Dusting Concrete Repairing Agent

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Dusting Concrete Repairing Agent


It's specially made for repairing concrete where there’s dust exposure due to weak wearing and abrasion resistance. By spraying it on the surface of concrete directly, it infiltrates into the inner part and forms a three dimensional crystal after chemical reaction with concrete. Consequently, it increases concrete strength and hardness, improves anti-wearing ability and brightens surface. It's easy for application.


1.Infiltrating and solidifying: It infiltrates into concrete for around 5-8mm and forms an intact structure after chemical reaction with substances in concrete.

2.Hardening: It improves concrete anti-wearing ability and increases compressive strength by 40%.

3.Dust-proofing: It not only extends concrete life expectancy, but also makes surface easy to clean and maintain.

4.Brightening: It brightens concrete surface and prevents water and oil penetration.

5.It works by infiltration completely, thus is no thick finish.

6.It can be applied on both new and old concrete floor.

7.High cost-efficiency.


It's applied on concrete or cement mortar floor surface to improve strength and anti-wearing ability. Except from the garage, warehouse and residential place, it’s used in underground parking lot, manufacturing factories and bridges.


Type I (hardening and anti-wearing): 1.0-1.5kg/m2

Type II (brightening and sealing): 0.3kg/m2.


1.Substrate Treatment

Clean the floor surface to make sure there is no dirt and visible water. Patch the damaged places with dusting concrete repairing agent (hardening and anti-wearing type) first. Then use high strength repairing materials for touch-up. Afterwards, strengthen and harden the floor again.

2.Spray Type I and make sure thorough absorption. After the surface is dried, spray a second time. Normally, twice or three times of spray is recommended. If there’s severe damage on the substrate, more can be adopted with the interval of 2 hours between each spray.

3.After the concrete floor surface is hardened, spray Type II directly without need of curing.

4.Application of Type II should be at least 24 hours after Type I.

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Q:Paste the culture of stone mortar into the construction site after the need to do material re-examination?
It is best to communicate with supervisors After all, the final data check is the quality supervision station inspection If the supervisor does not give advice Personal recommended mortar test block to send A mortar test block to check the cost is very cheap, and secondly to do a little bit of information always no harm
Q:What is the relationship between insulation mortar and insulation paste? Is it the same kind of material?
Insulation mortar generally refers to the cement, sand + other additives products for the insulation board bonding or wiping, especially the adhesive mortar or plaster (crack) mortar; insulation slurry generally refers to the product containing the insulation layer, the Products directly with the water on the wall can be stirred on the insulation effect, especially the polystyrene insulation paste or inorganic insulation slurry. Insulation mortar is a variety of lightweight materials for the aggregate, cement as cement, mixed with some modified additives, mixed by the production enterprises made of a mix of dry mortar. Mainly used for building exterior insulation, with the construction of convenient, good durability and so on. There are two kinds of insulation mortar on the market: . inorganic insulation mortar (vitrified microbead fire insulation mortar, composite aluminum silicate insulation mortar, perlite insulation mortar), . organic insulation mortar (powder polystyrene insulation mortar ).
Q:When using cement mortar, why is its bearing capacity lower than the same strength grade mixed mortar masonry masonry?
Mixed mortar due to the addition of lime paste to improve the workability of the mortar, the operation is more convenient, is conducive to masonry and work efficiency improvement During the construction process more than the use of mortar instead of gray mortar cement mortar, so mixed mortar can also be called to add mortar king of cement mortar However, with the increase in engineering experience, in the actual work found that the use of mortar Wang mixed mortar although the cost savings, but the masonry strength of the situation found that, especially for some brick and concrete structure, affecting the broad masses of the people The safety of life All around the introduction of the relevant local requirements, in general construction is strictly prohibited But the advantages of mortar king is obvious, so a lot of material workers, but also tireless efforts to this research Effect mortar king, can be 1 to 1000 instead of lime A ton of this product can replace a thousand tons of lime Mixing each bag of cement mixed mortar only need to put this product 50 grams (accounting for one thousandth of the amount of cement) For the construction unit to save a lot of construction funds, this product is mainly used for construction works in the masonry and plastering construction The product has to improve the workability of mortar, improve strength Impermeable to cancel the lime or lime paste, reduce construction costs, improve the working environment and so on And environmental protection, is a new green building materials So you can see the mortar king because of green, will gradually replace the mixed with white ash mortar
Q:In the external wall insulation material in a kind of inorganic active insulation mortar, I would like to ask this "activity" What is the meaning, how to explain?
In my years of experience in the external wall insulation industry, inorganic insulation mortar is nothing more than the common some inorganic insulation materials to add some cement powder mixed processing made of a kind of insulation material, the only advantage is the fire performance, Non-combustible materials, in addition to no other advantages, will not be added because of the storage arm of the arm of the braid raid raid "active" word will be reborn, common inorganic insulation mortar, glass beads or perlite Particles add cement, rubber powder and other additives mixed into a kind of insulation materials, but also add rock wool, sepiolite and other inorganic insulation materials. But the overall insulation effect is poor, especially in the north can not meet the 50-65% energy saving requirements.
Q:On the back of the indoor water and the surface of the problem
Back to the surface is the plastic seal is not as good as the water surface of the good. Greeting the surface is directly done in the bathroom, the back of the water is generally done in the bedroom.
Q:Civil building insulation materials, combustion performance grade A What is the material
In the benefits of low-carbon energy-saving thermal storage materials (slurry) can collect excess heat, timely and stable fit. To achieve the role of Dongnuanxialiang, the detection reached the national A-level fire safety standards. :
Q:Basement wall wipe 20 thick PG waterproof mortar, what is "PG waterproof mortar"?
Type: the market used in the construction industry in the species is still relatively rich, generally according to its production process in the addition of the chemical composition of the different waterproofing agent, the market can be divided into the following four categories: 1 , Chloride metal salt waterproofing agent;
Q:Is there any special material for tiles? Or only cement mortar?
Because before the paste with cement mortar, easy to fall, would like to ask if there is no other way to add the problem: it is better to say that the more detailed point
Q:What are the specific specifications of the external wall insulation material re-examination?
External wall insulation re-test work to meet the "GB-2007 building energy efficiency construction quality acceptance norms" requirements. Test items and their re-test items . glass wool insulation board: thermal conductivity, density, compressive strength or compressive strength. . polymer bonded mortar: bond strength. . alkali-resistant mesh cloth: mechanical properties, corrosion resistance. . the scene energy-saving drill heart test: at least three groups of sampling. . the scene pull test: at least three groups of samples.
Q:What is the usual leveling of the ground? By which type of work to complete?
As long as the basic level can be, and there is not a very good standard at all, in general, also by the tiling or the floor to sell the workers to complete

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