DIESEL GENERATOR, Diesel Engine Open-shelf Generator, 50Hz, 60Hz

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Diesel Engine
With KIPOR KD series engine/ Cummins B, C, L, N, K series engine as the power source. Applicable to 13.5-920kW generator set.
Optional mechanical or electrical governor, with excellent speed response characteristics
Optional engine speed (1500rpm, 1800rpm, 3000rpm), which reflects the strong power and economic efficiency of the set.
Optimum power output characteristics
Engines are available with three different air intaking methods– natural aspiration, charged and charge inter-cooling.

Synchronous Alternator
KIPOR KFS Series Alternator
•Four-pole rotating magnetic field, self-ventilating radiation system formed by rotor blade 
•2/3 pitch winding, effectively eliminating the sub or ultra harmonic and increasing the paralleling capability
•excellent short circuit withstand ability
•Brushless rotating exciter with rotor/stator exciting system, three-phase rectified bridge
•Insulation grade: H
•Single-ended support mounting way minimizes the vibration of operating generator
•Standard wiring with three-phase four-wire and star connection output
•Auxiliary AVR ensures the steady state voltage deviation compliant with ISO 8528G3
•High quality electromagnetic winding coil
•Integrated design combining the AC output main winding and exciting system
•Rotor damper windings improve the output wave of generator and minimum the wave distortion
•Minimum the generator reactance characteristics
•Maximize the efficiency of electromagnetic induction power generation

Complete Auxiliary Equipment System
•The generator set is installed with internal vibration damper, controller, starting system and auto-monitoring system, to form an integrated power station generator set.
•The internal cushion is made of special rubber
•No need for additional cushion to connect and fix the base to ground.

Apply connection pole for generator set full power output
ATS configuration option
ATS dual-power auto-switch system introduces the specialized dual-power switch with self-locker.

Control System
KI Series controller is a control system independently researched and developed by KIPOR. It applies the microprocessor technology, with the function of measurement, control and protection, and accurately measures various parameters. Cooperating with its self-developed ATS module, it can realize the manual/auto switch control between the generator set and utility power.

Engine Protection 
Over/Under speed alarm/shut down
Starting fail shut down
Low oil pressure alarm/shutdown
High coolant temperature alarm/shutdown
Low fuel level alarm/shut.
Charging fault alarm
High/low battery voltage alarm

Internal Control
• Manual/ automatic operation mode option
• Wireless remote start
• Electric door lock start
• Emergency shut down
• Engine speed testing 
• Engine start
• Barring

• Over/Under voltage shut down      
• Over current alarm/shut down
• Under frequency shut down          
• Over frequency shut down
Standard protection
During the operation, the control system may display the fault on panel by lighting up the relative LED and revealing the fault code and explanation on LCD, with the internal buzzer sounding for alarm.

LCD Data Displays
• Generator set parameters          
• Engine speed 
• Output frequency      
• Output phase voltage 
• Output line voltage       
• Oil pressure
• Coolant temperature        
• Oil temperature (optional)
• Fuel level             
• Clock
• Battery voltage              
• Battery charging current
• Output current            
• Active power
• Reactive power         
• Power factor
• Continuous running time    
• Output power 
• Grid frequency               
• Grid three-phase phase voltage
• Grid network three-phase line voltage
• Fault history

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Q:if the price of electricity suddenly went up 500% could you get by?
im currently going to school, and paying rent, so i would'nt get by if my life depended on it
Q:How much would it typically cost to rent a 6000-8000watt diesel generator for a week?
You can expect to spend between $60-$80 per day for a diesel generator.
Q:1600 kwH per month how many Watts? Trying to go solar and figure out how many panels I need.?
I just checked my last SMECO bill: We (two adults, one dog, 4 computers) used 1073 kWh last month. (We're in southern Maryland. Everything in our townhome is electric.) IF I were trying to design a solar system for us I would probably look at a 2000 - 2400 kWh/month system: (You HAVE to have some reserve.) That being said: the reserve is in the batteries - and I believe you should have all you need- and a VERY good inverter, and a back-up inverter as soon as you can buy one. And, unless you live in Phoenix, I think it's a very costly solution. BUT I'M NOT UP TO DATE! In 1998 I moved to an island without power. At that time solar panels were too expensive 'though most attractive. Wind power was a real alternative - but it, too, was too expensive. I bought a 5kw diesel generator - and put-up with the starting and stopping, the broken fan belts, the oil changes all the crap associated with having an engine on your back but it served us well: We ran that offensive sucker about two hours a day, it fed our batteries (we had 12) and we lived operating table saws, microwaves, lights, from them. Well: Your supplier can tell you the daily production-per-panel for your latitude you can build-in your own safety factor (need 1600? plan on 2000?2400?) Maybe go a bit on the cheap right now and have a fairly inexpensive gas generator as cloudy day back-up? (Actually, the back-up generator is not a bad idea wherever you live. If you're building, wire it in!) Man! Talk about a lecture!
Q:What are the materials used in diesel generators
Diesel generator consists of diesel engine and generator
Q:HHO Gas (Browne's Gas) (HHO Generator) Question!!!
I haven't got a clue as to what a HHO thingy is. Is it an american gadget? I'm assuming you are in the States. You mention the price of gas, and EPA. Quite frankly i don't care if your doohicky works or not. At least you are not paying $10 per gallon. We, on this side of the pond, are currently paying around £5.30 fpr a gallon of diesel and around £5.00 for petrol. Does it just work with petrol engines or diesel as well?
Q:Why not samoto diesel generator power
damage to the circuit or circuit breaker, short circuit or grounding
Q:how can i test a generator?
GO TO Radio Shack and get a multi-testor and learn how to set the little machine (( you got one - good --- do not have one,,,, then you will learn other uses )) the multi-T will tell you what voltage output and the amperes that the power ge
Q:Recent Applications of DC Shunt generator?
Well you already said it was a DC generator. By nature all generators generate their output voltage in cycles as they rotate, or even as they go back and forth for a linear generator. Therefore they generate AC, but the commutator converts this to DC. The commutator is a rotary switch that reverses the connection at the correct part of the rotation so that the current always flows one direction. That is DC, direct current instead of AC, alternating current. Sometimes AC generators may be called an Alternator. A shunt generator simply means it is self excited, that is the field magnet is connected across the generator's output, rather than having a separate DC generator for the field.
Q:What is the difference between a diesel generator and a super silent generator?
Super silent diesel generator is also called: low noise diesel generator,
Q:Any experienced Electrical Engineers out there?
Is it too late to switch to a 240 volt single phase generator of the same capacity? This would have a 60 amp capability and would handle the surges with no trouble. I don't see how a capacitor will help. If you are stuck with the 3 phase generator, perhaps you can switch the ACs for ones with 3 phase motors. That will spread the surge over the 3 phases. There are also soft-start ACs .

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