High Density Fiber Cement Board

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1,Structure of (Cement Boards) Description

fiber cement board
light weight
water resistant
fire resistant
dimension stable

Fiber cement board

reinforced cement composite panel is a light weight cement product, been compounded of cement,silicate aggregate, polystyrene beads, reinforced mineral mesh fiber , the panel can boast superior fire ,thermal and acoustic properties, as well as being 30% stronger than alternative sheathing material, its resistance to moisture, it can applicable for use in most of construction or renovation project.

2,Main Features of the (Cement Boards)

Basic Uses:suited as an underlayment or backing surface for exterior wall and interior wall


a-has 2 design for edges,bevel or pressed taper edge,which is convenient for joint.and does not break during transport

b- is approved as a substrate for direct applied finishes,tiles,stone,and thin brick in exterior application

c- us suitable for use in combustible area,which been test under ASTM E84 and 119

d- is highly moisture resistant,and will not rot,disintegrate or swell when expose to water

e-is light weight and high strength,however can be cut utilizing a standard utility knife and staightedge.


a-joints should be treated with alkali resistant fiber glass mesh tape

b-can not use in bearing structure

c-can not use as water tank

3,(Cement Boards) Images

High  Density  Fiber Cement Board


4,(Cement Boards) Specification


Fiber Cement Board 

5,FAQ of (Cement Boards

1.Hold by Wooden Pallet

2.Covered by PVC and Bonded with plastic belt

3.Fasten around the corners

4.Mounted in container to protect your purchasing

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Q:How to solve the old concrete and the new pouring between the concrete does not leak it?
This expansion of 50 * 100cm concrete floor, the first is to ensure the safety of the structure, need to consider the wall load and the floor will bear the live load, there is no high stiffness of several I-beam or angle as a beam, feel unsafe. It is recommended to install three beams, concrete inside can not use steel. Wall holes do not need too much, with mortar fixed I-beam or angle steel, mortar hardening for three days after the follow-up operation.
Q:Wood fiber cement board | US rock cement board use
Wood fiber cement board is a kind of natural wood and natural cement, the use of high-pressure slurry technology integrated sheet. With excellent characteristics of wood and cement.
Q:Can i tile over plywood floor, without using cement board?
it is not the proper way to do it im guessing someone at home depot told you to use cement board but if your tiling not with sticky tiles it will work perfectly fine. me and my mom done it with exterior tiles on a back porch which is not heated if your using it for something thats going to be wet alot also if your doing this for something thats going to last do it the right way . for example our back porch is done without cement board the grout cracked in a few spots and a tile broke because of an accident also some tiles are not stuck to the floor they came up and we used a good amount of tile adhesive our front porch is done with cement board and its even in a colder climate in winter and is flawless.
Q:Backerboard, Cement Board, Blue Board. Call it whatever. Anyone found an easy way to cut it?
How To Cut Blue Board
Q:How do I install a Cork bulletin board on a cement wall?
Use construction adhesive such as PL400 or Liquid Nails. If you ever need to take the board down, use acetone to soften the glue and and use a putty knife to peel the glue off, any remaining glue can be wiped off with a rag and acetone.
Q:If I put two 12ft 2x4 in 5 gallon bucket of cement to make a sign will it be to heavy and tip?
Hard to say. Just one 12' long 2x4 in a 5 gal bucket of cement should be rock steady, but hang a banner big enough to catch the wind between the tops of two like that and the whole thing could tip over fairly easily depending on the wind and the size of the banner.
Q:can you use cement board as a subfloor?
First of all, you sub-floor is the 3/4 plywood. Anything over that is overlayment. What goes over that is the flooring. I agree with the 1/4 luan. What I don't agree with is why in the world would anyone use peel and stick flooring.
Q:Poured cement basement foundation history?
Glue is not going to work for you... You should put a vapour barrier down first (under the bottom plate). This can be 'Sill gasket' (which is foam on a roll about 6 wide...) or tar paper or even just 6 mil plastic. This will prevent the bottom plate from 'drawing moisture' through the concrete. Usually a basement floor is only a few inches (at best) deep of concrete and then there's stone and dirt below that. Moisture will pass through concrete over time and if the conditions are right, mould will grow in a few years... in your bottom plate and lower studs. I always use tar paper, set the position of the bottom plate, drill with a concrete bit and then use a hammer-in type anchor... These anchors work like a pin driven down through a hollow shaft that expands. You drill right through the bottom plate and the floor, set one of these in the top of the board and whack it with a hammer to pound the pin into the hollow shaft that you stuck in the hole in the wood... works awesome, easier and cheaper than tapcons and really strong at one every 16 or so (between the vertical studs). Home Depot has them by the box in different sizes... Good Luck!
Q:Why cant i ollie on cement?
Slide front up and put all ur weight in back then transfer weight to the front
Q:any ideas for covering up old patio besides covering w/ tile. Cement is 2 colors and would to even out?
There are concrete stains that you might look into. I've seen them in several colors. Check at your nearest hardware store and see what they know. There might still be a little color difference, but at least it may even the colors out more.

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