cylindriical fuse links and fuse holder

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cylindriical fuse links and fuse holder

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Q:When choosing a fuse, you must consider several elements
Which model depends on the protection of the fuse depends on the role of the circuit, if required to withstand the impact of a larger pulse current, overcurrent can play a protective role, this situation should choose slow-type fuse The
Q:Selection of melt rated current
Because a variety of electrical equipment has a certain overload capacity, allowing a long time under certain conditions to run;
Q:How to choose a fuse
the line in the fuse at all levels of the rated current to be matched with the melt to maintain the rated current must be greater than the next level of melt rated current
Q:What is the use of the fuse?
Low-voltage distribution system fuse is a security role in the protection of electrical appliances,
Q:Fuse fuse all the reasons
Fuse blown the essence: the current flows through the fuse heat, so that the fuse heat, if the heat can not be dispersed in time, the fuse continues to heat up to melt melting after the break.
Q:What is a jet fuse
Solid gas production materials can be used electric anti-white cardboard or plexiglass materials.
Q:Is the fuse blown directly with copper wire?
But if the lead with the fuse, its melting point is low, when the current is too large when the fuse, you can protect the electrical.
Q:What does fuse insurance mean?
accompanied by arcing and arc quenching process, followed by cutting off the fault circuit, play a protective role
Q:Where the induction cooker fuse is located
Burning power tube under normal circumstances there are several reasons, 1; into the high voltage. 2; water (majority). 3 power plug.
Q:Is the fuse the same as the fuse?
Has aroused the attention of experts and professors from the world.

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