High Density Fiber Cement Board

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1,Structure of (Cement Boards) Description

fiber cement board
light weight
water resistant
fire resistant
dimension stable

Fiber cement board

reinforced cement composite panel is a light weight cement product, been compounded of cement,silicate aggregate, polystyrene beads, reinforced mineral mesh fiber , the panel can boast superior fire ,thermal and acoustic properties, as well as being 30% stronger than alternative sheathing material, its resistance to moisture, it can applicable for use in most of construction or renovation project.

2,Main Features of the (Cement Boards)

Basic Uses:suited as an underlayment or backing surface for exterior wall and interior wall


a-has 2 design for edges,bevel or pressed taper edge,which is convenient for joint.and does not break during transport

b- is approved as a substrate for direct applied finishes,tiles,stone,and thin brick in exterior application

c- us suitable for use in combustible area,which been test under ASTM E84 and 119

d- is highly moisture resistant,and will not rot,disintegrate or swell when expose to water

e-is light weight and high strength,however can be cut utilizing a standard utility knife and staightedge.


a-joints should be treated with alkali resistant fiber glass mesh tape

b-can not use in bearing structure

c-can not use as water tank

3,(Cement Boards) Images

High  Density  Fiber Cement Board


4,(Cement Boards) Specification


Fiber Cement Board 

5,FAQ of (Cement Boards

1.Hold by Wooden Pallet

2.Covered by PVC and Bonded with plastic belt

3.Fasten around the corners

4.Mounted in container to protect your purchasing

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Q:What are the differences between the gypsum board and the cement pressure plate and the Eide board?
Gypsum board is gypsum as the main material, adding fiber, adhesive, modifier, by mixing to suppress, dry from. With fire, noise, heat, light, high strength, low shrinkage and other characteristics, the general use to the finishes, such as partitions, partitions, ceiling, veneer, but poor water resistance, not suitable for wet environments.
Q:can you use cement board as a subfloor?
no and you need 1/4 luan or underlayment do not use particle board will not stick for any extended period of time
Q:What tools do I need to put in some cement borders (curbing) in my yard?
You will need something to shape the area. If curved, use some kind of flexible, cheap flower bed border stuff, and use boards if straight. I did my own cement work earlier this summer, and girl, make sure all your muscles are in shape! Be sure to stir it real well, then pour. I love cement!
Q:What should i use for new shower walls,the green board or the cement board?
1 st three answer are very correct. I have one VERY good suggestion. Pick a tile that has a return type piece of trim that will cover the edge of the cement board as you put the cement board OVER the green board. This gives you the absolute BEST water protection in a well used shower. Do this rather than recessing the cement board and have it flush w/ the dry wall ,although this is a good way to do it if the tile only has a SBN ( surface bull nose). Any questions you can e mail me and check out my qualifications thru my avatar. GL
Q:FC sound-absorbing board is what material
FC board is made of pressurized fiber cement board as panel, with sandwich material in the factory processing production of composite wall panels.
Q:I recently bought a house. It has a wood stove on cermanic tile. The wall just has cement backer board.?
Fireplace shops sell different types of wall boards than meet most building codes. Try to find a dealer that sells your brand of wood stove. They should have access to manufacturers recommendations on safety clearances. You might also get the information on line. Give them the model of your wood stove.
Q:What are some inexpensive and creative ways to decorate a cement block basement?
get some cheap floresent light fixture at lowes or home depot get lots of them get some heat lamps and some potting mix and large pots and start your own basement marijuanna farm and rake in the dough then with the money by your dream home
Q:Does Cement Board help to block out the noise from next door?
no cement board is used to give you a cement like area to put tile on to, you need something that will absorb sound like foam pads in the wall, but i dont think you landlord will go for it Good luck
Q:Cement fiber pressure plate, fiber cement pressure plate (FC board), cement asbestos board, mineral wool decorative plate. Are these all the same? Where are they used?
Technical indicators Transverse flexural strength: 25.4 (MPa); longitudinal flexural strength: 27.1 (MPa) Impact strength: 2.72 (KJ / m2); density: 1.7 to 1.9 (g / cm3) Impermeable: 24H bottom without water droplets appear; Frost resistance: 25 cycles of freeze-thawing without cracks, stratification. Non-flammable: in line with GB8624A class. Can provide test report, report based on: JC / T412.2-2006 The products are widely used in various types of buildings inside and outside the wall, ceiling, curtain wall lining, sound-absorbing barrier, composite wall panels and furniture, toys, pad, aluminum, electric stove, electrical, Insulation and other industrial use in the field Mineral wool decorative panels are mainly slag as the main raw material produced, mainly for indoor ceiling, sound-absorbing ceiling.
Q:Can fiber cement board be used as an external wall?
Fiber cement board as long as a physical performance is also the reason for the selection of many chemical raw materials manufacturers, A-class fire-retardant, especially in the event of fire will produce harmful substances in the northern winter insulation material is very necessary, in some Large-scale warehouses or logistics where the sound insulation is very important, but we Shima building materials production of pressurized fiber cement board in full compliance with these conditions, large-scale logistics warehouse in Meishan, Chengdu are using the cement board As the external walls, the wall of the wall is the use of light steel keel in the calcium silicate board, this environmentally friendly materials together to form a real green building

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