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Q:The difference between DC fuses and AC fuses
Alternating current is a sinusoidal waveform alternating conduction, the weekly wave has a zero, then the minimum value of electricity is very easy to extinguish the arc
Q:What is a closed fuse:
Fill the fuse with a general square tube, built-in quartz sand and melt, breaking capacity,
Q:What is the melt of the fuse?
The thermal inertia of the melt is very small, melting very quickly, usually in the filamentous copper or silver melt welding to fusible alloy (such as tin or cadmium alloy) of the small spherical melt
Q:What material can be used to make fuse fuse
Changing the shape of the variable cross-section can significantly change the fusing characteristics of the fuse
Q:Fuse blown current and time
and W = PT which can be seen from the fuse fuse current and time relationship.
Q:Why the fuse resistance is large
And because it has a certain heat and quality, the increase in heat is reflected in the temperature rise, when the temperature rose to the fuse above the melting point of the fuse occurred when the fuse
Q:Why can not the electric faucet be used to reset the fuse automatically?
Professional manufacturers and people know: If you can automatically reset the fuse, the equivalent of only play a role in over-temperature protection and the actual elimination of anti-dry protection
Q:When replacing the melt, it is required to
Before installing the new melt, find out the cause of the melt fuse, not determine the cause of the fuse, do not replace the melt test.
Q:What is the difference between resistance and resistance fuses
Have the function of resistance, but the resistance fuse is equal to the resistance plus fuse,
Q:The fuse is to prevent the circuit
the circuit will produce a lot of current through the fuse, the fuse will heat cut off the power to achieve the role of protection circuit to prevent the circuit

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