Double Flanged Butterfly Valve

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Product Description:

Quick Details

  • Standard or Nonstandard: Standard

  • Structure: Butterfly

  • Pressure: Low Pressure

  • Power: Manual

  • Material: CI,DI,SS,WCB,etc.

  • Temperature of Media: Normal Temperature

  • Media: water,gas,oil,etc.

  • Port Size: DN40-1200

  • Place of Origin: Tianjin, China (Mainland)

  • Model Number: D341X-10/16QB1

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:Standard export packaging(plywooden case) or as per customers' requirements.
Delivery Detail:within 15-30 days after the receipt of L/C or 30% deposit


2.PN: 1.0/1.6/2.0/2.5MPa
3.Design Standard: ANSI, AWWA C504.
5.rubber lined.

Product Description

Brief introduction:
Good performance of sealing in both directions, small torque.
2. Flow curve tending to straight line. Excellent regulation performance.

3. Flange connection for convenient installation, suitable for vertical and horizontal type.
4. Variety of sealing materials.
5. The valve can be used as air release valve at pipe end, reliable performance.        

6. The integration of seat ring and body brings long service life.


PN (MPa)

DN (mm)

test pressure(MPa)







50 ~ 1000



-10 ~ +120

Water, oil, air, etc.






Face to Face

End Flange

Inspection and Testing



DIN PN10/16/25

ANSI B 16.1


ISO PN10/16

JIS B 2212/2213

BS 10 table D

BS 10 table E

API 598

Materials list:






ductile iron, cast iron + rubber (nitrile rubber, EPDM)

ductile iron, copper, stainless steel

stainless steel

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Q:Leaky Valve...?
i've got had this very comparable concern 4 yrs. in the past, which grew to become into actual got here across 20 yrs in the past. If the back pass of blood in the mitral valve is extreme and the midsection starts off to amplify, then the only ingredient which would be performed is a valve replace, which i did and stay an exceedingly regular existence now. look ahead to fatigue, dizziness and shortness of breath. If those issues ensue frequently, make an appointment along with her heart expert at modern.
Q:What causes oil spot saturation on valve covers?
If my reasoning is correct.. the answer is all to obvious.. the oil spot saturation is caused by none other than Loki, god of mischief and mayhem. If you could kindly point me in the direction of my half-brother I would be more than happy to hit him with my big dumb hammer. -THOR
Q:Trumpet valve oil substitute?
There are recipes for some home made oils on the internet, but most players and teachers will tell you to purchase some valve oil from the music shop. It's one of the cheapest musical instrument maintenance items available. WD40 and baby oil are NOT recommended.
Q:motorcycle valves compression?
Yes it can lose compression if your valve lash is too tight. This can also cause the valves to burn. Adjust your valves as soon as you can.
Q:1998 Dodge Dakota Filler Neck And EGR Valve?
The VECI decal map under your hodd will show you EXACTLY where your EGR valve is. You may need a magnifying glass. The valve can be removed and cleaned with Gum-out or foaming cleaner (amsoil). When you are done, re-install the valve. While you are getting ambitious, clean your throttle body and plate, and the IDLE AIR CONTROL VALVE. A dirty IAC is the most prominant reason for the EGR valve to clog up. Running Gum-out through your intake system will clean out your O2 sensors, as well. Good luck!!
Q:My valve body needs to be rebuilt?
if its not slipping or banging when shifting i wouldnt worry too much ... if its not shifting right though i would get it fixed ..
Q:can I start centrifugal compressor with discharge valve closed?
I assume you are asking about a centrifugal compressor being driven by a gas turbine. You didn't state the service the compressor was in but it is possible in some services for the centrifugal compressor to add a load to the gas turbine's output shaft during the starting cycle. By having the valves closed, there is only the load from compressor wheels) and shaft being accelerated to operating speed. This would permit the gas turbine controls more lee way to get the turbine speed under control before adding significant load to the output shaft. Another consideration is the need to load the compressor in a manner that would get it past the surge point and into a stable operating regime. This can best be done with the compressor at operating speed and a fairly quick addition of load.
Q:Leaking car tyre valve?
Valve stems can be easily replaced by any tire shop, for a relatively small amount of money. A new tire isn't needed, unless it was driven on with very low pressure. The tire shop can determine if there's any damage; it will have a black rubber powder inside the tire if it is damaged.
Q:How can I tell if my 2004 Ford Taurus a 12 or 24 valve?
You can try and look up the VIN online or call the Ford dealer and ask.
Q:Is Valve going to make Half-Life 3 ?
Sorry VALVE can't count to 3, it's a shame really...

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