exterior wooden grain board

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1LUTAI wooden grain board is a stable performance and light weight building &decoration board adopted the high grade sand ,silicate,natural fiber and other materials,with high temperature and high pressure.So having the advantage of light-weight, high-strength ,heat insulation, fire-proof,water-proof, well-decoration effect, faster-working, space –saving and so on .

Thickness : 6mm-15mm

Size :1200*2400mm, 1220*2440mm,  200*2400mm ,  200*2440mm

2Product characteristics :

Density :1.4G/CM3

Fire-proof  Rate : A-Class incombustible (GB8624-1997)

Incombustibility(min): 240 minutes (GB/T9978-1999)

Water content : 10%

Water absorption rate: 30%

Swelling ratio: 0.4%

Anti-bending Strength: 12MPA

Water impermeability: the reverse side of board does not appear dripping after 24 hours

Frost resistance : Don’t appear cracking and delamination after 25 cycles of freezing and thawing . (GB/T7019-1997)

Radioactivity: standard of GB6566-2001 (A-class Decoration Materials)3,Recommed application:

Villa ,apartment, business building, operating room, factory ,school wall

panel ,renovation project, interior decoration and so on .  

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Q:Can you tile over painted wallboard or do you always need to use cement backer board?
Cement board is only needed around a tub or shower, Adhere the tile with a modified thinset adhesive. Use mastic (glue made for tile) on the existing drywall rather than thinset on the rest of the room.
Q:Can I just paint a stone on a cemented fiberboard?
Can be painted, and my 6 big house is used to make this kind of plate for the compartment, for the rental.
Q:How can I tell if my walls are normal drywall or cement board?
most likely the builder used greenboard in the area you are referring to. That is unless your house was built before 1947. Old houses most likely have lath and plaster walls and are even better than cement board. If I was a betting man, I would say that your walls are not covered with cement board. How to tell: Enlarge the hole where the shower head is to go and inspect the hole and the debris that comes out.
Q:Home decoration ceiling with what plate is it?
Ette cement board, usually called cement board. Stability is better than gypsum board. Not easy to deformation, good moisture resistance. The price is almost gypsum board Oh
Q:Cement fiberboard dry hanging practice?
To see where you use, if the wall in the words of the channel and angle iron with the wall of the bracket, and then the cement board with nails fixed to the bracket above, and then inside the insulation material filling, etc., if it is inside The wall of the words with a good light steel keel on it, and then insulation or sound insulation of the material
Q:Is Backer board and Cement Board the same thing?........?
Same thing. Backer board is a general term. Backer board can be 1/4 thick. can be a wood substrate used for tile is certain circumstances ( not yours), it can be the Hardi board which is a cementrous type board. Basically a backer board any thing that goes under any tile . You should get the cement board for your application. And if your doing a shower and he/she didn t suggest it, a vapor barrier is also needed under the cement board.in the shower area. Any questions you e mail me through my avatar and check my qualifications there. GL
Q:Do you have to use backerboard if mortaring thin stone to cement?
No backer needed. I've seen professionals rock right over brick and concrete.
Q:How to put tiles on the cement board
Often these are done on man-made walls or after the pillars have to be done. because. When you need to paste that wall, the cement mill should be dry.
Q:Lightweight composite wallboard can not be attached to the wall
Light, economical, cost-effective. Infrastructure design began to use lightweight partition, can greatly reduce the structure and the basis of cost, and optimize the beam and column structure, the overall layout of the room more reasonable, more use of the function. Increase the use of area, improve the construction period. Economic benefits are more superior. After the use of lightweight composite wall panels, the weight of the building is reduced, the cross-section of the component is reduced, the seismic force is reduced, so that the overall force has improved, the internal force of the beam and the column is reduced accordingly, so the reinforcement is also reduced , And reduced the structural cost.
Q:can I install hardwood over cement backer board?
Depends. If it is nail down flooring, not good. If it is snap together floating flooring, no problem.

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