LED dimming power supply 3W 4W 5W light bulb lamp built-in power supply

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Product Description:

Product model: ZX-G0501-T

Input parameters: AC 50-60HZ 110/220V

Output parameters: 300mA 9-15DC (current can be adjusted according to customer requirements 0-400MA)

Output power: 4W 5W 3W

Dimming range: 0%-100% (applicable to the vast majority of dimming device)

Product size: long * wide * high =25*17*17mm

Product use: This product is suitable for E27 GU10 and other ball bulb lamp controlled silicon dimming lamps and lanterns can be equipped with the shell used in ceiling lamps, etc.

Product features:

1, small volume, light weight

2, constant current output

3, with isolated transformer, the human body is more secure

4, the use of import program (NXP2012) design, quality and stability, light adjustment effect of the whole process without flash

5, the life of more than 50000HR

6, with perfect over current, over voltage, short circuit, over temperature, over power protection function

7, with moisture, dust function

8, can be in -40 C, +65 C environment stable work

9, in accordance with the RoHS standard

LED dimming power supply  3W 4W 5W light bulb lamp built-in power supply

LED dimming power supply  3W 4W 5W light bulb lamp built-in power supply

LED dimming power supply  3W 4W 5W light bulb lamp built-in power supply

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Q:Monitor switching power supply is not a problem?
The best is to buy a single 12V1A power supply and then 220V directly to the camera in front, then take 12V1A power supply, so no power attenuation
Q:Will a 12V10A switching power supply with a few 12V2A surveillance camera?
12V DC transmission loss is very large, with 2.5 lines up to 50 meters, bring the load voltage down to 10.5V /
Q:What is the name of the switching power supply?
I would like to ask you to buy where the switching power supply, is the computer on the host?
Q:Can the switching power supply replace the low frequency transformer?
1, low-frequency transformers will not be replaced; 2, low-frequency transformer without switching power supply pulse interference; 3, low-frequency transformer with a variety of power grid pulse interference; 4, low-frequency transformer with switching power supply can not counter the anti-surge ability, especially lightning; 5, low-frequency transformer production of linear power supply has the best introduction of ripple performance; 6, low-frequency transformer output can use low-voltage switch chip, with isolation at the same time also has a high efficiency; In the industry, low-frequency transformers can be a good isolation from a variety of high-power inverter, servo, SCR control caused by interference.
Q:Switching power supply circuit will ring what will happen
There are two cases of voltage regulator sampling circuit will cause the voltage rise but the design of a good circuit protection is perfect when the switching power supply will immediately protect and stop working there is a switching power supply on the sleek ring design of the voltage requirements are not very There is a strict need for power to have a faster response speed and large output current, such as some of the power amplifier is now open-loop design
Q:On the ground of the switching power supply
If you confirm that the module is a single 24V output, then the GND is connected to the shell The chassis is the earth is very much metal shell of the equipment need to shell the earth
Q:What is the basic principle of switching power supply?
So as to achieve automatic adjustment of the high-frequency pulse voltage duty cycle to achieve the final output DC voltage stability. Adjust the output DC voltage principle is the same, with artificial methods to change the oscillation frequency and pulse duty to achieve the purpose of changing the output DC voltage. Simply put the basic principle of switching power supply is: AC variable DC variable pulse voltage and then change the process of a DC. It has a high precision regulator, small consumption and other characteristics.
Q:Switching power supply OLP and OCP
OLP is overload protection, to prevent the main power lines due to overload caused by overheating protection and installation of overload protection equipment.
Q:What is the open-frame switching power supply?
That is, network power switch. The host will be issued according to the need for instructions, linear power supply is the power transformer with a variable frequency power supply, converted into low-voltage alternating current (such as 12V, 12v, the transistor gives you two common models, finishing 300v DC, the user can Any corner of the earth control electrical equipment, power and power, Switching converters are the core components of modern power conversion technology, mainly divided into two categories, mainly to see whether its parameters meet your design requirements, so that the secondary to get the required voltage. .. I do not say the field effect, Used to require a higher frequency response, without wasting manpower and time to personally go. Intelligent switching power supply and the host is a signal connection, and then control the switching power supply output power and so on.
Q:Is the DC input and AC input switching power supply available?
Generally, as long as the output voltage is equal, the current is enough to be interchangeable.

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