Fiber Cement Board specification

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Product Description:

1,Structure of (Cement Boards) Description

fiber cement board
100% non-asbestos
size: 1200 x 2400mm, 1220 x 2440mm
thickness: 4.5mm to 18mm

fiber cement board  

Using high quality fiber and mineral substances as main content,It was made by advanced technique

Product Description



2,Main Features of the (Cement Boards)


Standard Specifications:

1) 2440 × 1220 × 4.5-18MM

2) 2400 × 1220 × 4.5-18MM

3) 3050× 1220 ×  5-18MM

4) 3660× 1220 × 5-18MM

The other specification is also avaliable



Main mechanical performance:



3,(Cement Boards) Images

Fiber Cement Board specification


4,(Cement Boards) Specification


Bending StrengthMpa6MMWidth: >18
Length: >14
9MM&12MM-18MMWidth: >16
Length: >13
Water Absorption% <10%
Thermal Contraction% <0.06(w/mk) (30 °C )
Densityg/cm3 1.3-1.4
Freezing ResistanceAfter 25 Freezing cycles No Delaminated
Combustibility- Incombustible (class A)
Fire Resistance LimitMin 2 Layers Mineral Wool:180
Thermal ConductivityW/(m • k) <0.12
Wall Average Acoustical Deduction FactordB 2 Layers 50mm Mineral Wool: 44
Impact Strengthkg/C :2.0
Watertight24h No Water Drop at the bottom for 24/h



5,FAQ of (Cement Boards

Main Characteristics:

1)excellent fire-proof

2)excellent damp-proof

3)Durability and long service life

4)high strength

5)stable dimensions

6)good heat and sound insulation


8)mould resistant

9)no deformation

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Q:Fiber reinforced silicate board which is good
Pummelian fiber reinforced silicate fire board by the selected quartz powder, mica, perlite and high quality plant fiber and a variety of mineral fibers and then supplemented by cement and add special fire materials, high temperature, high pressure steaming, High stability known to Tobima to stone crystal structure-based high-tech green energy-saving light construction fire board.
Q:5mm cement fiber board how much money a square?
The price of cement fiberboard is not fixed, and according to the density of the board, the thickness of the gap is very different, usually the conventional board from 6mm-24mm between about 10-37 per square meter
Q:how to make cement backer board for bathroom wall tiling?
the other people answering are inexperienced. forget them. leave the drywall that is already there. install the tile with an upgraded mortar like flexbond ($30 a bag) as opposed to regular mortar at $15 a bag. the tile will be going nowhere, vent fan or no vent fan. put your tiles pretty tight together to avoid the use of alot of grout. water gets in through the grout lines which makes the tiles come loose. seal the grout with a can of grout sealer every so often so moisture doesnt get behind the tiles.
Q:What kind of mortar do you use to tape joints in cement backer board?
thin set. the same mortar you use to set the tiles with.
Q:Tiling a Bathroom floor, stick to cement or install cement backer board?
Always use backer board! Expansion and contraction will crack every grout joint if you dont use it. The only exception is if you use a rubber based emulsion on the floor first and add fiberglass mesh. I dont know of one county in the United States that has building code other than what I stated. Look up the United States UBC (Uniform Building Code). Dont take my word for it... Contact your local building inspectors office and ask. They are there to protect the consumer and residents against guys like the one that posted before me (with all due respect).
Q:What kind of cirrcular saw blade do I use to cut cement board?
you can use a diamond blade to cut cement boards, gets pretty dusty though but can be pretty helpful when there are a lot of obstructions to cut around
Q:How does the fiberboard be sunked?
Water wet, or let it damp, once again flat after the natural dry.
Q:How to remove the paint on the surface of the cement board
Cement ladder on the paint, if it is to be in the above pavement marble, do not have to remove the paint. It is very strenuous thing. But with a chisel to ladder out some of the nest, that is, on the line on the line. This can be improved with marble and stickiness.
Q:What is the national standard for the thickness and hardness of indoor residential cement?
The surface of the wall is the cement mortar leveling layer, the general thickness is not required, the mortar cement ratio, cement label, flatness and so on are required. Look at your situation, it should be cement mortar in the proportion of cement is too low, you can find the developer claims, but it is best private or to the local construction commission of the quality inspection station complaints, the court reluctant to accept these small cases, say the time Also can not afford to drag.
Q:Does anyone know how to stop bathroom walls (hardibacker cement board) from sweating?
is it the outside may need to be insulated.

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