Din Rail Power Supply 50 Watt

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Product Description:

  • Output Power: 1 - 50W

  • Output Type: Single

  • Input Voltage: 85 - 264VAC

  • Output Voltage: 12 - 48V all available

  • Output Current: 1 - 4.2A all available

  • Dimensions: 45 x 89.2 x 75.2mm



All 105C capacitors

Japanese brand for key components

DC OK signal

CE approved

Factory 20 years experience




1) Universal AC input / full range

2) Installed on DIN rail TS35 / 7.5 / 15

3) High reliability, compact design

4) DC OK signal output

5) Protection: overload/ over voltage/ short circuit

6) 100% full load burn-in test

7) Built in EMI filter

8) 5 years limited warranty

9) Dimensions: 45 x 89.2 x 75.2mm

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Q:What is the difference between Switch Mode Power Supply and electronic switch? Where are they?
Switching power supply is a large class, usually we say that the switching power supply is AC variable DC power supply, but in fact, including DC variable DC, DC variable AC (inverter) should belong to the switching power supply.
Q:What is called switching power supply? Such as commonly used circuit
Transformer is the power transformer for switching transformers. Not the kind of ordinary iron core transformer, direct transformer, switching transformers generally 220 volts AC rectifier into DC, and then through the high-frequency shock, in the switching transformer secondary to get a variety of voltage. Commonly there are computer power, TV power part, some very light, small size charger and so on.
Q:12V switching power supply measurement 13.7V normal?
Can be adjusted by feedback. But 12V switching power supply, then generally use TL431 to feedback, you look at the 2.5v partial pressure of the two resistors, change the resistance can be adjusted. General output requirements in a certain range, such as 12V + _20% to see your request can not accept
Q:What is the relationship between the input power of the switching power supply and the primary side of the switching transformer?
DC "can have a different meaning, and if the voltage through the resistor does not produce a voltage drop through the resistor voltage drop is called" DC "voltage, then the DC refers to a constant voltage that does not change with time, or from the Fourier decomposition Is the DC component of the periodic signal (the DC component is equal to the mean in one cycle when the input is a periodic signal and the circuit has a periodic steady state). High frequency "DC voltage" is clearly not a constant voltage, it is estimated that the PWM thing, if it is a cycle input, then it will not only contain the DC component, but also contains the various sinusoidal AC component. Among them, the DC component in the inductor there is no pressure drop, and its components in the inductor voltage drop, so the coil inductance is certainly not short circuit. Of course, if the input signal DC component is too large, sinusoidal AC component is too small, then it may be too small inductance voltage, the entire coil current is too large. The above is the meaning of DC from the perspective of frequency domain analysis. Of course, if you avoid the concept of DC directly to the time domain analysis, that is, on the first floor zchy4610 analysis, high level charge, the current index rises, low level discharge, current index decreased, in any case, the peak current and average current are not The voltage is only added to the resistor so much.
Q:Explain several protection of switching power supply OCP; OLP; OVP; OTP; ESD; UVLO
(OCP), limit the maximum output current; overload protection (OLP), limit the maximum output power; VDD overvoltage protection (OVP), limit the maximum input voltage; temperature protection (OTP), limit the maximum working temperature
Q:Switching power supply, what is the difference between the charger
1, we all know that the electricity is 220V / 50Hz AC, and the computer system components are low-voltage direct current, so the power supply is the protagonist of computer power supply, if the current than blood, then the power is the heart of the computer. After the power into the power, the first through the choke coil and capacitor filter high-frequency clutter and interference signals, followed by rectification and filtering to get high-voltage direct current, and then into the power of the core part of the switch circuit is mainly responsible for DC conversion For the high-frequency pulsating direct current, and then send high-frequency switching transformer buck, and then filter out the high-frequency AC part, so that the computer needs more "pure" low-voltage direct current because the computer power is the core part of the switch circuit, Usually referred to as switching power supply. Turn left to turn right Therefore, the switching power supply is popular on the computer "transformer", the AC power into a fixed DC power supply to the computer components to use.However, the switching power supply and linear power supply is not the same: it first 220V AC change Into the DC, and then through the converter to DC into AC, and finally turn the AC into a DC output. The reason for the conversion to high frequency AC is the high frequency AC in the transformer transformer circuit efficiency is much higher than 50Hz, so the switch Transformers can do very little, and work is not very hot, if not 50Hz into high-frequency switching power supply does not make sense!
Q:Switching power supply, 2SC3320 switch tube is always burned
The power switch works in the switch state, the cause of its damage, in addition to over-current over-voltage, but also taking into account the duty cycle, that is, saturated conduction time and cut-off time ratio.
Q:Switching power supply management IC FB, CS, DEM specific what role ah
FB is the voltage feedback, CS is the current feedback, DEM do not know, it is best to send the chip, the different circuit function is not the same. Such as constant current output circuit FB is the current feedback!
Q:What brand of switching power supply cost-effective?
To plc power supply The power requirements are still relatively high, EMC to pass, you see a lot of small, and how much output power you use. Structure size, if there is a suitable with the best, not to be customized. Can be added QQ detailed chat ah.
Q:What is the difference between DC regulated switching power supply and linear power supply?
Switching power supply: high efficiency, small size, inertial components (inductance and smooth capacitance, etc.); Traditional power supply in turn is it, but the traditional power of the biggest advantage is the small noise, harmonic interference is small.
We have various advanced equipment, such as wave soldering and reflow soldering machine, RoHS testing, environmental testing system, etc. Only top international brand components are adopted for our key parts to ensure long lifetime and high reliability. Each unit is given full load burn-in test.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Shanghai,China (Mainland)
Year Established 1995
Annual Output Value
Main Markets North America 10%
South America 3%
Eastern Europe 5%
Southeast Asia 8%
Africa 2%
Oceania 2%
Mid East 1%
Eastern Asia 2%
Western Europe 15%
Northern Europe 10%
Southern Europe 1%
South Asia 2%
Domestic Market 39%
Company Certifications CE/LVD Certificate; TUV Certificate; Hengfu Logo Registration Certificate; RoHS Certificate

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Nearest Port Shanghai
Export Percentage 31% - 40%
No.of Employees in Trade Department
Language Spoken: English, Chinese
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Factory Size: 10,000-30,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 10
Contract Manufacturing Design Service Offered Buyer Label Offered
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