DZ108 Series Circuit Breakers

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Q:What is the difference between fuses and fuses?
Made a plug-in shape of a component, its internal core is the fuse.
Q:Why the resistance of the fuse to be large
When the material and shape of the fuse are determined, the resistance R is relatively constant (if its resistance temperature coefficient is not taken into account).
Q:How to classify fuses
Temperature fuse is divided into low melting point alloy and the temperature of the shape of the shape of the shape of the memory alloy and so on
Q:Why does the rated current of the fuse be based on the effective value as a standard?
And the effective value of the current from the integral point of view, is its effective heat effect. So not only the rated current of the fuse is expressed in terms of the rms value
Q:Is the fuse blown directly with copper wire?
While the melting point of copper wire is much higher than the lead tin, the current is still not large when the fuse will damage the electrical. If you can not find it,
Q:The difference between the fuse gG and the aR
At this time, the first letter indicates the function level, and the second letter indicates the object to be protected.
Q:When choosing a fuse, you must consider several elements
Time / current characteristics that fuse characteristics, points are fast break and slow off two models.
Q:Why can not the neutral line fuse
and the ground is not normal circumstances will be charged state (otherwise FireWire insurance should be action.)
Q:How does the fuse be classified
According to the rated voltage points, can be divided into: high-voltage fuses, low-voltage fuses and safety voltage fuses.
Q:Why not tighten the fuse more easily blown
The first is not to blow and fuse caused by power failure should not be power, followed by rapid damage to the terminal to make the switch scrapped.

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