Fuse switch and fuse pullers

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Fuse switch and fuse pullers

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Q:What is the difference between the breaking capacity of the fuse and the fusing capacity
Should be breaking capacity and fuse characteristics
Q:Why the fuse resistance is large
A fuse is also known as a current fuse, and the IEC127 standard defines it as a "fuse-link". It is mainly due to overload protection.
Q:What is the melt of the fuse?
The melt current is typically one to two times the rated current.
Q:Why is the fuse broken
There is a short circuit in the circuit, resulting in short circuit current, short circuit current is too large fuse fuse
Q:Fuse fuse all the reasons
Fuse blown the essence: the current flows through the fuse heat, so that the fuse heat, if the heat can not be dispersed in time, the fuse continues to heat up to melt melting after the break.
Q:What are the precautions for using the fuse?
fuse protection characteristics should be protected with the overload characteristics of the object, taking into account the possible short-circuit current, the choice of the corresponding breaking capacity of the fuse.
Q:Is the home fuse fine fine or thick?
Rice cookers, cookers, water heaters that electricity is relatively large. Although it can not be used at the same time
Q:Fuse tube selection fuse factor
Rated current - In fuse rated current is its nominal rated current, usually the circuit can work long-term maximum current value.
Q:Fuse always burn ! Is the line short circuit yet?
the insurance has not been burned, indicating that all electrical work is normal no problem, while the use of electrical insurance It will burn, indicating that beyond the load, you can properly replace the fuse.
Q:What are the fuse, automatic repair fuse what principle
According to the protection of the form, can be divided into: over-current protection and overheating protection

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