HRC fuses and fuses base

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HRC fuses and fuses base

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Q:What parts are the fuses divided
The melt is the main working part of the fuse. The melt is equivalent to a special wire connected in series in the circuit. When the circuit is short-circuited or overloaded
Q:Why can not change the fuse when replacing the fuse
so that will not burn the electrical use of the fuse resistance and thickness is inversely proportional to if the thick fuse,
Q:Fast break fuse and slow cut fuse difference
Fast break (fuse) fuse used for circuit boards or special equipment as long as the current exceeds its rated instantaneous fuse, can only be short-circuit protection.
Q:Fuse according to the breaking current range can be divided into several
General Purpose The breaking current range of the fuse refers to a range from the load current greater than the rated current of 1.6 to 2 times to the maximum breaking current.
Q:What is an open fuse
supported by the porcelain column, no bearing, suitable for low pressure outdoor use.
Q:The main parameters of the fuse selection
fuse fuse integral, is the fuse fuse fuse the required energy, also known as the fuse value I2t.
Q:Why not tighten the fuse more easily blown
Because there is no pressure to make the fuse at one end and the terminal contact at the first solution, great harm.
Q:How do I use a multimeter to detect if the fuse is broken
The method is to switch the multimeter to the voltage file position, (AC switch to the AC block, DC switch to the DC block) first check the two fuse on the pile head voltage (should be normal), and then check the two fuse under the pile head Voltage
Q:Is the fuse blown directly with copper wire?
But if the lead with the fuse, its melting point is low, when the current is too large when the fuse, you can protect the electrical.
Q:The difference between the fuse gG and the aR
in addition, in the DIAZED-fuse also marked "slow motion" and "fast action", IEC / CEE / DIN VDE have made this provision (DIN is the German national standard code, similar to the Chinese national standard number VDE is the world's leading certification body

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