be treated with alkali resistant fiber glass mesh tape

b-can not use in bearing structure

c-can not use as water tank

3,(Cement Boards) Images

High  Density  Fiber Cement Board


4,(Cement Boards) Specification


Fiber Cement Board 

5,FAQ of (Cement Boards

1.Hold by Wooden Pallet

2.Covered by PVC and Bonded with plastic belt

3.Fasten around the corners

4.Mounted in container to protect your purchasing

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Q:How to put tiles on the cement board
1, tiles to use cement, those bags to the construction team to do, to pay special attention, they are not responsible for maintenance, often shoddy, with poor quality cement, each bag can be less 5 yuan, they can earn more than 200 yuan The 2, in the smooth cement wall, the ground is calendering. In the shop before the wall and the ground should be hair. Can not put the brick directly on the wall paint above. 3, in the original tile on the floor of the new floor tiles, the original floor tiles must first knock down and then shop! Otherwise it is difficult to affix. 4, floor tiles often used dry shop, wall with wet shop. 5, with light steel keel, cement board bag riser, in the cement board on the tile, to hang wire mesh. Or easy to fall out.
Q:When installing tile and hardwood on a cement slab, do I need a vapor barrier down first?
Porcelain or clay tiles can be glued directly on concrete. For hardwood, I suggest a floating floor over a vapor barrier.
Q:How do I remove cement board that has been screwed into and bonded with thinset to wooden subfloor?
big *** crow bar, thats how i did my kitchen, yep it sucks. you can get a nice one for this in the garden section its made for digging holes but has a nice flat section, for what I dont know but it teats a floor up,
Q:Is GAF TOPCOAT Membrane a good idea to use on my wetroom bathroom walls as a waterproofer over cement board?
bad idea. you are writing about a roofing material and your cement board already is the right material to use. topcoat means just that. is the GAF product to be the finish of your bath? course not!
Q:How to raise cement board under vanity to make it even with the rest of the tile floor?
you can use floor leveller. you can but it at home depot,$35, follow the instuctions as far as how much water to add. it mixes into a watery slurry that levels it self once poured. it hardens as hard as cement and then you can glue your tile to it.
Q:What is the difference between cement board decoration and gypsum board?
Cement pressure plate is based on natural fibers and cement as raw material, by the pulp, forming, cutting, pressing
Q:what do i do if the cement board doesn't line up with the exiting drywall?
can you cut a notch (rabbet) in the end of the cement board so it will go over the pan without sticking out further than the drywall?
Q:How to remove plaster from cement board?
By the use of paraffine
Q:Can cement fiber board be attached to fire board?
Can be posted, with a non-stick adhesive paste, no problem. But the cement fiberboard originally belong to a1 grade fireproof material. Can not be posted in the
Q:Does anyone know how to stop bathroom walls (hardibacker cement board) from sweating?
is it the outside wall.it may need to be insulated.

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