HRC fuses and fuses base

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HRC fuses and fuses base

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Q:Fuse inspection check how to do?
fuse fuse signal is normal.
Q:Quickly disconnect the fuse and cut off the fuse slowly
Time current characteristics are not the same, the standard of their overload fuse characteristics of the specific provisions
Q:Why can not the neutral line fuse
And when the zero line fuse blown after the shell is only in the ground insulation is not good
Q:How to read the fuse ring
gold means 5%, silver means 10%. Note: colorless means 20%. Color and digital control brown red orange yellow green blue purple gray black gold and silver on behalf of the number 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 0.1 0.2 Nb represents the error% + 1-1 + 2-2 + 0.5-0.5 + 0.2-0.2 0.1 + 5-20 + 5-5 + 10-10 effective 0 number 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 -1 -2 cases have a resistance
Q:What does fuse insurance mean?
When the circuit occurs short circuit or over current, through the melt current to heat; when the melt metal melting temperature to achieve their own fuse
Q:Why can not the electric faucet be used to reset the fuse automatically?
Professional manufacturers and people know: If you can automatically reset the fuse, the equivalent of only play a role in over-temperature protection and the actual elimination of anti-dry protection
Q:What is the role of the circuit breaker
From the fact that the circuit breaker is a switch, it and other common switch of the main points are: 1. Applicable voltage level 2. Arc medium and way, there are vacuum, less oil, oil and sulfur hexafluoride, etc
Q:Fast break fuse and slow cut fuse difference
Purely resistive circuit (no or little surge) or need to protect the IC and other sensitive devices in the circuit must use fast-blow fuse
Q:When selecting a fuse, you must consider several elements
That is, if the circuit voltage is 125V, then the choice of the rated voltage 125V and 250V fuse can be used. If the circuit voltage is 250V, it can only use 250V fuse, and can not use 125V fuse.
Q:Where can the fuse be used?
If the circuit is correctly placed in the fuse, then the fuse will rise in the current to a certain height and a certain time

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