Pressure Reducing Valve

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meet the standard of UNI-CIG7430
Outlet pressure: 10 - 500mbar

Pressure Reducing  Valve imported from European is used for gas pressure Reducing of combustion system.

Fit for LPG, natural gas, town gas, air and other non-corrosive gases.

Maximum inlet pressure: 1bar or 5bar.

Aluminum alloy shell. NBR diaphragm.

Threaded connections for DN15-50

Flanged connection (PN16) for DN65-DN150.

Outlet pressure: 10 - 500mbar (different range according to specific spring).

Operating temperature: -10°C - +60°C.


TT / LC / DP

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Q:Heart Valves?
It depends on the type of the vavle. They usually get worn after 10-15 years.
Q:Solenoid Valve Control?
Q:what does a Pneumatic valve do in a process?
pneumatic valves use pressurized gas (Air, nitrogen) to operate.A simple example if you are monitoring the level of a vessel in a process the indicator for level (LI) tells you remotely what the level is. If you need to keep the level stable the level indicating controller (LIC) sends a signal to the regulator on the Pneumatic Valve which provides air to open or close the valve depending on what the vessel level set point is. the FIC (flow indicating controller) PIC (pressure) TIC (tempurature) are all instrumentation used to compare a set point parameter against a measured process variable and send a signal to control the valve to maintain the set point
Q:Defects in which valves would produce the following?
1. Would require dysfunction on a valve in the right heart generally speaking, so the options would be the likes of tricuspid regurgitation or stenosis, or even pulmonary stenosis. 2. PND is a result of heart failure, particularly regarding the left side of the heart (although of course both sides could be failing). Many valve problems could cause this as an end result... a bit of an odd question, but I'd go with mitral stenosis or regurgitation primarily. 3. Congested liver is the systemic blood system overload (like the oedema), so it is the right heart. Triscuspid regurgitation can cause a congested liver and if you felt this liver, it would be pulsating too. 4. Distended jugular veins are a sign of heart failure. Primarily right heart failure as it is causing blood to be backed up instead of passing through the right heart to the lungs. Tricuspid stenosis or plain old right heart failure (with or without left heart failure at the same time). 5. This is typical of left heart failure as blood backs up into the pulmonary system as the left heart is failing to pump into the systemic circulation. Similar things to PND can cause this. These questions though, are honestly a little on the vague side and half those cases would result from heart failure even without any valvular abnormalities...
Q:Turning on the main water valve?
you should get water immediately unless water is blocked
Q:valve or bungie?
While Halo is great, Valve wins out here because of the variety of games it offers, such as the Half-Life series, Portal, and Counter-Strike!
Q:Gummed up french horn valves?
Sounds like your oiling correctly but you need to get the dried oil out, that's the gum your feeling. One way is to have the school send it to the repair shop, its not your horn so don't spend any money on it. Another way is to flush them out with a thin valve oil. Where can you buy a quart of valve oil? Walmart and Kmart has it but not labeled as valve oil. Look for Lantern oil , the stuff used in oil lamps, it is very cheap and many of the valve oils are made of the same stuff. Take out all the crooks on the instrument and flood the valve with the lamp oil, this should flush out the gum. After you have dumped the lamp oil re-oil the way you have been. (Lamp oil is not dangerous, it burns if you hold a match to it but that is about it, you can also use charcoal lighter)
Q:aortic valve with 98% gradient can be cured by body revive?
Can be cured by valve replacement... alternatively, if you can't/won't go through open heart surgery then you may be able to get valvuloplasty. A balloon is used to stretch the valve open. This does not last nearly as long as replacement, but avoids surgery. A third alternative would be to contact one of the percutaneous valve REPLACEMENT centers (Mayo, Cleveland Clinic, Columbia). This is an experimental procedure which replaces the valve using catheters instead of surgery. Advice offered here is not meant to be a replacement for proper evaluation and examination by a qualified medical professional and should not be construed as such.
Q:Are all the valve games tied together?
no or i thinks GLADOS PRO PROPOSED
Q:1999 Pathfinder Suction Control valve?
I would think the suction control valve is what is also called a purge valve and is part of the emissions control circuit. It is not the same as an idle control valve nor will it cause poor running when it fails. The idle control valve will however..

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