Concrete Interface Treatment Agent

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Concrete Interface Treatment Agent(ZY-1)

ZY-1 is a single component epoxy resin based concrete interface treatment agent. It aims to improve cement mortar adhesiveness to the concrete substrate to avoid hollowness and peeling in the plastering layer. MNC-303 can substitute alkali degreasing and roughness treatment to the concrete substrate.

ZY-1 concrete interface treatment agent is characterized by excellent adhesive performance, low price and convenient operation. It can be plastered under the wet condition after the treatment agent is applied on the base course, and thus the construction quality would be ensured easily.

ZY-1 should be mixed evenly before using. The concrete substrate should be firm and moisture. Detail application methods are as follow:
1. Plastering under wet condition --- Coating ZY-1 to the moisture concrete substrate, then plastering on the surface of the ZY-1 layer immediately, the plaster thickness should be controlled within 5mm. The addition rate in this way is 5 to 6 square meter per kilogram.
2. Plastering under dry condition --- Preparing a certain amount of adhesive solution with the proportion of ZY-1, cement, yellow sand at the ratio of 1 to1.5 to 2. Brush or toss the gel solution to the substrate, then plaster after drying. The addition rate in this way is 2 to 3 square meter per kilogram.

After applying ZY-1 on the surface of the concrete, the shearing strength between concrete and cement mortar is improved, even with better resistance performance to water, heat, moisture and freezing & thawing.

1. Compressive Strength:

Adhesive Strength (MPa)

Shear Strength (MPa)

Plastering under wet condition



Plastering under dry condition



2. The performance of water resistance and freezing & thawing resistance.

Test conditions

14 days indoor curing

2 days after immersion in water

25 times freezing/thawing cycles

7 days heat & moisture test box

Adhesive strength (MPa)





Note:  The above data sheet shows the adhesiveness after ZY-1 applying.  

Package & Storage

It is packed in 50kg/200kg per barrel. The shelf life is six month with temperature above 5 degree C.

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