Pressure Reducing Valve

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meet the standard of UNI-CIG7430
Outlet pressure: 10 - 500mbar

Pressure Reducing  Valve imported from European is used for gas pressure Reducing of combustion system.

Fit for LPG, natural gas, town gas, air and other non-corrosive gases.

Maximum inlet pressure: 1bar or 5bar.

Aluminum alloy shell. NBR diaphragm.

Threaded connections for DN15-50

Flanged connection (PN16) for DN65-DN150.

Outlet pressure: 10 - 500mbar (different range according to specific spring).

Operating temperature: -10°C - +60°C.


TT / LC / DP

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Q:valve gasket nissan altima?
becareful it might hurt electrical stuff on the car. i would have valve cover gasket replace with new spark plug gasket for valve cover too.
Q:Is Valve going to make Half-Life 3 ?
Sorry VALVE can't count to 3, it's a shame really...
Q:what is a 2004 suzuki ltz 400 valve adjustment / seat on?
2004 Suzuki Ltz 400
Q:Do veins in the head and neck contain valves?
No. They wouldn't work... Valves only allow blood to flow one way. If the valve allowed flow out if the head then it would always be open (unless you went upside down), so they wouldn't be needed. If they stopped blood flowing out if the'd have a big purple bloaty head.
Q:Can I myself fix/replace a hydronic zone control valve?
By your description it sounds like you have a Taco zone valve, if so, you can twist the top, (head) and it disconnects from the valve body, you could swap it with one of the others to prove good or bad before you buy one, there not cheap.
Q:2002 Chevy Malibu EGR Valve?
Cleaning it could make it worse then your experiencing now, but if you want to here's the steps. There are two bolts holding the EGR val;ve down. Remove them, and use a can of carb cleaner to clean the carbon out of the two ports that are in the valve. Reinstall with a new gasket and run the car. If the check engine light comes on replace it. I recently got a EGR valve (not recommended but they work) from a local wrecking yard for my folks '99 Venture 3.4 ltr motor, replaced the one on the van because it was throwing the EGR code and it worked fine. No more check engine light.
Q:Euphonium problem, valves?
There are several possibilities. You may have buildup on either the valve or the casing. Cleaning it thoroughly should normally remove it, but every once in a Blue Moon it pays to take it in and have it professionally cleaned. They can inspect it at the same time and tell you if you have a bend or a ding in the casing. Sometimes they are really hard to spot, especially if they are hidden in one of the crevices of the detail work. A really good repair person can stick a scope down there and tell you if you have some kind of blockage in just a few minutes. The only way to really clean inside the casing yourself is to get a good bottle brush that fits inside with just a little bit of resistance. You should really get someone to show you how to do it the first time because you don't want to go scraping up the insides. There is one other possibility that is kind of rare. Sometimes you get some gunk up under the valve button and it sticks when you push it down. You should normally be able to see this just by looking underneath however. Best of luck and I hope you find your sticking point and are able to set it free.
Q:Biology help!! What is Atrial valves?
The aortic valve is one of the valves of the heart. It is normally tricuspid (with three leaflets), although in 1% of the population it is found to be congenitally bicuspid (two leaflets).[1] It lies between the left ventricle and the aorta.Check the link below for more information!
Q:Water Heater Pressure Valve Leaking Occasionally?
I doubt that there is any chance of the water heater exploding since the safety valve is leaking. Have you checked the water temperature settings? After no hot water has been used for a while, run some hot water and check the temperature. If it is near boiling, the you need to check the settings. It could be just a faulty relief valve which leaks when the water surges. When there is high water flow that stops suddenly the water pressure will surge for a very short time. Try opening the bath tub faucets fully and then shut them off quickly while some one watched the heater to see if it leaks. I hope this helps.
Q:briggs and stranton 14.5 engine and how to adjust the valves?
Roll the engine over until the valve is completely closed. You can do this by watching the valve close, then turn the engine over until it just strats to raise. Now turn it back half way. Now losen the rocker arm and place a .003mm to .005mm filler gage between the push rod and the rocker. Tighten the rocker arm nut down so that the filler gage pulls out with a light drag. Do this with the other rocker and you are good to go.

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