LED dimming power supply 3W 4W 5W light bulb lamp built-in power supply

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Product Description:

Product model: ZX-G0501-T

Input parameters: AC 50-60HZ 110/220V

Output parameters: 300mA 9-15DC (current can be adjusted according to customer requirements 0-400MA)

Output power: 4W 5W 3W

Dimming range: 0%-100% (applicable to the vast majority of dimming device)

Product size: long * wide * high =25*17*17mm

Product use: This product is suitable for E27 GU10 and other ball bulb lamp controlled silicon dimming lamps and lanterns can be equipped with the shell used in ceiling lamps, etc.

Product features:

1, small volume, light weight

2, constant current output

3, with isolated transformer, the human body is more secure

4, the use of import program (NXP2012) design, quality and stability, light adjustment effect of the whole process without flash

5, the life of more than 50000HR

6, with perfect over current, over voltage, short circuit, over temperature, over power protection function

7, with moisture, dust function

8, can be in -40 C, +65 C environment stable work

9, in accordance with the RoHS standard

LED dimming power supply  3W 4W 5W light bulb lamp built-in power supply

LED dimming power supply  3W 4W 5W light bulb lamp built-in power supply

LED dimming power supply  3W 4W 5W light bulb lamp built-in power supply

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