Solar Panel | High efficiency and full certified

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50 watt
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4000 watt/month

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Quality and Safety

1. Rigorous quality control meets the highest international standards.

2. High-transmissivity low-iron tempered glass, strong aluminium frame.

3. Using UV-resistant silicon.

4. IS09001/14001/CE/TUV/UL  




1. 10 years limited product warranty

2. 15 years at 90% of the minimal rated power output

3. 25 years at 80% of the minimal rated power output


Technical date :

Solar Panel | High efficiency and full certified

Solar Panel | High efficiency and full certified

Solar Panel | High efficiency and full certified

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Solar Panel | High efficiency and full certified

Solar Panel | High efficiency and full certified

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Q:12V battery pack without protection board safe?
Can not. Resulting in lithium battery over discharge, affecting life.
Q:Why some ups battery pack to take the middle of the tap?
General high-frequency UPS battery pack will have a neutral line.
Q:Is the battery pack good for 18650 or the polymer?
In the security point of view, as 18650 battery reliable, such as electric vehicle battery pack, usually with 18650 battery composition.
Q:DC screen maintenance-free lead-acid battery pack how to charge, discharge?
DC screen debugging, connected to the AC power supply test AC dual power switching device is working properly, dual power switch device under the port voltage is normal. After the AC part of the test is normal, close the AC module of the charging module in turn to observe whether the module starts normally and measure the module output voltage and polarity. After the charging module starts normally and the output voltage and polarity are correct, turn on the battery switch and the bus switch to measure whether the voltage, polarity and polarity of the battery switch are correct, and observe whether the voltage meter is in the direction. turn.
Q:UPS battery pack maintenance time calculation?
Seeking time to maintain. S = C ÷ I = battery capacity ÷ output current 200 (ah) ÷ 39.0625 (A) = 5.12 (hours).
Q:48v420a battery pack bad one, what impact on the battery?
If you usually do not pay attention, often rapid acceleration or load is too large, the battery damage has been unable to repair, then, can only be replaced.
Q:The battery pack in the circuit diagram, which is a positive long and thin a short and thick?
Long vertical that the battery cathode, short vertical battery that the negative.
Q:What should the UPS battery pack remove and reassemble?
Place the battery in the upright direction and prohibit the use of the battery.
Q:A problem with the battery pack on-line balanced charging.
Valve-regulated sealed battery terminal voltage deviation, open-circuit voltage deviation, that is, the battery is in a static state of the voltage deviation, should not exceed 20mv.
Q:UPS and machine sharing the hazards of the battery pack.
If this does not work, such a parallel is false, up to be hot backup.

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