cylindriical fuse links and fuse holder

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cylindriical fuse links and fuse holder

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Q:What is the difference between the breaking capacity of the fuse and the fusing capacity
Breaking capacity refers to the fuse at rated voltage, can withstand the maximum safe short-circuit current
Q:What is the principle of choosing a fuse?
he limit breaking current of the fuse should be greater than or equal to the effective value of the short-circuit impulse current that may occur in the protection circuit
Q:Fuse is an overcurrent protection appliance.
Fuse mainly by the melt and the two parts of the pipe and fill the composition and other components
Q:What is the self-recovery fuse:
thus limiting the short-circuit current.
Q:How to choose a fuse
the line in the fuse at all levels of the rated current to be matched with the melt to maintain the rated current must be greater than the next level of melt rated current
Q:Fuse always burn ! Is the line short circuit yet?
if the use of any of these appliances alone, it will burn insurance, that may be the electrical failure, it was caused by the professional electrical repair division to check the electrical friends
Q:Where the induction cooker fuse is located
Induction cooker as long as the burning of insurance, basically the power tube breakdown caused by, and some even with a rectifier bridge breakdown,
Q:Fast break fuse and slow cut fuse difference
Slow-breaking fuses also have short-circuit and overload protection functions
Q:What should you pay attention to when using high voltage fuses?
check the outdoor fuse of the conductive part of the contact is tight, the fuse itself with or without damage, insulation tube with or without damage;
Q:The main parameters of the fuse selection
fuse fuse integral, is the fuse fuse fuse the required energy, also known as the fuse value I2t.

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