Fuse Link NH3 of Different Sizes

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Product Description:

■ gG NH/NT Fuse-links
NH Protection

1. Product Description:

Is a non resettable disposable thermal protection device, low melting point alloy type RH, RF, RS series and organic chemistry type ry series, (such as electric fan, a motor, a transformer, electric cooker, the electric frying pan, disinfection cabinet, electric heating thermos, etc.). Fuse the temperature fuse in the equipment line, when the equipment does not work properly and lead to the temperature rise to set the protection value, the temperature fuse action to cut off the circuit, to prevent the safety accident.


2. Product Characteristic:

The product has a compact structure, good sealing performance, high sensitivity and reliability of action, low impact of electric current and vibration resistance, which is mainly used in the thermal protection of household appliances and industrial equipment.



Rated voltage:500V/690V AC   Rated breaking capacity:100kA
Standard specifications:IEC60269-2-1 EN60269-2-1 NFC63-210 UNE21.103 Class:gG-gL



With indicator

With striker


Order NO.


Order NO.


NH3/NT3 Fuse Link



2250 315

2150 315



2250 355

2150 355


2250 400

2150 400


2250 425

2150 425


2250 250

2150 250


2250 600

2150 600


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Q:What is the difference between fuses and fuses?
We are accustomed to Shangjiang glass tube or soft lead wire called fuse, but the fuse is more complex in the structure than the fuse, if the fuse after the break has a sign
Q:What are the precautions for using the fuse?
the rated current of the fuse in each line of the line should be matched accordingly, and the rated current of the previous grade must be larger than the rated current of the next grade.
Q:Is the fuse the capacitor
Under normal operation, the polymeric resin tightly binds the conductive particles to the crystalline structure, forming a chained conductive path, where the self-healing fuse is in a low resistance state (a), and the current flowing through the self-recovery fuse
Q:How to classify fuses
According to the scope of use, can be divided into: power fuse, machine fuse, electrical instrument fuse (electronic fuse), car fuse.
Q:What material is used for the fuse
fuse is made of lead and antimony alloy; the second part of the electrode, usually two, it is an important part of the melt and circuit connection, it must have Good conductivity, should not produce a significant installation of contact resistance
Q:What is an open fuse
completely exposed to the air in the air
Q:What is a closed fuse:
for the voltage level 500V below the current level of 1KA the following circuit.
Q:What is the use of the fuse?
when the power grid or electrical equipment occurs short-circuit fault or overload,
Q:What is the fuse of the fuse?
when the arc off, the melting tube can be filled with different current levels of the melt,
Q:Why can not change the fuse when replacing the fuse
Fuse is to limit the current to ensure that the meter does not burn

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